Celebrating the best in Black businesses, brands, and organizations with essential qualities, products, services, and people committed to elevating Black life and experience.

Small businesses are the bedrock of world economies. Yes, there are corporations and large companies that impact GDPs and other parts of our life greatly; however, it’s the mom and pops who drive local communities. It’s the services, goods, and community figures we see in the weekly market that uplift our hard work and hard-earned dollars.

On hiihat, you can search for all things Black, all in one place. It’s only right we wrap Black History Month celebrating the best in Black businesses, brands, and organizations. These are the very people that are essential and committed to elevating Black life and experience.

This year’s hiihat 1000 list showcases small businesses across ten different categories, with 100 businesses in each. 1000 Black-founded and Black-owned companies, startups, products, and services that are necessary for living a Black life, but better. On this list you’ll see some familiar faces, a few celebrities; but we really honed in on small businesses because they will empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Interact with this year’s entries by clicking the search keywords in each category.

Many asked, why did you choose 1000? If we could have, we would’ve done one million. 1000 is just a fraction of the millions of Black businesses globally, who are making an impact in their town and beyond. In the United States alone, there are over 3,000,000 Black-owned businesses.  Lists like the hiihat 1000, make it significantly easier to build a stronger economy, increase job creation, and most importantly, bridge the racial wealth gap. 

We created hiihat to help people support Black small business owners around the globe with ease. In one click, you will find what you’re looking for and it will be Black-owned. As you explore these businesses and their offerings, be sure to interact with the search terms to help you explore hiihat more confidently.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll get there… just like other companies did.

Please note: This list has been a year in the making. If you discover any discrepancies or have specific feedback, you can email us directly at info@hiihat.com. We may not respond to social media comments or DMs.

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New in the area? Interested in getting Black-owned custom services tailored to your needs without spending all day searching on the internet? Hiihat has created a list of 100 best in black service providers that are dominating in their industry, cities, and franchise locations.

These services will take care of you whether it's cleaning your space or doing home repairs, cars for hire, dog walking, or maybe you need help starting your own business. YES! There’s a service for all of it and they're Black-owned. Reach out to these helping hands or tell a friend as service-based needs arise.  

Search this category’s keywords to get started: home organization services, rock climbing, natural hair salon, travel agency, interior design, painters, dog grooming, arizona hotel.

Rescue My Space

Black Founder/Owner(s): Judi Igwe


Home organization is something we all could use but never sure how to find it or if it's affordable. Cleaning is one thing, but decluttering and digging deep into our hoarder ways can go tragically unless you have the right person on your side. Rescue My Space was founded by Judi Igwe, who discovered decluttering helps improve your way of life. Her character helps clients get through the emotion and removal of burdens in the household that carry different energy. Get a clean house, get a clean mind.

Trap Fruits London

Black Founder/Owner(s): Peigh Asante & Baff Addae


It didn't make sense that London's Black community couldn't easily access fruits being imported from African nations, so the Ghanaian duo launched Trap Fruits. Get healthy fruits and foods delivered to your door with a smile.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Rotimi Odukoya


In 2019, Rotimi Odukoya was looking for athletes that looked like him in the rock climbing sport. So, in the U.K., he formed a community of climbers called "Climbxr." You can book a session and decide whether to join or buy merch to support this Black rock climbing community.

Afrotherapy Salon

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joseph and Harriet Cudjoe


If you're looking for the best hairdressers in London for afro and mixed-race hair styling, then you're at the right place. Afrotherapy's natural and curly hair services attract clients from the U.K., Europe, and America. From straightening afro hair, softening afro curls, and relaxing afro or multi-textured hair — there's no limit to what your natural hair could become.

Up In The Air Life

Black Founder/Owner(s): Claire B. Soares


When traveling and seeing the world in all its glory, Claire knows how to do that in a way that will leave you with unforgettable memories. With her wealth of travel experience, Claire has become one of the best guides for Black travel. So, sit back and relax while Up in the Air Life plans every detail of your trip, from booking to activities and everything in between.

Forbes Masters

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters


Black women have style! Look at Forbes Masters social media, and you'll become obsessed with their design ideas. This Atlanta-based design company offers full service for providing functional yet plush-looking spaces. For both residential and commercial spaces, they've got you covered.

Unparalleled Paint

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kurt Welch


The right paint changes everything about your space. This family-owned paint company is in business so that you don't have to get all messy when doing renovations or doing some interior or exterior styling. Unparalleled is a pro-environment brand known for its attention to detail and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Stylish Pooch

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rahanna Gray


Rahanna Gray always wanted to work with animals. Rahanna worked at a pet shop and believed these services should remain convenient and affordable. So stylish Pooch comes to you with a state-of-the-art mobile dog grooming van to care for your furry friends and family.

The Band Method

Black Founder/Owner(s): Andrea Smith


Andrea Smith and her friends made a promise to bring fun to the party, so you dance like no one is watching. Every client is unique, and The Band Method tailors their list of songs to the client's taste. And once they start, there's no stopping, so get your dancing shoes on.

The Downtown Clifton Hotel

Black Founder/Owner(s): Moniqua Lane

485 S. Stone Avenue + Tucson, AZ 85701


Loved for its Southwest charm and vintage flair, this boutique hotel which started with just ten rooms, has now grown to 20 more. Owing to her success story with this venture, owner Moniqua Lane is also the co-founder of the Citizen Hotel in Tucson.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Myleik Teele


One of the first curly and natural hair subscriptions, Myleik Teele has been a natural hair team member for a long time and created CURLBOX to help other curly Black women discover hair products made for their texture. This service allows monthly subscribers to sample full-size hair products via mail.

District Fuze

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ibironke Hernandez & Nneka Okoye


DistrictFuze wants to help you take control of your health and wellness from the comfort of your home. Select an in-home IV therapy session as a holistic alternative to absorbing pills and other medicines.

The Vonne Group

Black Founder/Owner(s): Davonne Reaves


Aside from offering resourceful materials and tutorship on becoming a successful hotel owner and increasing the percentage of African-American hotel owners, Davonne Reaves of The Vonne Group co-owns three hotels. Engage her coaching services and build the empire you always wanted from real-life experiences, educational training, and programmatic resources. The Vonne Group also developed the Stay Black Experience to make discovering Black accommodations in the United States easier.

12 Gates Property Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Oseye Cohen


Suppose you need professional help managing your property while you're away. In that case, 12 Gates Property Services can give you all the professional help you need for vacant and residential property management and landscape maintenance.

Lett Law Firm

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ariel Lett, Esq.


If you're arrested for criminal activity, the first thing you may want to do is call a lawyer. With several years of experience at large and small-dense firms, Ariel Lett ensures you are not taken advantage of in any legal situation. Call their offices for a free consultation.

Jesse Gerald Photography

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jesse Gerald


A photographer is an integral part of life's special moments. Whether it's your wedding, graduation, or a portrait, Jesse Gerald has been in the business long enough to realize that it's not the camera but the person behind it that makes all the difference. With over 20 years of experience, Jesse can help you capture your moments in ways you couldn't imagine.

The Black Bourbon Guy

Black Founder/Owner(s): Che Ramos


The Black Bourbon Guy specializes in everything bourbon. He offers private tasting events, cocktail creation, staff hospitality staff education, and menu consulting.

R.B. Pest Solutions

Black Founder/Owner(s): Robiar Smith


Don't share your home with bugs, rodents, or pests. R. B Pest Solutions offers effective pest control services to both residential and commercial properties. If you're in the Chicago area, you can get unwanted guests out of your home with just a phone call.

The Wig Bar London

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yomi Onashile


Are you wondering how to glam up old wigs? Here's a service that will breathe life into a wig and deliver it as good as new. With excellent

reviews, you can trust that your hair extensions are in good hands. Available in the Uk, Europe, and the U.S., watch out for a pop-up location near you soon.

Clean with Wiggan

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sean Wiggan


This cleaning company was founded in 2013 by Sean Wiggan, whose passion for cleaning began at 15. What started as a window cleaning service has grown to offer cleaning services in other areas, such as vans, carpet cleaning, and commercial spaces.

Freshly Faded Barber + Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Derrick Banks


This Black-owned barber shop based in San Diego always stocks up on the best hair products to give you that fresh look you deserve. For all things hair and face, you can trust Derrick Banks and his team of skilled men to do right by your hair and skin with their clippers, comb, and other fresh products.

Cruzer Films

Black Founder/Owner(s): Cruzer


Whether it's a photo shoot, an event, or a family portrait you're interested in, Cruzer Films is here to capture those moments in superior quality. 

Though based in London, The creative team is open to travel around the globe to help preserve moments you want to be kept for life.

Cleveland Veterinary Clinic

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Venaya Jones


Alongside animal care services, this Veterinary clinic offers Cleveland residents friendly and compassionate service. With several years of service to pets, Dr. Jones and her expert team care for your four-legged creatures like they were hers.

Situate Your Space

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shannon Johnson


As a mum of three, Shannon knows how frustrating managing a busy lifestyle and your home can be. Situate Your Space is her creation to help busy people create the lifestyle and routine forward organization systems at home.

The Nail Tailor

Black Founder/Owner(s): Winnetka Willis


Would you like your natural nails to look like a work of art? Due to an adverse reaction to acrylic, Winnetka focused on styling manicures to look just as good as acrylic services.

N3VS Delivery & Collection Service

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ashley


You no longer have to worry about deliveries thanks to Ashley and her team. Reviewers say their smooth and easy booking process makes the overall experience excellent. So, if you want a hassle-free delivery service for your business or personal needs, you can book their services, and you'll be off to a great experience.

GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning

Black Founder/Owner(s): Saudia Davis


When Saudia's grandmother, a long-time professional cleaner, passed on rising from the impact of toxic substances she encountered on the job, it prompted her to take action. So Saudia's journey into using only eco-friendly products began and grew into creating her line of eco-friendly cleaning products, making her brand unique and safe for your home.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Thurman and Torrence Thomas


Statistics say 79% of kids from low-income families can't swim, and Black kids are at a higher risk of drowning than White kids. But, twin brothers Thurman and Torrence Thomas believe swimming is for everyone. So, since 2011 alongside volunteers, Tankproof has grown to provide swimming lessons and food security to communities in the United States.

SmithBoyd Interiors

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michel Smith Boyd


Since its establishment in 2006, the firm has grown from a one-man operation to a boutique firm of eight, providing luxury residential and commercial interior designs to its clients nationwide.

Studio 397 Architecture

Black Founder/Owner(s): Samantha Josaphat


After becoming the 397th African American female Architect to achieve licensure in the USA, Samantha Josaphat founded her firm and named it after gaining this feat. She is among the brilliant Black designers and Architects raising the bar for the Black community and creating room for more Black women in her time and beyond. Whether you're a property owner, fashion designer, or among the Condo board, the firm has services tailored to your needs.

B.D. Interior Design

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brenda Danso

6900 Airport Road Unit 209. Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8


You often hear things like, "you can't have light-colored furniture in your home if you've got kids," Brenda thinks you can. And she can show you how to create an adult looking space with your kid(s) in mind. This is just one of her many prowesses, which she embeds in her interior design services for her clients.

Motor City Vet Care

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Marcy McKeithen


We promise this is the type of vet care you've always wanted.

Dr. Marcy McKeithen does house calls, but interestingly not for humans, but for your furry friends. Dr. Marcy offers a range of services for patients in Detroit, MI, and the adjacent suburbs, including physical examination, vaccinations, microchipping, and much more. First, however, she recommends that you maintain a relationship with vet doctors in regular hospitals.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Nennia Geraldine & Nneka Stella Orji


Wouldn't it be cool if you just had a one-stop place for all things Afro hair? This is what crossed the mind of twin sisters and Founders of NinjA'fro. With this online platform, you can discover afro hairstyles, compare prices and quality, and book an appointment all at once. With over 50 hairstyles, there's something for you.

Romanek Design Studio

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brigette Romanek


Founder Brigette Romanek has been featured in several lists of Designers to watch out for, including Architectural Digest's 100 top designers worldwide. With celebrity clients from Beyonce, Joe Jonas, Demi Moore, and many others, you can enjoy her interior design services and give your space a fresh aesthetic yet functional look. Whatever you want your room to feel like, Brigette is up for the adventure, and in the end, you'll be glad you had her on your side.

Rent 2 Rent Success

Black Founder/Owner(s): Stephanie Taylor & Nicky Taylor


With Rent 2 Rent Success, sisters and co-founders Stephanie and Nicky are set to help you abandon your 9-5 life and live the life you always wanted. Without buying a single house and with little money, these duo will introduce you to ethical ways to replace your income through property. Check their website; you're just a click away from starting your property success story.

Maison Style

Black Founder/Owner(s): Andrée Marie


"The Pixie Queen," as she is fondly called, Andrée Marie's passion for healthy hair and excellence led her to open a boutique salon specializing in Afro hair. Her team of hairstylists is fully qualified, which means you can be assured of the best hair care experience every time. Whether cut, coiffed, colored, or curled, Maison Style has got you covered.

Mane & Minks

Black Founder/Owner(s): Taylor Rodgers & Angela Gillespie


The home away from home for all your family pets. Mane and Minks care for them with the help of their highly experienced staff and clean facilities.

Mr. Gainz

Black Founder/Owner(s): Stephen Akinwale


Why struggle on your fitness journey when you have a fitness buddy doubling as a personal trainer? Coming from an unhealthy lifestyle himself, Stephen Akinwale has been where you presently are and can take you to where you want to be with staying fit and healthy. So whether you're a busy bee or just looking for some motivation, Stephen has options for your fitness needs.

KingTech Installations

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jacob Thomas



You can trust Jacob Thomas to come through swiftly for all kinds of home and office installations, such as Tv mounts, home security, furniture assembly, and handyman services.

A Joyful Pool

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shaun Capital

2331 Wirtcrest. Houston, TX 77055


How safe is your pool? With A Joyful Pool, you can keep your pool clean and safe for swimming and other fun activities you might think of planning with friends and family.

AIWC Home Care Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Takeisha Adams-Perry


Here at AIWC Home Care Services, the client's needs are of utmost importance, and the team is committed to meeting those needs with compassion and kindness.

Ant's Handyman Service

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anthony Simmons


For all kinds of home repairs, and we mean all kinds, Ant's Handyman Service is just a phone call away. With over 25 years of experience in construction, custom work, landscaping, and property preservation, Anthony Simmons is the best man for your home repairs and installations.

Harlem Doggie Day Spa

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brian Taylor

734 Saint Nicholas Ave. New York, NY 10031


Brian's love for dogs motivated him to open a dog boarding & daycare that doubles as a spa and grooming center. By learning and attending to each dog's personality, you can be sure that your dog is getting maximum care from Brian and his team.

Maids in Black

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rohan Gilkes


Its funky name derives from the famous movie Men In Black. Realizing that he and his friends could pay for almost anything online, serial entrepreneur Rohan Gilkes created a cleaning service that lets customers book, pay for, and rate maids online. Owing to their efficiency, your dissatisfaction will call for a re-clean, and if you still feel dissatisfied, you get a refund.

Upgrade Boutique

Black Founder/Owner(s): Britney Winters


Upgrade Boutique sells the best quality, raw human hair extensions with the finest H.D. lace. The brand also connects freelance hairstylists to customers. So, you get two for the price of one.

Aesthetics Salon

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yene Damtew


Suppose you're looking for a salon with a good experience in the industry. In that case, Aesthetics Salon has covered everything for you, a beautiful ambiance for Instagram uploads, or you're particular about the location. With names like Michelle Obama, Hugh Jackman, Tracee Ellis Ross, and more in their portfolio, you will surely be the next star walking out of the salon.

The Black Gardener

Black Founder/Owner(s): Danny Clarke


The Black Gardener is a bespoke garden design company run by Danny Clarke of BBC's Instant Gardener. As a green environment preacher, Danny makes his garden designs affordable and accessible to everyone. So whether you have a design or not, Danny will help you get your space to a state of your soul, and the environment will thank you.

JSN Studio

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jason Bolden & Adair Curtis


What is a beautiful wardrobe without a beautiful home to house it? JSN Studio operates in both worlds, essential to give you a sense of style in and out. From working with some of the famous names in the industry, the multidisciplinary studio believes that you shouldn't just look good but live well.

Special Service Security

Black Founder/Owner(s): Eric Manu


With Special Security Service (SSS), your security needs are covered. Established by ex-British Army personnel and with over two decades of experience, you are sure to receive first-class service when it comes to your safety at any time or place.

Parks Electrical Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ben Parks


Founder Ben Parks has been in the electrical trade for over 25 years. Through his professional service based in Ohio, he offers electrical construction and design services to the commercial, industrial, and residential markets.

Crockett Electric

Black Founder/Owner(s): James Crockett


For quality electrical services with a personal touch tailored to satisfy individual customers' needs for their residence, apartment complex, condo, and office facilities, you can trust James Crockett.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jim Ofodum and Steph Ogundoyin


If you live in Lagos, you'd realize that 24 hours isn't enough to be on the go and return to an organized home. Translated to mean "clean it" among the Igbo-speaking tribe of Nigeria, Fichaya is a technology-enabled company founded on time management to provide cleaning and organizing services.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Aisha Pandor


With just a few clicks on the SweetSouth app, you can have a home cleaning service in South Africa with no guilt.

LRS Plumbing

Black Founder/Owner(s): Leonard Redway II


Proudly serving the Los Angeles area since 1997. Leonard Redway and his team of trained plumber technicians have offered high-quality plumbing maintenance and repairs while promoting a clean image of plumbers around the community. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, holidays too — they've got you covered.

The Velvet Notes

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joshua Whyte


Whether hosting a party, a corporate event, or planning for your big day, our hunch says you need this incredible band to spice up your occasion. Reviews say they're the best band all over the U.K. After grooving to snippets from their promo videos, we agree. Whatever genre you'd like to entertain your guests with, they're up to the task.

Cleanace Drycleaners

Black Founder/Owner(s): Eniibukun Adebayo

5, Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos.


Eniibukun Adebayo has been rendering laundry services for over 25 years. Cleanace is his brainchild, born from his passion and love for the laundry business. Though not a lover of washing clothes, Eniibukun could spend all his time ironing to give your outfits a fresh look. For fabric care, laundry equipment, and supplies, you can trust Cleanace Drycleaners.

Red Leaf Removals

Black Founder/Owner(s): Craig Parker

124 Saunders Street, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1HX


Founder Craig Parker remembers that when he first started this five-star removal service, the phone wouldn't ring. Years later, he says, "the phone won't stop ringing." So, whether you plan on moving to a new home or office or disposing of waste, Craig and his reliable team will take the time to prevent any damage and satisfy you. So, why go through the stress of moving when you can have a helping hand?

Brown Sugar Nail Spa

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brittany Adams

1128 S. 9th Street. Philadelphia, PA 19147


In addition to taking care of your hands and feet, this luxury spa offers facial and body waxing services. The atmosphere is calm, and the prices are great. So what's stopping you from showing yourself some good loving?

Kozy Home Styling

Black Founder/Owner(s): Katy Adubi and Zoe Benoit


This interior design start-up was founded by friends Katy and Zoe in 2020. With the help of their knowledge in all things renovations, interior, and re-design, the duo can help you create spaces you love and feel comfortable in.

Swim, Swim, Swim I Say

Black Founder/Owner(s): Agnes Davis

PS125 - Ralph Bunche School. 425 West 123rd Street. Harlem, NY 10027


"Swimming is the best overall exercise that works every muscle without putting stress on any joints." Since 2009, Agnes Davis has been tutoring students, privately and in groups, how to swim and water safety. As a service, Agnes is dedicated to reducing drowning rates, discouraging fear of water, and welcoming new members into the swimming club.

BankySu Events

Black Founder/Owner(s): Adebanke Tolu- Sorinola

Lekki, Lagos. Nigeria.


Mostly known for their luxe wedding concepts; nevertheless, Adebanke Tolu and her innovative team are capable of helping you plan corporate events and social gatherings tailored to your taste.

Delano Architects

Black Founder/Owner(s): Olumoroti Delano

86b Isale Eko Avenue, Dolphin Estate. Ikoyi, Lagos


Timeless architecture can mean so many things, and at Delano Architects, architecture is also about people feeling good in a space. With the help of a dedicated team of architects and consultants, this company delivers exceptionally well-designed buildings that will stand the test of time.

Evolutionary Aquatics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nadine Ford

1327 Moretz ave. Charlotte, NC 28206 USA


Ever heard the myth that Blacks do not swim? To dispel such baseless myths, Nadine Ford started Evolutionary Aquatics to create an inclusive swimming community for people of color and encourage a swimming culture. As a client, you can access a Black-centered swimming community and low to no-cost swimming lessons for adults. Of course, you're welcome to have fun.

Elaine Griffin at Home

Black Founder/Owner(s): Elaine Griffin

132 King Cotton Road. Brunswick, Georgia 31525


With more than 20 years of experience in the interior design business and a lifetime of style, Elaine Griffin brings a mix of richly textured and timeless innovative design ideas to your home.

Amhad Freeman Interiors

Black Founder/Owner(s): Amhad Freeman


For Amhad Freeman, creating clean-lined design spaces that soothe the senses begins with the clients, how they live, and how they want to live. This dream to design comfortable spaces for people to spend their best moments has always been Amhad's childhood dream, which became a reality with the establishment of his interior design company in 2017.

Polaris Aquatic Training

Black Founder/Owner(s): Annalize Butler


Based in London, Annalize Butler offers a swim program for all babies, children, adults, and even people with disabilities. In addition, the organization offers swimming lessons, fitness training, aquatic exercise programs, and private swimming lessons for you and your loved ones to enjoy.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Nosa Patricia Emumwen


This is your cue to kickstart your fitness journey in a flavorful and fun way. Founder Nosa has been there, so you don't have to struggle. Being on a health and fitness journey herself, Nosa struggled with finding meals that tasted and looked exciting. Preppd is her way of making healthy meals more flavorful and enjoyable.

Sweet Digs

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pia Thompson


Pia Thompson is the founder of Sweet Digs, where she teaches clients how to keep their spaces organized and reflect who they are. She does this by 'sweet digging,' spending a lot of time getting to know you and what sparks joy in you, then she guides you on a step-by-step training that transforms your home into a clutter-free sanctuary.

Emmanuella Photos

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jessica Johnson


Whether in Nigeria or planning a destination wedding, this bride-turned-photographer is ready to hop on board with you and give you some of the best photo shoots to keep you reminiscing on your big day.

Kimberly + Cameron Interiors

Black Founder/Owner(s): Keia McSwain


Did you get a new place and need some interior styling suggestions, or are you too busy to find the time to transform your space to reflect your style? Whatever category you fall under, Keia has a service tailored to you.

Siyeku Cleaning and Projects

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nonhlanhla Precious Ibeh

1112 Trisula Street, Lenasia Ext 13. Gauteng. 1829


Based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Nonhlanhla Precious's passion and experience in cleaning are what culminated in Siyeku Cleaning and Projects. The proudly South African cleaning brand offers a range of high-quality customized cleaning services to clients in and around Gauteng and neighboring provinces, hoping to expand into other areas.

Sticks & Stones Landscaping & Gardening Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Daniel Edwards

Birmingham, B23 7BA, UNITED KINGDOM


If you're based in Birmingham and need gardening and landscaping services, you can trust their professionalism and high-quality work standard to achieve satisfactory results.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Oluwafunmike Asmau Abdulazeez

317 Bexley Rd, Erith DA8 3EX, United Kingdom


At Afunkie, the goal is to provide quality beauty cosmetics and makeup services to boost a woman's self-esteem at affordable rates. So whether you are a bride or just in your "feel-good mood," Afunkie has covered you.

Tiffany René Interior Design

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tiffany Cobb


Tiffany Cobb and her team create functional spaces that embody what you hold dear to your heart or contribute to your being. So whether it's your style, a hand-me-down gift, or an accessory, you can trust Tiffany to work with your vision to give you your dream space.

Traders Haven Design

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anthony Dunning


Traders Haven Design is an interior design firm by Anthony Dunning. Starting with a different career in music and theatre, Anthony merges both worlds with his passion for designing to help his clients achieve the spaces they desire.

Neledzi Cleaning Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Patrick Makhubela

16 Voortrekker Avenue, Edenvale. 1609, Gauteng


Founded in 1998 by the CEO Patrick Makhubela and is now managed by previously disadvantaged individuals who have grown with the company and understand the modus operandi. From reviews, it is safe to say this 100% Black-owned cleaning agency understands the meaning of transformation.

Apex Sparks

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joesiah Smith


Apex Sparks is your reliable plug if you're in London and the South East Counties and need electrical installation or repair services. The team comprises experienced and dedicated electrical installation experts that offer clients industrial, domestic, and commercial electrical services.

Eneia White Interiors

Black Founder/Owner(s): Eneia White

373 Broadway. Suite C19. New York, NY 10013


For Eneia, meeting the client and knowing the vision for their space is crucial to her job. And she doesn't miss. Her creative approach to solving design problems allows her to transform spaces beautifully.

Shégitu – Sensual Dance for Ladies

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lidiaana Ghebrehiwot


It's all happiness and good vibes over here!

With over 20 years of experience on stage as a singer and dancer, Lidiaana helps Queens like you feel good about themselves and fill their minds with positive vibes through her dance classes.

G E Fitness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Marland Griffith

Buzz Gym London Harrow, Harrow, Reino Unido


Marland makes sure to put the needs of every client first and deliver high-quality fitness services. Whatever the age or fitness level, Marland helps individuals discover their inner strengths and crush their fitness goals like it's nothing.

Just Geen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Gina Obeng


Here's your sign to begin your fitness journey. Gina promises to hold your hands as you walk through your fitness journey. From making decisions to following up on them, Gina will stay cheering you on.

Singlehood Oasis Academy

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Sara Jayne Ofori


With a vast population of single men and women looking for love, Singlehood Consultant Dr. Sara helps clients navigate the complex world of love.

Black People Will Swim

Black Founder/Owner(s): Paulana Lamonier

Hempstead, Long Island, NY


A swim brand on a mission to smash the stereotype that Blacks don't swim has to be this Black woman-owned and operated business; Black People Will Swim. For over a decade, Paulana Lamonier has worked with swim clubs, gyms, and many more, teaching them to overcome their fear of water with her four foundational pillars: Fun, Awareness, Community, and Education.

Soroh Accounting Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Owei Soroh


As a small business owner, you want to invest your time ensuring that your operations work efficiently to satisfy your customers. With ten years of experience in accounting, Owei has the necessary skills to take care of your business accounting needs, ranging from bookkeeping to payroll, VAT returns, and others, while you focus on your customer's needs.

Crossline Electric

Black Founder/Owner(s): Julien Cross

1320 Taylor Ave. Winnipeg, MB. R3M 3Y1


Through a variety of services, the team at Crossline Electric delivers high-quality workmanship to their clients. Whether it's a full range of services or just renovations, Julien and his team are here to take care of every one of your electrical needs.

Kaduli Roofing

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alain Kaduli


For all kinds of roofing services, Kaduli Roofing is made to offer excellent workmanship from start to finish for all its clients. Regardless of the size of your project, Kaduli Roofing is guaranteed to treat it with maximum professionalism.

Haydn Thomas Films

Black Founder/Owner(s): Haydn Thomas


For using his filmmaker talents to combat knife crime, Haydn Thomas was named by Birmingham Mail as one of the 30 under 30 most influential people in and around Birmingham. Haydn can turn your visions into reality with hard work, dedication, and creativity. For all kinds of digital production, you can talk to Haydn and be on your way to some premium productions.

DJ Will Gill

Black Founder/Owner(s): Will Gill


DJ Will Gill is a D.J. with a difference, and if you were considering hiring a D.J. for that upcoming event, here's your sign. There are no preset mixes or playlists, just a talented D.J. reeling out great energy. So whether it's a virtual party, wedding, or corporate event, you've got the right guy for the job.

Coconut Grove Events

Black Founder/Owner(s): Leslie Rowie

2985 South Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, FL 33133


Whether it's your wedding, private party, or corporate event, Leslie and her team are here to take the stress off you as you focus on enjoying the moments that come with your celebrations.

So Fresh So Clean

Black Founder/Owner(s): Fiona Baffour


You can get your U.K. digs cleaned from Monday-Sunday by professional hands from So Clean So Fresh.

T's Waste Removals

Black Founder/Owner(s): Richard Aiden Grant


Why get your hands messy when you can call on these guys to help you with the dirty work? Whether big or small, T's Waste Removals ensures all waste is correctly disposed of or recycled following the Environmental Agency guidelines.

1Heat 2Cool HVAC

Black Founder/Owner(s): David Samuels

22 Emmett Cir, Brampton, ON L7A 3M2, Canada


With this heating, ventilation, and cooling service company, you can enjoy these home services with affordable rates and no compromise in quality.

Adelas Flowers

Black Founder/Owner(s): Taiwo Akande

51 Raymond Njoku St, Ikoyi 101233, Lagos


If you want to say something unforgettable, say it with flowers.

Known for her beautiful flower arrangements and attention to detail, you can trust Taiwo Akande and her team to come through with exquisite flower arrangements on your big day. So whether it's a wedding, party, funeral, or just a stem of a rose for that loved one, let Adela's Flowers get the job done for you. You can also get fresh flowers delivered to many parts of Lagos; you only have to make that call now.

Rich Power Films

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jemel Richards & Neron Power

130 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JE, UK


The team of youthful, ambitious, creative minds at Rich Power Films can take your visuals to the next level. Whether it's just an idea or fully concept building, this full-service production company has what it takes to give you desired results regarding video productions. 

Baker's Mobile Veterinary Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Lillian Baker


If you're used to getting A-list celebrity vet services for your fur friends, then reviews say this service is for you. Dr. Lilian Baker is your concierge house-call veterinarian, bringing a personal approach and compassionate care to your homes.

Hooker CPA Firm, PLLC

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kentrell L. Hooker

2656 S Loop W, Suite 340, Houston, TX 77054


For your accounting and tax needs, this Houston CPA firm, founded on integrity and dedication, provides its clients, whether local, mid-sized, or large companies, with the required professional assistance. You can get started with a 15-minute tax consultation on their website.

Nurses At Heart Home Healthcare Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kandi Denise

5340 Griggs Road, Houston, Texas 77021, United States


Are you in need of quality care for yourself or your loved one? Nurses at heart will provide you with the best in-home care services, 24hrs a day/7 days a week, weekends and holidays inclusive. Whatever services you may need, Nurses at Heart is here to help.

Nail Bully Nail Boutique

Black Founder/Owner(s): Keisha Alteme

4080 W Broward Blvd. Plantation FL. 33317


With more than 22 years of licensed experience in the nail care industry, there's no limit to what Keisha Alteme can do with your natural nails. Whether it's your natural nails or nail extensions, Keisha will work magic with your nails, lasting 3-4 weeks.

Who Dat Barbershop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ms. Kischia Smith


For 12 years and still counting, Ms. Kischia Smith has successfully owned and operated Who Dat Barbershop in Louisiana with no track record of being a barber. A nurse by profession, Kischia started this barber shop which is not your typical barber shop, as it was helping to revitalize the New Orleans East community post-Hurricane Katrina. This barber shop became a community hub and provides services for haircuts, dreads/locs, braids/twists, hair restoration, facial care, beard grooming, and style enhancement alongside philanthropic activities.

The Law Office of J. L. Bell

Black Founder/Owner(s): Je'Freshia Bell


With her understanding of how difficult criminal and family law cases can be, Je'Freshia Bell is an effective Texas legal representation devoted to walking her clients through the judicial process if needed.



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Amazon and Etsy have proven to be inclusive, one-stop destinations for all kinds of essential supplies, ranging from household items, stationery, clothes, fashion accessories, gadgets, and more. There are a number of Black-owned marketplaces you can use to circulate your dollar; however, this year we’ve handpicked the best Black-owned brands and businesses selling on these marketplace platforms.

Have fun adding a boatload of these cool Black brands to your Etsy cart and Prime wish lists.  

Search this category’s keywords to get started: women's shoes, gifts, jewelry, skincare, bath salt, art, home decor, pillows, drinking games.

Twelve AM Co.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Areial Lomack


If Oprah says your product is among her list of favorite things, then you are doing something right. Twelve AM fashion makes comfortable fluffy slippers that you can slay at home or outside. Be sure to order a size down from your original shoe size to get your perfect fit.   

Shades of Color

Black Founder/Owner(s): Adrian Woods & Courtney Hines


This business offers stationery, accessories, and weekly planners for your office or to-do list. In addition to this, they also sell beautiful home decor. Their striking weekly planners are illustrated with images of black women. The planner comes in multiple designs and includes little add-ons such as motivational quotes, coloring pages, and recipes. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys organizing their workspace.

Valencia Key

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lia Valencia Key


Valencia Key features affordable jewelry with inspirational sayings that remind you to unlock your strength and be your best self every day. Most of the pieces come in stainless steel and gold-plated color options.

Wear joy, wear light, wear Valencia Key.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Olowo-n'djo Tchala


Alaffia uses the natural healing powers of African black soap to make its signature body wash and lotions. With roots in Ghana and West Africa's natural resources, they make skincare sustainable and easy. According to reviews, this product is very mild on the skin and suitable for most skin types.

Live by Being

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kennedy Lowery


Live by Being is an artisanal skincare and wellness brand that sells handmade products. All products are handmade in small batches in their Houston, Texas studio and are focused on curating a relaxed spa day at home for you. Their bath salts are 100% natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. Also, their signature "Release Milk," one of their best-selling products, is said to make bath time soothing and relaxing. Founded by a Black woman, the products are made to appeal to the Black community. There's no better way to spend your day off at home.

Piper Wai

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sarah Ribner


This is a line of natural deodorant and body care products. Their signature product, "Activated Charcoal Deodorant," has sold numbers on Amazon, leaving customers wanting more. Not only are the products organic, but all packaging is made from recycled ocean waste plastic. Stay fresh and contribute to making the planet green.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Andrea Pitter Campbell


Make a statement anywhere you go with Pantora fashion. The clothing line features a variety of clothing options, from bodysuits to jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, and lots more in unique prints and colors. You are your unique self when you wear Pandora.

Harlem Candle Co.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Teri Johnson


Harlem Candle Co makes beautifully scented candles with impressive burn time. All candles are handmade in New York. Give your house a long-lasting fresh fragrance by choosing one of their candles. We can suggest their latest release, "The Renaissance," which boasts an 80-hour burn time.

Ubuntu Life

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jeremiah Kuria & Zane Wilemon


A global lifestyle brand based in Kenya, Ubuntu Life sells jewelry, bags, and espadrilles. All products are handmade with love by moms in Kenya.

From your everyday bags to their famous hand "love beaded" bands, this lifestyle brand sells beautiful pieces with traceable roots. Even Oprah agrees on her 2020 list of Oprah's favorite things.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tracey Pickett


Like CEO Tracey Pickett says, "we can't stop the rain, but we can stop it from stopping you." Hairbella was born out of a need to provide quick action for an unexpected downpour or just a drizzle that could ruin your hair game. The silk-lined hats don't only protect your kinks, curls, and coils; they are also made to serve looks while you're shielding your hair from unfavorable weather conditions.

Orijin Bees

Black Founder/Owner(s): Melissa Orijin


African-inspired baby dolls for children to inspire them and motivate them to love how they look. These dolls celebrate diversity through different skin tones and hair textures that are incorporated into each one during production.

Little Black girls deserve to feel represented, and these baby dolls do that for them.

Ayesha Curry Kitchenware

Ayesha Curry, who is a chef, has created a line of beautiful, quality cookware that will make cooking easier. These hard, anodized, non-stick cookware, pots, and pans scream elegance, and you deserve to own one.

Lick You Silly

Black Founder/Owner(s): Barbara Clarke-Ruiz


Lick You Silly is a brand that makes dog treats without all the additional chemicals and complicated ingredients. These beef-dried liver treats are 100% USDA-approved, rich in nutrients, and damn good.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Chris-Tia Donaldson


TGIN caters to natural black hair through its carefully made products. These Lightweight, moisturizing products will leave your hair feeling revived and lush.

Perfect for Black women with natural hair of all textures and types.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Keziah Dhamma


These are quality hair products for women with naturally curly afro hair. Their signature Snappee™ hair ties hold your hair together without breaking or causing breakage. They also carry satin scarves, turbans, bonnets, and silk head wraps.

Raycon Global

Black Founder/Owner(s): Willie Ray Norwood Jr (Ray J)


From platinum artist Ray J and techie, Ray Lee, is a quality yet affordable audio product brand. It has become a favorite of some big names in the music industry like Cardi B and Snoop Dogg to mention a few. The brand offers you comfortable earbuds and headphones that you can use while working, keeping fit, or just going about your day.

Lotus Moon Company

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lake Louise


This Philadelphia-based handcrafted jewelry and accessories Company makes adornments for your hair. You can also get detailed, customized pieces sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

Cloth and Cord

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ellana Turner


Texas-based Cloth and Cord is a brand inspired by African culture. You can see this through their jewelry, such as their Ankara fabric choker. This Black-founded business wants to flaunt the vibrant African tones in its designs. This fashion is a perfect fit for anyone who loves to make a bold statement.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Nadia Arment


This one-of-a-kind business, creates personalized embossed Braille cards, for those with vision impairment—a unique and inclusive idea for everyone. If you have a visually impaired loved one, you can show them some love, by getting them one of these lovely gift cards.

16J Organics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lourdes Liz


Eco-friendly food for the skin. 16J Organics formulates 100% cruelty-free body products that will nourish your skin, and have you feeling great every day.

This body care line is ideal for people with sensitive skin and anyone looking for eco-friendly products.

Akweley Design

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rita Akweley Agyemang


Turn up your style a notch, with these unique handcrafted jewelry made in Vermont, with materials sourced from Africa. All pieces are vibrant and will surely give your outfit the bright look it deserves


Black Founder/Owner(s): Charmaine James


The Florida-based brand is a great way to start on your locs journey. Its line of daily loc moisturizers is created to leave your hair feeling moisturized, healthy, and shiny for sure. Give your locs a treat with Locsanity, and they will thank you

Jazzmine Jones

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jazzmine Jones

Home & kitchen. Home decor. Home gardening. Pottery. Handmade products.

Introduce your home to these beautifully handcrafted plant pots made of terra-cotta and hand-painted with acrylic paint. Based in California, this Black-owned brand has planters that will give your garden a pop of color and take your garden from basic, to spectacular when you're done.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Gemille Walker, Shaquille Walker & Zarrius Walker


On a mission to make afro hair lovers comfortable in their own identity, Afropick is reintroducing Afro hair with a range of accessories that will cater to your curls, coils, and kinks.

Elite Sweets

Black Founder/Owner(s): Amin Bahari


Elite sweets welcome you to enjoy donuts made with your health in mind. Packed with protein, low in sugar, and gluten-free, makes it an excellent snack that you can nibble on at any time, and it is perfect for people on a keto or low carb diet.

Everyday Hustle

Black Founder/Owner(s): Adam Ali


This premium beard oil is made of the finest ingredients and promises moisture, growth, and silky softness for the hustler on the go. You can trust just a few sprays to keep your beards looking fresh all day long.  

The Cut Buddy

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joshua Esnard


The Cut Buddy product line has the perfect tools to give every man their preferred shape up and line for their mane. With this hairline and beard lining guide tool brand, every bearded man can now be sure of the perfect curve when grooming his hair. This product is ideal for every man looking for that flawless cut, anywhere and anytime.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Beverly Malbranche


This delightful Haitian coffee blend is perfect for coffee lovers. This Black-owned business caters to the tastebuds of seasoned coffee drinkers through its partnership with over 1000 coffee and 3000 cacao farmers through cooperatives in the south-east and northern region of Haiti to give you quality cacao and coffee products.

Hampton Adams

Black Founder/Owner(s): Seneca Hampton


Seneca blew investors out of the water when he pitched his athletic tape business on Shark Tank. The strong, non-sticky sports tape is Amazon's Choice for 'athletic tape for injuries' and the trusted product is raking in millions of revenue.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Femi Oyenekan


SimpleLeaf is an eco-friendly scented wipes brand for adults and children. This brand's aim is to keep you and the environment clean at all times. It's the perfect touch for all skin types, and it's not irritable.

Hair Rules

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anthony Dickey


At Hair Rules, there are no hair rules because they realize not one size fits all. Thus, with their range of hair products created with every hair texture in mind, including yours, you are sure to fall in love with your textures every day.  

Miles and Milan

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shennel Fuller


Miles and Milan helps take off the fuss of pitching what's best for your baby girl or boy by offering you minimal clothing options in black, gray, and white colors. They are comfortable, classic, and can be easily mix-matched with other items in your kid's wardrobe.

Model Atelier

Black Founder/Owner(s): Robin Harris


Robin Harris started out in the fashion business with a goal to empower young girls and women, globally. Asides from making beautiful apparel for both men and women, her recent designs have been created with built-in face masks to keep her customers fashionably safe during this pandemic.  


SheKiss offers a range of women's wear made from high-quality polyester, breezy and comfy to wear for vacations, birthdays, and occasions where you'd like to be dressed down yet look sophisticated. It comes in different sizes and prints. From reviews, we recommend sizing down one size from your usual.

Grace Eleyae

Black Founder/Owner(s): Grace Eleyae


Say goodbye to that morning bedhead and pesky hair tangles with Grace Eleyae's satin-lined caps. The slap caps are designed to protect your hair wherever you go, and at any time (day or night), and if you're the woman-on-the-go, it allows you to condition your hair and save you time.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Trinity Mouzon Wofford


From your inner to your outer wellness, this superfood blend is made to blend into your lifestyle, and not the other way around. Starting out with the original turmeric latte blend, Golde offers you a range of products that have been organically made to boost your immune system as well as keep your skin glowing every day.

Black Card Revoked

Black Founder/Owner(s): Latesha Williams

This #1 Black culture trivia game in America is a fun way to spend time with family and friends. Its nostalgic essence makes it a fun way to celebrate Black American pop culture. Though centered around Black culture, it isn't made for just Blacks. Everyone is welcome to explore the Black pop culture through this lovely mix of trivia-style questions.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Angel J


Iconi activewear serves you both functionality and fashion. The activewear line features a super stretchy, moisture-wicking, supportive waistband that stays in place throughout your workout, giving you a seamless and flattering fit. Asides from motivating your body with the right activewear, the brand donates 10% of its profits to non-profit organizations.

House of Marley

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alon Kaufman


Created in collaboration with the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley's legacy of love for music and the planet. House of Marley sells high-performance audio products crafted from recyclable and sustainable materials like bamboo. The brand is driven by its need to foster positive change in the world and reproduce your favorite music with its amazing sound quality.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Darnell Jones & Danyel Surrency Jones


This exercise and fitness brand is focused on designing innovative fitness training equipment that enhances human performance for sports such as basketball, baseball/softball, and football. Whether you're an athlete, coach, or just a fitness enthusiast, whether indoor or outdoor, man or woman, Powerhandz has something for you.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Mahisha Dellinger


You might have trouble keeping your curls in place while having an active day. Well, not anymore, because with Curls you can have long-lasting, shiny curls every day.

Hampton Adams

Black Founder/Owner(s): Seneca Adams


Made from 100% cotton, these athletic stick tapes and wraps are made with the perfect formula to ensure a firm hold on you and are also easy to tear off after use, leaving no sticky residue.

If you are a weight lifter, rock climber, or generally a sports enthusiast, try Hampton Adams.

A Dozen Cousins Meals

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ibraheem Basir


Every meal starts well so it can end well, and that is why A Dozen Cousins Meals has created a line of thick and flavorful spices that transform your meals from 0-100 in a matter of minutes. Their pack of seasoning sauces made from real onions, garlic, and spices allows you to "coat and cook."

Tom Bullock's

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alan Henderson


The cocktail shaker bar set is inspired by Tom Bullock, an esteemed bartender who became the first African American to publish a cocktail book, and because good taste never goes out of style, his recipes are still followed today. Likewise, if you can trust him with your taste buds, you can trust his quality, stainless steel cocktail shaker set to make excellent cocktails. This set has been designed for both beginner bartenders and pros, alike.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shari Hicks-Graham


After realizing that scalp irritation is a gateway to hair loss, Dr. Graham built a range of haircare and skincare products with a formula to gently alleviate dry and itchy scalp, while moisturizing your hair from the root to the tip. Live confident with LivSo.

My Fabulous Food

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chanel Murphy-Lowe


What started off as a simple blog to express Chanel Murphy Lowe's love for cooking has evolved to become a line of luxury seasoning blends and sea salts. For your savory dishes, you can trust My Fabulous Food to come to your rescue. Also, the seasoning and salt come in luxe packaging that could pass as a gift.

Red Bay Coffee

Black Founder/Owner(s): Keba Konte


Founded in 2014 by Keba Konte, Red Bay Coffee is on a mission to foster diversity, inclusivity, and social-economic restoration while serving you high-quality and sustainable coffee. It is the perfect gift for the coffee lovers in your life.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jamie & Jamie Harris


In 2014, Jamie and Jamie Harris created this barbecue brand from their garage and since then it has grown to become a favorite for grill masters and non-masters alike. Best known for its thick BBQ grill mat that is built to last no matter what you throw on it.

Simone I. Smith

Black Founder/Owner(s): Simone I. Smith


Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for the women in your life or just looking for the perfect way to express yourself through jewelry, Simone I. Smith has got you covered with their superior quality jewelry sets. The nameplate collection helps you express your uniqueness with jewelry.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Stephanie Morimoto/ Venus Williams


Being your best self empowers you to achieve more. The skincare brand is everything you need to re-energize your mind, body, and soul. This is why Stephanie Morimoto and her co-partner Venus Williams have formulated a skincare line that is refreshing to your body, from the inside out.

Lovely Earthlings

Black Founder/Owner(s): Karina Daniel Parris


Whether you're in search of art for your living room, dorm, or office, or looking for gifts for women, Lovely Earthlings has got some unique and custom-made handpieces that you'll find perfect for the occasion. So, for all the colorful prints, notecards, tote bags, and all the other perfect little pieces for your gift box, shop at Lovely Earthlings.

Made by Rheal

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rheal


Make your home a lovely breath of fresh air, for home decor and little pieces, to embellish your space. From marbled coasters to crystal-filled hands, these uniquely carved products are exceptional in the world of art. Just one look and you will want one in your space.

Bespoke Binny

Black Founder/Owner(s): Natalie Manima


This bright, African-inspired homeware brand by Natalie Manima features an array of refreshing lampshades, oven mitts, aprons, and many more. The vibrant colors will surely add a touch of culture to your home. If you must get one item, it definitely will be their lampshade made from African wax print, and if you don't have a lamp, you'll be forced to get one. Yes, that's how attractive these pieces are.

Candice Luter

Black Founder/Owner(s): Candice Luter


Macrame-inspired wall art and textiles This artist uses natural cotton rope, to bring abstract hanging designs to life. Each piece adds texture and a better look to your walls. Each piece is handmade and can be custom-made to your preference. If you want to show off your artistic flair in your home, these products will do the talking for you.

TBC Games

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jolisa Mulcare


The game is described as "not for the faint-hearted." When you see its range of Wild Dares, Funny Mini Games, Ruthless Commands, and Weird Questions that will have hearts racing and drinks flowing, you'll know why they describe it so. The game is made up of 100 cards for 2-12 players over the age of 18 and is a fun way to spend time with friends.

Kiwi Beauty Store

Black Founder/Owner(s): KiwitheBeauty

Treat yourself to some bohemian, chick, and vibrant jewelry from this Atlanta-based jewelry brand. The handmade earrings are sure to make you stand out as a goddess wherever you go.

MAW Supply

Black Founder/Owner(s): Norman & Rachelle Clark


Vintage reclaimed apparel and accessories, for men and women. Whether casual clothes or accessories to go with them, this Black-owned business has a lovely collection to choose from, without breaking the bank.

Omi Woods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ashley Alexis McFarlane


Omi Woods sells one-of-a-kind pieces, which are all inspired by the founder's African heritage and roots in connection to her travels. Each piece is ethically handmade with fair trade African gold and globally sourced recycled and conflict-free fine metals and tells a new story that should be passed down to generations.

Elysium Naturals Co

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lamont & Aurian Henry


Reviews say you're getting your money's worth when you shop at Elysium Naturals Co. For body butter that makes your body feel incredibly soft and refreshed, try this skincare company that deals in original unrefined butter.

Clay Jewels by Jules

Black Founder/Owner(s): Juliana Pache


It is unique, it is modern, and it is handmade. Yes, every time in the store embodies these traits and is waiting to be picked up by you. The Black Latina founder, Juliana Pache creates and handmakes small batches of jewelry for jewelry lovers like herself in her Queens home.

Sankofa Sweetgrass

Black Founder/Owner(s): Renesha Wolfe

A fourth-generation basket weaver from the gullah of South Carolina took a gifted family tradition and weaved it into an opportunity for generational wealth. Her weaving style is reminiscent of our dynamic Black history and the ability to preserve the stories and memories of an entire bloodline. 

Sidney Shanae Company

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sidney Shanae Walker

Created in 2020, gifted manicurist, Sidney Shanae Walker develops a DIY of nail art supplies just for you. Each work of art is handcrafted by Sidney with the goal to add color to your life.

Eusi Bathtime

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ajua


Eusi Bathtime offers you a range of plant-based skincare products that promise to help you relax after a rough day or week. All products are handmade with love and carved into the most elegant shapes.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jenny

Cork furnishings are always in because of their sturdiness and cool look. Their neutral color fits everywhere — in the house, bedroom, kitchen, or office. For minimalists, the cork designs Jenny makes are cause for celebration. Get yours today.

MaShona Store

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mandy Malgas Harmeling


These beautiful homewares are handmade by Mandy Malgas Harmeling for your living space. Whether you're in search of vibrant colors to go with your home decor style or just subtle colors, Mashona Store has just the right elegant piece for you.

Glasswing Organics


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jennifer Kelman

The process is simple, they source all ingredients from nature, handmade with love and deliver to you. By adopting a vegan lifestyle and being inspired by her ancient African and Jamaican cultures, Jennifer Kelman is encouraging a 100% organic lifestyle with her range of hair and skincare products.

Joas Accessories

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joyce Olamodesi Anikeola Shadamoro


We all know how a piece of jewelry can transform our looks from 0-100, and Joyce understands that. This is why she makes accessories and jewelry that complement your outfit in different ways. Whether you want bold statement jewelry or just something minimal, Joas Accessories offers you a variety, so there's something for everyone.

Osagie Designs

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tina Donath

This Germany-based store founded by Nigerian-born Tina Donath makes vibrant hair accessories, satin wraps, headwraps, and their signature braided headband. Reviewers find the items comfortable for use and agree that it is made from quality African fabric.

Secondhand Shawty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Carmen Jones

At this Black-owned etsy shop, Carmen Jones welcomes all shapes, sizes, and genders to explore her vintage collection. If you like fun, colorful and unique clothing, you're at the right store. If you're in the US, you're lucky cause you've got free shipping when you buy two or more items.

By Candice Chenade

Black Founder/Owner(s): Candice Chenade


If you think greeting cards need to be updated, try Candice Chenade's designs. Her greeting cards and birthday cards come in a unique blend of a neutral brown and gold aesthetic layout. The images on the cards are well represented and capture the real essence of the cards, which is to showcase black and mixed-race people in all their glory.

A Queenz Den

Black Founder/Owner(s): Renee T.


Starting out during the pandemic, A Quuenz Den is a lifestyle brand that captures the essence of Queens being themselves in whatever space they find themselves, rocking the brand's collections.

The Crafty Swirl

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ilan Mayes

L.A.-based woodworker and founder of the Crafty Swirl, Ilana Mayes, is known for her two-toned shelves. Her work allows you to create aesthetically pleasing arrangements in your home.

If you're particular about organization and general presentation, these shelves will bump up the look of your room.

Ebonii's Moon

Black Founder/Owner(s): Carmen Cardoza

From childhood, Carmen Cardoza has always had a deep connection with pen and paper. Design and drawing have helped her heal, kept her hopeful, and kept her on her path. For a long time she has wanted to share her creative world with you, and now is the right time. From stickers to her cute rubber stamps and beautiful sticker sheets, Carmen is welcoming you to her stationery world with love which she hopes will inspire you in different ways.

Misfit Culture

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dionne Baker


Say what you really want to say with this apparel line that helps you show up and show off. Dionne Baker is all about "authentic expressions"  and speaking up when it's important, and she uses her clothing line to speak up on pertinent issues in society that affect especially the Black community. The message is simple; stand up for equality and celebrate diversity.

Black To Royalty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sha'Ahrah

The mission of this brand is in its name. Founder, Sha'Ahrah promotes black empowerment and unity through her apparel line. Her unique T-shirts and accessories are made to encourage her black customers to be confident in their skin.

NJM Creates

Ranging from cards with witty captions, to name-plated jewelry and unique artworks, you’ll find creative and unique gifts throughout this online store that is booming with something special for everyone.

Cinnamon & Brown

Black Founder/Owner(s): Elise Markham


Experience Afrocentric arts, culture, and lifestyle from the perspective of people who live it. If you're passionate about Black culture like Elise Markham, join her as she unravels the beauty of the Black race through her creations.

Body by Justice

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chrys Jones

Reviews say the soaps have a delightful aroma, accompanied by a pleasantly rich lather, and the body butter melts right into your skin giving it a beautiful glow. You can also share these testimonies by exploring their range of skincare products on their page to be sure what works for you.

My Filibo


Launched in 2017, My Filibo makes it easy to celebrate the African heritage and culture using fanciful fashion accessories such as; pins, lapels, keychains & stationery that carry inscriptions with deep-rooted meanings.

Gylo Illustrations

Black Founder/Owner(s): Gyles Bediako

From using Photoshop to illustrations and artworks, London-based Gyles Bediako is helping people put their thoughts into pictures. Just share your vision with Gyles and he can illustrate it and ship it to you in good time.

Lush and Lavish Home Decor

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nikita A.

This brand takes care of your living space as well as your body. The candles could pass for artwork, there isn't anything regular about them, which makes each of them a work of art.

Suakoko Betty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Charlene Bendu Dunbar


Charlene’s Liberian heritage empowered her to create modern fashion with a splash of African spirit and color. The inspiration to grow Suakoko Betty comes from her fashion design background, cultural heritage, and experience as a refugee. And whether it's a skirt or a jumpsuit, her voice comes out in the clothes. 

Zenaba Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lady Zenaba

Zenaba shop offers you African wear and skin care products that will repair damages on your skin. If you've been looking for where to shop for legitimate skin care products, you can trust Zenaba to deliver on their word.

Alliyah and Things

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alliyah Wheaton


West coast-based creative, Alliyah, found herself constantly standing out in mediocre crowds. She set out to put that same energy into home furnishings that are a sight to see in a minimalistic room. With one tree planted for every sale, her best-sellers run the gamut and make a difference in the fresh air we breathe.  

The Cancerian Channel

Black Founder/Owner(s): Cin the Cancerian


Born in the UK, raised in Nigeria, and now living in the US, Cin reels out decks, journals, tarot cards, and many more spiritual content which helps others just like herself connect to the magic within themselves. So, for the empaths, healers, feelers, and sensitive souls of the world, you're not alone, Cin's got your back.

Naturally Neat Soaps

Black Founder/Owner(s): Canitra Herron

Canitra started making homemade natural soaps when her curiosity got the best of her. Like some other people, Canitra wanted to know the exact components of her body care products. Starting out on her handmade soaps, was her way of ensuring everything was natural from start to finish and was healthy for her skin, and now yours.

Gilded Cage Atlier

Black Founder/Owner(s): Camryn Fallom

This vintage shop has the most unique and fascinating trinkets that tend to stop you in your tracks and you have to buy one. Camryn previously lived in Germany but now based in California, her shop gives us a taste of antiques and collectibles you might see in the movies. If you're a lover of all things borrowed, old and/or blue, there's a masterpiece waiting for you here.

Tal & Bert

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ray and Val Talbert


Now you can experience your crystals and plants together with a new type of product. This husband and wife duo launched their geode planters company in 2020. You purchase it as a candle that can be cleaned out for plants, new candles, or other home items. No matter how you upcycle it, it's a lovely home decor addition. 

Pepper Palm

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pepper Sims

In a year that left us indoors and with our own devices, this creative launched a painted plant pot company. Little did she know, they were on to something. Black communities dug into their green thumb to start collecting indoor plants, as well as gardening their own food. Her expression of love in the paintings reaches her customers in a deeper way now that they’ve explored plant life differently.

Raven Lewis Jewelry

Black Founder/Owner(s): Raven Lewis

Made by a goddess for a goddess. Jewelry designer Raven Lewis uses natural elements such as crystals to add a modern twist to her jewelry designs. Orders take time as every piece item is handmade in a detailed way with love and care.

The Mama Green

Black Founder/Owner(s): Destiny Tailor

The Mama Green is a self-love apothecary that offers food for the soul through its Golden mantras affirmation and many other soul foods to help boost your mind, body, and soul. If you're looking for a safe place for healing, you're home.

Tijahnni Los Angeles

Black Founder/Owner(s): Newton Tijahnni

Tijahnni is a self-taught jewelry maker. With her variety of jewelry, you are sure to find something for yourself. To top it all off, her packaging is beautiful, making it easy to gift these items to loved ones. You can be sure to receive a "thank you" gift when your order arrives.

Belle LAfrique

Black Founder/Owner(s): Belle

From her popular continent map pendant, you can tell that this store is heavily influenced by African culture. All items are made from non-tarnish gold and silver-plated stainless steel. They're perfect gift items for any occasion, but mostly a person who loves the essence of the motherland.

Lovely by Design Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yolanda Hargrove


Creative Designer Yolanda Hargrove has found a way to express her personality, and she is doing that through art, and also inviting you to come be a part of it with her unique designs of stickers, greeting cards, journals, etc.

Althea’s Pottery

Black Founder/Owner(s): Althea Meade-Hajduk

Everything at this etsy shop starts with a ball of clay. Althea’s best-selling handmade pottery is a three-piece dinner set and pasta bowls; however, her other pottery options are a plus if you know food design or want different china at the dinner party. 

My Organic Shea

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yvonne Asantewaa

From Ghana with love. This African shop offers you a range of authentic African products that cater to your skin. From the exfoliating bath sponge to the African black soap, unrefined shea butter, and even the African chewing stick, you have everything you need to keep your body feeling refreshed all day.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Remi Kendal


Remi Kendal makes stylish silk and satin facemasks, hair scrunchies, and other hair accessories in Toronto, Canada. It is soft, simple, and nicely done for minimalists.

Studio La Touche

Black Founder/Owner(s): Linda La Touche

Linda La Touche offers eclectic jewelry designs that are handmade in her Miami- based, home art studio. You can always find a new design, as she adds something new weekly.

Fancy Bee Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Adrian Eisenman

Adrian Eisenman handmakes luxurious bath and body products with you in mind. All of her products are first-hand tested on herself and her immediate family before she reels them out for you to purchase. So, you can feel safe including her products in your skincare routine.

Anna Teiko

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anna Teiko


Anna offers you West African clothing infused with contemporary designs at affordable prices, and in good time. According to reviews, the fabrics which come in different colors are of great quality.



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We've carefully gone through thousands of Black restaurants to showcase their flair, IT quality, and more. So, if you're ready, grab the next flight, and let's get right into the menus and cocktails of this year's 100 Best in Black restaurants and bars worldwide.

Search this category’s keywords to get started:

tokyo, vegan burgers, african food, bookstores, nigerian food.

Soul Food House

Black Founder/Owner(s): David & LaTonya Whitaker


With authentic homemade food, good music, creative cocktails, and a warm environment, what's not to love about this restaurant and bar? This family-owned restaurant was founded in 2015 by David and LaTonya Whitaker in the heart of Tokyo, Japan to satisfy lovers of authentic American Southern and Cajun cuisine who live or visit Japan. However, as they say, it doesn't matter who or where you're from, once you walk through the doors, you become family and there is undoubtedly something for you to have a taste of that you will love.

Slutty Vegan

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pinky Cole


It's a naughty name, but the menu is as virtuous as it comes. In a community with such high numbers of food-borne ailments such as hypertension, obesity, and many more, Pinky Cole is taking her chance to provide vegan options to Atlanta's West End.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Aji Akokomi

21 Berners Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 3LP


Akoko restaurant. Akoko cuisine. London food scene. West African cuisine. Umami.

With impressive reviews from visiting customers, Akoko restaurant founded by British- Nigerian, Aji Akokomi, creates family recipes and innovative dishes using live fire cooking (which lets the authentic flavors of their ingredients shine), umami, and spices. The menu is primarily influenced by recipes passed down through generations alongside innovative dishes that combine British and African culinary expertise. The restaurant's ambiance is not left out as it is primarily inspired by the founder's West African heritage, with spectacular artwork to show for it.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shirikiana & Haile Gerima

2714 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States


Art meets coffee at the globally -recognized Sankofa Video, Books, & Cafe in DC. Doubling as a bookstore and cafe, this Black-founded business welcomes you to enjoy coffee with literature from Black authors worldwide.

Taste of Nigeria

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tiffany & Rasak Odewale


Are you a Nigerian living in Houston? Do you miss or crave something that reminds you of home? Or have you ever wanted a taste of Nigerian cuisine? The wait is over, as Tiffaney and Rasak Odewale bring you the best authentic Nigerian, Cameroonian, and Senegalese food and delicacies.

Burns Original BBQ

Black Founder/Owner(s): Roy Burns


Burns Original BBQ is a family-owned business that offers tasty and nicely made hamburgers, stuffed potatoes, and chicken.

Ikoyi London

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ire Hassan-Odukale & Jeremy Chan


Listed on The World's 50 Best Restaurants as "the one to watch" in 2021 and named after a famous district in Lagos, Nigeria, Ikoyi London creates innovative cuisines that keep customers wanting more. The minimalist dining area is home to food lovers open to trying new twists on recipes created by the blend of West African and British ingredients.

Gemelli Cucina Bar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alessandro Mosupi Khojane


"I love food, and I love family, but more importantly, I love having family enjoying our food at Gemelli!" says founder Alessandro Mosupi Khojane. The experience of family and friends dining together reflects Khojane's idea for this restaurant. They grew up in Italy surrounded by a large family that enjoyed the company of good food and family. For Gemelli, family time means laughing, drinking, sharing bites, and celebrating while dining together. The next family meeting should be organized here if your family is up for a good time with good food and wine.

Circa Lagos

Black Founder/Owner(s): Francis & Owolabi


You'll love it here so much, you might make this your new home.  Amazing food, great drinks, lovely atmosphere, and to top it all, quality customer service; what's not to love?


Black Founder/Owner(s): Miles Kubheka


Located in the historic side of Soweto, Vilakazi Street (famous for housing two Nobel prize winners, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela). Vuyos offers Modern African cuisine and also caters for events and functions. Owing to the backend story of the fictional Vuyos character, founder Miles Kubheka is empowering young, vibrant entrepreneurs to think and grow the Vuyos way; bold, fearless, and limitless.

Demera Restaurant

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Tigist Reda


Founded by Ethiopian Chef Tigist Reda in 2007, Demera Restaurant has been one of the go-to African restaurants in the Chicago area. This is expected as the menu has flavorful and colorful mouth-watering dishes. Enjoy these meals in a simple, classy environment with great-tasting house-roasted coffee and other beverages. They have live music on weekends.

The Consulate

Black Founder/Owner(s): Douglas Hines


The Consulate is a product of a daring, adventurous chef and a detailed interior designer. The perfect duo offers residents in and around Atlanta, a space where they can access dishes worldwide. If you like a hideout yet convenient for you and your loved one, this is the place to go.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Coco Reinarhz


If you want to know what it means to be African in a global gourmet context, let Chef Coco Reinarhz and his team take you on that spin with their exquisite cuisine and recipes. What's even more exciting is that the space at Epicure is enough to accommodate different moods ranging from business meetings to romantic rendezvous or picnics.

Gilly Brew Bar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Daniel Brown & Nephthaly Leonidas


They claim to be the best coffee shop in the area. Food and Wine agree as they have recently been crowned "Best Coffee Shop in Georgia." Gilly Brew Bar welcomes your taste buds to a world of wonder found in the different ways they make coffee. They are known for making creative cocktail-like tea and coffee drinks, which they refer to as elixirs.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Alexander Smalls


Translated to mean 'Mother of Mankind' or 'Garden of Eden,' this African dining hall explores Africa's rich and diverse culture through music and food. Come in and treat your taste buds to some flavorful experience it will thank you for.

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ajay Relan & Yonatan Hagos


Some old customers claim the beignets are the best on the menu, while others love the Hilltop Cobb salad as a quick lunch that keeps you satisfied for a long time. You won't know if you don't head over there and find out for yourself. Offering different kinds of beverage drinks on their menu, Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen opens you to a world of different tastes, such as sweet potato latte, caramel apple cider, and much more. They are located in Slauson, Inglewood, and Eagle Rock. You can also place orders online.

Afrodish Restaurant

Black Founder/Owner(s): Raphael & Vincencia Sarpong


At Afrodish Restaurant, each dinner plate is generously prepared with authentic seasonings from the founders' homeland in Ghana mixed with some of the traditional dishes across the Caribbean and other African countries. What's certain is that you're sure to reach the end of your meal feeling satisfied.

Kyle's Good Finds

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kyle Sexton


Whether you grew up in America or always wanted to taste American baked goods, Kyle Sexton's American bakeshop based in Japan offers different flavors of cakes, pies, bagels, and lots more to its returning and new customers.

Little Lagos

Black Founder/Owner(s): Adetokunboh Adeniyi


If you're new in Sydney and happen to share the same story as founder Adetokunboh Adeniyi, then you're probably craving something that reminds you of home. Thankfully you don't have to feel depressed as he did because he went ahead in 2017 to create "Little Lagos," your one-stop for Nigerian food and culture. You might want to start with the puff-puff as they are the best seller. Nevertheless, jollof rice, goat stew, and black-eyed beans also top the lists of what customers have satisfied their taste buds with.

Lou & Choo Lounge

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tracy Hardy & Jennifer Hardy


Known for its high-quality food, great atmosphere, and celebrity appearances, Lou and Choo's bar and restaurant is new & improved! It provides incredible food and drinks, and a premiere cigar lounge. It also provides an outdoor party experience, a tiki bar, and endless entertainment.

Leftovers Life

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jill Pinkney


A family-owned business, Leftovers Life has an array of sumptuous dishes for its patrons to select. Plus, you can trust that you will have your money's worth.

Jirani Coffeehouse

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ken Moorman


Right in the heart of old town Manassas, Jirani coffee shop is for coffee lovers. Each cup of coffee is made with you in mind as it comes from ethically sourced, locally roasted, and daily ground coffee beans. Like the meaning of the name in Swahili, 'neighbor,' Jirani has quickly become a home for coffee, conversation, and culture.

The Glow Cafe and Juice Bar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Priscilla Edwards


Located in North Providence, The Glow Cafe is a Black-owned and women-operated juice bar. Its menu is 100% vegan and locally sourced. If you are a fan of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutrient-dense goods, this is the place for you.

Jambo Jambo

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joseph Bekele


Whether you're a meat-lover or vegan, Jambo Jambo says we can all dine together. Experience Ethiopia in Australia through the fabulous meals Joseph and his team serve alongside their flawless service and be ready to learn something new. It's an all-in-one experience you don't want to be told about.

Jamaican Delight

Black Founder/Owner(s): Wayne Chambers


Staying true to its origins, this family-owned business was borne out of a passion for food and culture. If you live in Sydney and want a taste of Jamaica, you should be part of some of the cultural events organized by the restaurant, and take the opportunity to get a taste of Jamaica in every sense of the word.  

Aunt B's Country Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Bernadette Williams


This woman-owned business puts a modern twist on a Southern classic. It offers breakfast, Shrimp & grits, Cheesesteaks, salmon, chicken, fish, and more. At Aunt B's, you can be sure of getting savory meals, casual dining, and a memorable hospitable experience.

Nana Morrison's Soul Food

Black Founder/Owner(s): The Morrison family


For tasty meals with a touch of "home", check out Nana Morrison's Soul Food. This family-operated restaurant is known to be one of the best in the region.

Boss of Vegan

Black Founder/Owner(s): Demetrius Liverman


Boss of Vegan is all about fulfilling its customer's fast food cravings with an addictive taste and superior service. Their meals are unbelievable!

Pan Africa Berlin

Black Founder/Owner(s): Frank Anyangbe


Enjoy tasty vegan, vegetarian, and meat menus from all over Africa. The restaurant also offers outdoor catering services.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Emmanuel Akakpo


Whether you are in the mood for African meals or want to binge on burgers and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, the Baopab bar, restaurant, and beach is that unique place that transports you to a thousand miles around the world just by going through its doors.

Welton Street Café

Black Founder/Owner(s): Flynn & Mona Dickerson


Welton Street Cafe is where you get your fix of the best food in Denver. It provides a casual storefront dishing up American Southern & Caribbean fare, plus basic American choices.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Swaggu Phonzito


SoulBaila provides patrons with a stacked menu with options for everyone. They offer weekly live music, drinks, and brunch.

B&B Wings and Things

Black Founder/Owner(s): Marc & Rita


If you're looking for a place with great food and good prices, this is your best bet. Everyone swears by their chicken, biscuits, and mac and cheese. B&B Wings and Things offers customers high-quality meals at reasonable prices. The vegan wings are as delicious as the chicken wings. Be sure to give them a try if you're in the area.

Nicely's Jamaican Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mike Nicely


With an amazing staff and tasty meals such as oxtails, seafood, and curries, Nicely's Jamaican Kitchen is one place you can be sure of getting value for your money.

L&G Southern Soul Food

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lester and Geri


For the best home-style cooking in Delaware, visit L&G Southern Soul Food. With a wide array of dishes on their menu, there is something for everyone.

Vegan Soul

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Mae Gaines


Trying to go vegan? Get free vegan recipes on their website and Instagram page and taste their soul food in the Boise area. Vegan Soul is the only vegan soul food in Boise and the largest U.S. vegan search platform.

Niecie's Restaurant

Black Founder/Owner(s): Denise Ward


Serving Kansas City for over 25 years, Niecie's Restaurant is dedicated to rendering Soul Food services swiftly, delivering great customer service and great recipes that were passed down from Denise Ward's mother.

German Town Pub

Black Founder/Owner(s): Naima Walker-Fierce


This is not your regular bar. For laid-back vibes, good food, and music, you can trust German Town Pub.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Samuel Kingue Ebelle


For bar Labyrinth, the art of mixology is much more than just liquids. It transcends to a mix of African-Caribbean soul food, poetry, spoken words, and, of course, cocktails. Having garnered experience from some of the best bars worldwide, Samuel Kingue Ebelle is one of Amsterdam's most gifted mixologists.

Mé Lon Togo Rockland

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jordan Benissan


Eat, drink, and be merry; that's the agenda on the menu at this Black-owned, family bistro. Mé Lon Togo Restaurant serves incredible West African dishes and world-class cocktails while providing its patrons with outdoor dining.

Les Sisters' Southern Kitchen & BBQ

Black Founder/Owner(s): Clara Huling/ Roda Hadi/ Willie Stanford


The restaurant has a unique history of 3 generations managing its existence. Originally founded by 3 women, Clara Huling, Roda Hadi, and Willie Stanford, the restaurant has promised to satisfy the good taste of customers and has over the years, succeeded in doing so. Les Sisters' Southern Kitchen & BBQ provides its customers with a good mix of Cajun and Creole, southern soul, and BBQ dishes all in one spot!

Harold & Belle's

Black Founder/Owner(s): Harold Legaux & Mary Belle


With white tablecloths & flowers, the eatery features Creole fare like gumbo & Southern hospitality, Harold & Belle's is a Black-founded Creole restaurant that serves amazing tasty meals to its patrons. They are a place for family gatherings, special occasions, top-notch food, service, entertainment, and a well-deserved respite from the stress of everyday life.

Black Betty's Bistro, LLC

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Louis


Owing to Chef Louis' grandparents, who were chefs as well, Black Betty's Bistro makes the freshest meals packed with flavor in Portland.

Next Phaze Café

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tony Randall


From Baltimore crab cake to southern fried chicken, catfish fritters, collard greens, buttery cornbread, cheesy mac and cheese, and more, Next Phaze Cafe is the place to be for southern cuisine, great drinks, and live entertainment. And let's not forget their catering services tailored to meet your needs and give you special events.

Creole Soul Restaurant

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Shunquita "Que" Neal


Creole spice, meets Southern soul comfort at Creole Soul Restaurant. Let Chef Que satisfy you with comfort food for your soul. Their caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience while having your meals.

Maty's African Cuisine

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Amady Gueye


Get delicious, traditional African meals in a great atmosphere. At Maty's Cuisine, you are in for a great time while being treated to delicious meals with specialties from the country Senegal.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Rasheed Jaiyeola


A bukka is where communities, friends, and neighbors congregate for food on a daily basis in Nigerian cities. Bukkahut is a familiar food staple of what someone can expect when they are not at home. They offer a wide variety of freshly cooked Nigerian meals, the homemade way, in a hygienic atmosphere. It is also known for its "Bukkahut suya spot."

LeCulture Café

Black Founder/Owner(s): Drew Matthews


LeCulture is an upscale whipping up comfort food, including hearty sandwiches, steaks, and seafood in the heart of Downtown Detroit. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Drew Matthews Jr. has always loved cooking, and it is with joy that he brings you LeCulture Café for the culture of good food.

Selena's Custom Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Selena Taylor


For Selena's Custom Kitchen, food means more than just cooking, but is a tradition that they aim to pass down to you from their family's special recipes to your taste buds.

The Southern V

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tiffany and Clifton Hancock


The Southern V is a 100% vegan fast/casual eatery in Nashville, TN. They serve plant-based soul food eats and treats. If you love cruelty-free comfort food, you should try them out.

Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant & Market

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sleshi Tadesse


They've got all your favorite drinks and even some extra special ones. At Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant & Market you enjoy tasty meals made from recipes passed down through generations.

Ade's Cuisine

Black Founder/Owner(s): Olaide Adebayo


Eat like royalty when you visit this West African restaurant, steadily giving our taste buds pleasure and at reasonable prices.

Ode to Babel

Black Founder/Owner(s): Marva and Myriam Babel


As a platform for local and independent creatives to showcase their art/talent, Ode to Babel is a chill cocktail bar and lounge located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Trailer Happiness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sly Augustin


Since 2003 Trailer Happiness has been serving the finest classic and original cocktails with a Tiki twist, but you're sure to find some other classic drink that serves your appetite. They also offer cocktail masterclasses for small or large groups.

Danfo Bistro

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lookman Oluwafemi Afolayan


Popular for creating the Ewa Agoyin sandwich, Danfo Bistro takes you to a world of flavors inspired by local and expat Lagos. Its rich menu makes sure there's something for everyone.

Henry's Soul Café

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jermaine Smith


Henry's Soul Cafe is known for its fine Southern cooking and sweet potato pie. This family-owned business has expanded since it was first founded in 1968. And if you're in need of help for your events, staffing/servers, drop-off catering, or bar services, call on Henry's Soul Café and let them take the burden off you.

The Delegate

Black Founder/Owner(s): Warren Thompson


Indulge in American classics with a contemporary flair, chef-driven signature dishes, and weekend Chef's Table buffet brunch. Located in the heart of Shaw with a view that will blow your mind away, swing by for your next happy hour, whether by yourself or with friends, you're sure to have a good time.

Habesha Market and Carry Out

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yared Mamo


Home to Ethiopian foods, Habesha Market and Carry Out serves its patrons sumptuous meals at an affordable price. If you're looking for where to have your money's worth and feel satisfied, this Ethiopian catering service has got you covered for walk-ins, dine-ins, and outdoor catering services.

The Carolina Kitchen Bar and Grill

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lance London


Voted "Best Soul food" in the country in 2013 for the second time in a row by the Steve Harvey "Neighbourhood Awards," this Southern outfit caters to families sitting in, and groups. It is an excellent space to chill with friends, colleagues, and family while having good food.

The Cereal Killerz Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jessica and Chris Burns


The Cereal Killerz Kitchen was made with everyone in mind. They've got dairy and non-dairy options and over 100 cereals from across the world just for you. You can create your perfect cereal bowl, milkshake, and much more with their exotic options.

Post Office Pies

Black Founder/Owner(s): John Hall


Made from locally sourced ingredients in a wood oven, this isn't your regular pizza. Everything is locally sourced and homemade except for the local beer and liquor. From the dough to the delicious pies, Post Office Pies uses fresh ingredients to keep you coming back for more.

Roscoe's Catfish and Barbeque

Black Founder/Owner(s): Roscoe Wyche


Roscoe's Catfish and Barbeque is made home-style, with real Southern sensibility. It has an amazing menu making it your favorite from the very first bite. It takes the South to the North. Their peach cobbler is a favorite. If you're in the area, give them a chance to satisfy your taste buds.

Sugar Jam The Southern Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Dana Dumas


Sugar Jam is a woman-owned business that serves breakfast, sandwiches & sweet treats in a bright, relaxed space. Allow Chef Dana Dumas help you discover those sweet cravings you never knew you had with her flavor-rich, delicious cookies that melt at the sight of you.

The Assembly

Black Founder/Owner(s): Stephanie & Matthew Cliffe


With two operating locations in the Leeds suburbs, you can't miss this fantastic Bottle shop, café, and bar. Established in 2018, it was crowned runner-up "Best place to drink" category at the 2019 Observer Food Monthly Awards. The bar serves craft beer, cocktails, and a carefully selected wine list alongside bar snacks and coffee.

Sweet Jam Café

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pat Manley-smith


Sweet Jams Cafe is a family-themed restaurant. It is a great place to get home-style cooked meals at affordable prices.

Hen Quarter

Black Founder/Owner(s): Thompson Hospitality (Warren Thompson)


Come and be a part of the Hen Quarter family with their family-style brunch every Saturday and Sunday. Hen Quarter is a fun-casual, full-service restaurant specializing in Southern fare, fried chicken, craft cocktails, and brunch.

Prince of Peckham

Black Founder/Owner(s): Clement Ogbonnaya


Having spent his formative years in 'old Peckham,' Clement Ogbonnaya celebrates the journey of this community that gave him some of his best years by creating a space where individuals, regardless of age, sex, or color can co-exist and have a good time. It's a home away from home for anyone who visits and offers you a perfect environment for events ranging from birthdays to private dinners and more.  

Tastee Fried Chicken

Black Founder/Owner(s): Olayinka Adedayo


From being a quick-service restaurant to outdoor catering, Tastee delivers sumptuous meals that can be trusted. The space is big enough to accommodate family hangouts and give you the best time you need to be filled with good vibes only.

Coffee & Cornbread Co.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Monica & Monique


Coffee & Cornbread Co offers its customers organic, non-GMO products. They believe in contributing to our planet's welfare by reducing our carbon footprint. This is achieved by using biodegradable containers, utensils made out of plant starch, and cold cups made from corn-based plastic.

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Tanya Holland


"Black chefs and Black culinary traditions are the foundation of American cuisine," and Chef Tanya Holland doesn't let a chance slip by without proving that. Her meals are truly prepared to feed your soul. This restaurant offers patrons a wide range of dishes on its menu. They cook with locally grown, organic, and seasonal ingredients whenever possible.


Black Founder/Owner(s): CJ Payne and James Golding


Interludee is a place where good food, music, and cool people come to meet to have a good time. So if you're in South London and looking for a place to chill with friends? Make a stop, and you'll be glad you did.

Chocolate Secrets

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pam G. Eudaric


Experience the true secrets of chocolates at this sweet tooth place. Treat yourself to the best handcrafted chocolates in Dallas here at Chocolate Secrets, where art meets tea, coffee, wine, and beer. The ambiance is great – live music, casual, and friendly staff. It has an artsy vibe with Monday Open Mic nights, Jazz nights from Tuesday to Saturday, Literature night every 2nd Tuesday, and the Ma Fille Art Gallery.

Davidson Wine Co.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lindsey Williams


Come celebrate your wins with the best of wine from Davidson Wine Co. Davidson Wine provides patrons with wine made from the finest grapes from around the world. They have a well-selected collection of reds, whites, specialty, and sangria wines from which you can sample. Its calm and chill atmosphere makes it a good place to spend time with family, friends, and colleagues alike.

Urban Roots Brewery & Smokehouse

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rob Archie and Peter Hoey


Opened in 2018, Urban Roots Brewery and Smokehouse provides a great atmosphere for you to come around and enjoy great drinks and tasty dishes with your family and friends. They have a bar, a beer garden, and a sit-in restaurant.

Ben's Next Door

Black Founder/Owner(s): Welton E. Logan


Enjoy brunch (and other meals) at this friendly, family-oriented establishment. Ben's Next Door offers its customers savory meals and delicious beverages.

The Grind Coffee Bistro

Black Founder/Owner(s): Heaven McKinney


Start your day with breakfast from The Grind Coffee Bistro. You can also get great meals delivered to you for lunch, too. This Black-owned bistro has a great ambiance, quality beverages, and a friendly staff to make your stay pleasant. You can also have takeaways and pickups.

Stork Restaurant

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michael Adjovi Kalu and Moldovan Nadina Grigoras


Over here, it's a migration of African culture and flavors to the world. Whether hosting friends, business meetings, or a romantic dinner, Stork has got you covered with their beautifully designed restaurant filled with artworks from some of Africa's best hands.

Coffee at The Point

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ryan Cobbins


Get some work done in this beautifully decorated space enjoying free Wifi and excellent customer service alongside a broad menu that consists of beer, wine, gelato, sandwiches, and more.

NOK by Alara

Black Founder/Owner(s): Reni Folawiyo


NOK by Alara is a culinary extension of the Alara fashion brand which aims to promote the African lifestyle but through African cuisine. Join Senegalese Chef Pierre Thiam, as he gives you a rare dining experience through reinvented African cuisines.

Sweet Sosumba Jamaican Vegan Cafe

Black Founder/Owner(s): Loi B. Loi


Their specialty lies in making soy-free Caribbean vegan cuisine and they're located in the heart of Washington, DC. Visit Sweet Sosumba Jamaican Vegan Cafe to experience their extensive vegan cuisine to go with healthy smoothies and juices from fresh fruits.

Sav's Restaurant & Gourmet Ice Cream

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mamadou "Sav" Savan


Kentucky's number one dine-in spot for West African meals, Sav's Restaurant and Gourmet Ice Cream provides tasty meals, with West African beverages and juice made from hibiscus, lemon, ginger root, and pineapple, at the best price possible. A quick tip: their tilapia dish is a favorite, you're welcome!

Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey

Black Founder/Owner(s): Christian Gill


Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey invites you to please your taste buds with their flavorful snacks and meals while enjoying the best of beverages in the area.

Mama Calabar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Helen Duke


Established in 1993, Mama Calabar is a Nigerian restaurant that delivers excellent cooking best known to West Africa. If you're new in the area and want a taste of West Africa, they'd be happy to have your company.

Brielle's Bistro

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Dwayne Johnson and Kaylee Owen


Brielle's Bistro is a spacious restaurant for Cajun meals and a place to get beverages. You can have parties in their dine-in space only after you make reservations.

Live Fresh Cold Pressed Juice + Smoothie Bar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brett Gilliam and Catey Burget


Starting your healthy journey? Let Live Fresh Cold Pressed Juice make it easy for you. Their menu covers cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and signature açaí + smoothie bowls. You can enjoy all these along with their vegan-friendly and gluten-free menu.

805 Restaurants

Black Founder/Owner(s): Emmanuel James


Since its opening in 2001, 805 Restaurant has been committed to serving delicious West African meals made from scratch, using indigenous ingredients. With locations in Accra, London, Abuja, and more to come (we're rooting for you *winks*), they're taking West Africa everywhere you go.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Madam Jovita Inyang


Enjoy mouth-watering African delicacies prepared from scratch just for you in a comfortable environment and GUESS WHAT? At affordable prices, you wouldn't find anywhere. Their portions come in great sizes as well, so you're winning on all sides.

Good Brotha's Book Café

Black Founder/Owner(s): Stefan Hawkins


Amazing coffee, friendly staff, and a relaxed atmosphere. That's what you get at Good Brotha's Café. It is a bookstore that also invites you to sample its menu consisting of tasty dishes (like sandwiches and jerk chicken) and flavourful drinks such as Cappuccino and chai tea, to name a few.

The Cupcake Collection

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mignon Franciois


Home of the sweet potato cupcake. The Cupcake Collection serves its patrons homemade specialty cupcakes made with different, innovative flavors. They also make cakes for events – weddings, birthdays, etc. if you're too tired to make that trip to the store, they'd be happy to come to you.

Soirée Coffee Bar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Clive and LaFree Ryan


Soirée Coffee Bar offers you delicious meals and tasty beverages. They are more than coffee. This establishment is classy and swanky; a perfect place for date nights, or hanging out with friends, family, and colleagues. They play live jazz music. Check them out for yourself, and you will not be disappointed.

Jojo Restaurant and Bar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ben Kibour


With a chic setting and attentive staff, you'll feel welcome to enjoy palatable meals paired with the right drink at Jojo Restaurant and Bar. They also offer Happy Hour throughout the week, with jazz and blues playing background to their delicious eats.

Andu Ethiopian Vegan Café

Black Founder/Owner(s): Andu Alam


Since being the first vegan Ethiopian restaurant, Andu café provides customers an unforgettable, healthy experience. Located in one of London's most eccentric locations, you can't miss the sight of fresh, high-quality Ethiopian dishes.

Hacha Bar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Deano Moncrieffe


Voted Time Out's 7th Best Cocktail in the World and Cocktail of the Year 2020 at the CLASS Bar Awards, this is the home of Mirror Margarita. Their menu consists of 25 different agave spirits, creative cocktails, and delicious Mexican dishes from their restaurant partner; Maiz Azul, to explore.

Rwanda Bean at Deering Center

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mike Mwenedata


Join Rwanda Bean at Deering Centre for an excellent coffee experience. You can even roast your own beans to take home with you. It is the neighborhood favorite across six neighborhoods. Aside from coffee, they offer a variety of teas, cooler drinks, and food items.

African Grill and Bar - Lakewood Colorado

Black Founder/Owner(s): Theodora and Sylvester Osei-Forwuo


Looking to enjoy a great variety of African delicacies as well as travel the world with music? Look no further. The African Grill and Bar offers you the African experience through great tasting food from all over Africa accompanied by groovy original sounds from across the globe, at giveaway prices. The bar and restaurant welcomes you to enjoy different tasty dishes from their expansive menu. You get to enjoy great drinks while here, alongside live music. Founded by Ghanaians – Sylvester and Theodora Osei-Fordwuo, this restaurant is your best bet for getting Morocco, Ethiopia, and Nigerian dishes, to name a few, in the Denver area.

Trap Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Prince Cofie Owusu


What started out as a takeaway has become a community of seafood lovers. Whether you're in Balham or Camden, you're welcome to enjoy crab clusters, lobster tail, and Oreo waffles, alongside great customer service.

City Farm CO.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shavone Browning and Lakendra Davis


"From farm to soul," understands the need to know the source of food and follow deep-rooted, healthy practices to provide food services to you. You can be sure to enjoy authentic and original meals prepared from scratch and focused on recreating those southern-rooted dishes with pride.

Willie B's Kitchen & Lounge

Black Founder/Owner(s): Christopher Jones


Food and music have always and still are a great combo. Here at Willie B's, you get to enjoy both good food and music at once. Named after the owner's grandmother who influenced his culinary skills, Chris offers you a good time in his kitchen and lounge.

Casa del Toro

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sanjay Laforest


For a complete Mexican dining experience, you can trust Casa del Toro. Located in Hell's Kitchen, the restaurant offers handcrafted cocktails and great Mexican food in a vibrant and sensuous setting.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Emeka & Ifeyinwa Frederick


Keen to share their heritage and culture with London society, Emeka and Ifeyinwa have done an excellent job sharing the best of Nigerian food and culture, at a slower pace, so you can chop, chat and chill. Come in with your friends and family and you'll be on your way to a great time.



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We are thankful for the many news and media outlets that keep us in the loop of things. From podcasts to magazines, music, film, and much more, it is important to tell our stories and MOVE breaking news through Black media outlets. keeping us informed, educated, and entertained on all things, especially Black culture.

Read on for a dope list of 100 Black-owned news and media companies.

Search these keywords to get started on hiihat: 

women in business, kids music, afrobeats, essence, movie studio, podcasts.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Liane Membis


The goal is to include many more faces of color in the Forbes 400 list of self-made billionaires and to provide women of color with the necessary tools to climb up the ladder of success by creating BAUCE. A lifestyle publication that embodies the hustler's spirit.

Gracie's Corner TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Javoris Hollingsworth


Now more than ever it is important to show kids (especially Black kids) that they matter and keep them informed the right way. Through their channel, Javoris Hollingsworth and his daughter Gracelyn try to spread positive messages to kids across the globe. Take an imaginary trip with Gracie and sing along as you do so. You'll be glad you did.

Mavin Records

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michael Collins Ajereh (aka Don Jazzy)


If you are a lover of Nigerian music, then chances are that you have come across one of Mavin's signed artists. Mavin Records is an African leading entertainment industry based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is home to some of the country's favorite artists ranging from Ayrra Star, Johnny Drille, Rema, Crayon, and many other multi-talented artists.

Tyler Perry Studios

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tyler Perry


Celebrated amongst a pantheon of cinematic innovators, founder, Tyler Perry, through filmmaking production has built communities across the globe. Known for compelling stories, his movies and theatrical productions have proven to be somewhat relatable experiences for the majority of his audience. His stories have been one to inspire generations. In expanding borders to Atlanta, Tyler Perry Studios has created more than 400 job opportunities.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Rich Dennis


This is a leading media, technology, and lifestyle company dedicated to Black women. Through storytelling and the creation of original content, the communications brand inspires well over 20 million people, globally.

Monkeypaw Productions

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jordan Peele


Founded by Jordan Peele in 2012, the film production company is committed to producing artistic and thought-provoking projects across various media and digital platforms.

Arise TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nduka Obaigbena


The 24-hour international television news channel reports on global events with a focus on Africa.

Her Agenda

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rhonesha Byng


The fully remote, award-winning digital media platform inspires millennial women by sharing experiences of real women succeeding in their respective industries. In doing this, it further highlights the resources needed for young aspiring women to attain such heights ranging from events, scholarships, internships, and job opportunities.

The Read

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kid Fury & Crissle


Unless you are Beyonce, you are not safe. On this weekly podcast, Kid Fury and Crissle unravel hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars with a mix of humor and savagery.

The Black Effect Podcast Network

Black Founder/Owner(s): Charlamagne Tha God


This is the first podcast network specifically built for Black listeners. The network is a one-stop for both listeners and the voices of the most talented and trusted voices in Black culture to dissect issues related to social justice, pop culture, and more. On this platform, you'll find the best podcasts on many topical issues that will aid Black voices.

Afrokids TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Leo Sullivan


You can bond with your kids over some of your favorite childhood shows here. The family-oriented TV station needs your subscription to keep its mission of delivering a variety of animated shows alive. Through animations, kids can learn historical facts and events in a fun and memorable way.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Ava Duvernay


Launched by Ava Duvernay in 2011 under the name African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM), and rebirthed into Array in 2015. The independent distribution company is focused on producing, distributing, and amplifying work from Black artists, globally.

Therapy for Black Girls

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Joy Harden Bradford


Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a licensed Psychologist making mental health a necessary topic among Black women. Her focus is on making mental health more relevant and easily accessible for women of color, and at all times.

Earn Your Leisure

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rashad Bilal & Troy Millings


Looking for an exciting way to learn about investments and business? This podcast hosted by financial advisor Rashad Bilal and educator Troy Millings is a blend of business classes mixed with pop culture to give you 'behind the scenes' financial and entrepreneurial views.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jason Njoku


If you're wondering what African entertainment looks like, look out for IrokoTV. Founded by Jason Njoku, IrokoTV is a web platform made to showcase African entertainment to a global audience. You can also download your favorite titles and save them for later.

Black Love

Black Founder/Owner(s): Codie Elaine Oliver & Tommy Oliver


Created alongside their love story, Codie and Tommy refuse to allow sad tales of failed Black love stories make the headlines. Black Love is documentation of true Black love stories that have lived and will outlive time, so you never have to question if Black love is among the 'happily ever after stories.'

The Plug

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sherrell Dorsey


For trends in Black innovation, news, insights, and analysis, here's your Plug. Join this community and find out ways Black people are engaging with an innovative economy, including analyses of modern technologies.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Imara Jones


As part of her effort to shift the culture of hostility towards trans people in the United States, Imara Jones uses the power of journalism to advance trans narratives and rights as humans. The goal is to tell trans stories from a point of view that can help save trans lives and encourage trans joy via this non-profit organization.

Femme it Forward

Black Founder/Owner(s): Heather Lowery


"Little girls with big dreams, become women with vision."

Asides producing music festivals, concerts, original content, comedy shows, panels, college engagements, philanthropic endeavors, and more, this female-led music and entertainment company celebrates women in the entertainment industry. To keep up with trends and what they're up to, stay hooked on their social media pages.

Revolt TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sean "Diddy" Combs


With Revolt TV you can be in the loop of things with a range of TV shows, news, and all-round entertainment to keep you informed and entertained at the same time.  

GirlTrek's Black History Bootcamp Podcast

Black Founder/Owner(s): T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison


Serving Black women and girls in the United States, this podcast hosted by T. Morgan and Vanessa is a 21-day walking meditation series that helps you remember where you came from and provides strength for what lies ahead of you. It is a celebration of those that came before us and also a platform for us to pick up lessons that will guide our path as we go through life.

Know For Sure

Black Founder/Owner(s): B. Simone and Megan Ashley


Comedian and actress B. Simone, along with her business partner and bestie Megan Ashley, crafted a new podcast that speaks to the healing and genuine love for Black people. Guests like Tabitha Brown and Tony Gaskins has contributed to their audio conversations on love, heartbreak, friendship, and entrepreneurship. 

Allen Media Group

Black Founder/Owner(s): Byron Allen


The Media Group headed by Byron Allen is known for doing big things which shows as they very recently acquired Black News Channel (BNC). Through several mediums, especially the streaming app, Allen Media Group continues to reel out entertaining and informative content to its viewers. It's entertaining, informative, and inspiring, at the same time.

85 South

Black Founder/Owner(s): DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller & Clayton English


With jokes ranging from absentee fathers to what a Black Super Mario might be like, you never know what's going to keep you rolling with laughter from comedians, DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean on the 85 South show Podcast.  

Black Enterprise

Black Founder/Owner(s): Earl G. Graves Sr.


Stuck between switching career paths, or trying out a business idea? You don't have to do this alone. With the Black Enterprise, you have all the resources you need for entrepreneurship, small businesses, money & careers. Serving the corporate world since 1970.

Travel Noire

Black Founder/Owner(s): Zim Flores


First-time Black traveler? Have difficulties deciding on a holiday destination? In need of a baecation? Travel Noire covers all that and more with lists, guides, and news on best practices in traveling for Black people around the world. Blavity picked up where TN’s founder Zim Flores left off —with Travel Noire equipped to help you design the journey of your dreams.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Magic Johnson


The television network is focused on sharing Black stories that inform and inspire their Black audience. Through television, film, and original content, Black people can connect over shared experiences.

Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

Black Founder/Owner(s): Oprah Winfrey


Founded by renowned talk show host Oprah Winfrey, this is a cable channel that is now jointly owned by Harpo Studios and Discovery Communications. The television network features entertainment and lifestyle productions targeted at people of color. Simply put, "it is a network of people just like you."

SpringHill Company

Black Founder/Owner(s): LeBron James & Maverick Carter


By creating culturally inspired brands, entertainment, and products, this film production company's goal is to empower individuals ranging from creators to consumers, to be great. As a brand that is committed to partnerships, they are focused on involving like-minded individuals to create original media content.

Urban One

Black Founder/Owner(s): Cathy Hughes


Since its launch, its mission has been to represent Black culture by providing culturally relevant content through radio, television, and digital platforms.

Confluential Films

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tommy Oliver & Codie Elaine Oliver


From 40 Years A Prisoner to Black Love, storytelling comes easily to Tommy Oliver, and Confluential Films is his medium for pushing culture forward through bold storytelling.

Awesomely Luvvie

Black Founder/Owner(s): Luvvie Ajayi Jones


They're lots of interesting things you might share in common with Luvvie, from TV to social media to travel to race and whatever else is in her shady but fun-loving heart. This site houses all things pop culture and societal shenanigans, through Luvvie's eyes. And yes, she’s a professional troublemaker, but she’s still judging you.

Blavity, Inc.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Morgan DeBaun


A platform for people of color to create and share entertaining and informative stories and topical issues.  

Hoorae Productions

Black Founder/Owner(s): Issa Rae

Los Angeles, CA


Formerly Issa Rae Productions, this multifaceted media company is breaking boundaries in storytelling and representation, using content that has been developed across genres and mediums.

For Us By Us Network

Black Founder/Owner(s): J. Alexander Martin


Raw and authentic content around topics, people, and trends related to hip-hop culture and lifestyle, for a Black audience.  

Queue Points

Black Founder/Owner(s): DJ Sir Daniel and J Ray


Through meaningful dialogue, hosts DJ Sir Daniel & Jay Ray talk all things Black music with the intent to celebrate creatives who are reeling good music in the industry. It's a video podcast and available to watch live on Thursdays.

Lion Forge Animation

Black Founder/Owner(s): David Steward II


LFA is a Black-owned animation studio that sources, develops, and produces content for a global audience. They do this by taking into cognizance of under-served audiences thus, creating fresh perspectives.

Quality Control Music

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kevin "Coach K" Lee (COO) and Pierre "P" Thomas


Recently acquired by Scooter Braun’s company, Coach K and P changed the music industry with their record label that gave listeners Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, Erica Banks, and Lil’ Baby. Despite the sale, there is much more music to come and we look forward to supporting.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Robert Louis Johnson


Launched in 1980, the cable television network and multimedia group offer news, entertainment, and other programming for the African American audience.

Beyond the W

Black Founder/Owner(s): Laureen "Lo" Irat


Beyond the W takes you on a journey beyond the world of Women's basketball, showing you the lives of these athletes through the generation of original content. For all things, WNBA, Beyond the W keeps you in the loop of things happening on and off the court.

Codeblack Films

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jeff Clanagan


With over 300 movies and TV specials, produced and distributed, Codeblack offers filmmaking services ranging from script writing, editing, and film and video editing, to emerging filmmakers. And if you're a producer, you aren't left out, as the production company provides post-production and legal aid to assist in the completion of film projects.

Laugh Out Loud Productions

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kevin Hart


Using laughter as a global medicine, Laugh Out Loud is a production company that operates in four divisions to develop, produce and distribute comedic content. Founded by comedian Kevin Hart, the emergence of this production company, through comedy amplifies voices of color.

The Diary of A CEO

Black Founder/Owner(s): Steven Bartlett


This interview-based podcast hosted by Steven Bartlett takes listeners on an unfiltered journey of individuals who have beat the tide to achieve greatness. It's a different kind of podcast and you'll understand when you tune in.

Carefree Mag

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anayo Awuzie


Stories about Black women and for Black women. Because storytelling is a powerful tool for the soul, Carefree is an online community for the Black woman to be HER and to tell her story in whatever manner she deems fit.

The Shade Room

Black Founder/Owner(s): Angelica Nwandu


If you want juicy news delivered to you in a short, simple, and captivating way, then this is where you belong. TSR, as it is simply known, is a community founded by Angelica Nwandu. Her readers are her 'roommates,' because they live online waiting on hourly gossip to spill out.

Tayo Aina

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tayo Aina


Think storytelling, think Tayo Aina. This independent Youtuber, Filmmaker, and storyteller creates content that cuts across lifestyle, travel, real estate, business, and whatever fun or exciting adventure you can think of across Africa. Using platforms such as youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, he shares his original stories with the world. You too can stay up to date with his content curation as you subscribe to his newsletter.

Noire TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Emeka Iwukemjika


This leading distributor and producer of global Black content showcases everything Black content ranging from music, news, drama, sports, and much more entertainment you can imagine from across the globe. You can check their website to see the various channels they're available on.

Lammas Park Productions

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sir Steve McQueen


With productions such as 12 Years a Slave and Small Axe, a British anthology series, Lammas Park Production Company brings to light compelling stories surrounding the Black community.

Applause Network TV, Inc.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Regina D. Braggs


With years of combined experience, the production team at Applause Network TV offers streaming services of original media content ranging from live shows to on-demand content.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Sheila Brown

143 Broadway Ave. Buffalo, NY 14203


After resigning from the radio station, 8 years later, Sheila Brown returns and purchases it, making her the first Black woman to own a Radio station. The broadcasting station is licensed in Amherst, New York, and serves the Buffalo metropolitan area with a blend of your favorite R&B and Throwbacks.

26 Records

Black Founder/Owner(s): Roney "Ronestone" Hooks


"Where development and opportunity are honed." The Indie record label has made its mark by producing, remixing, writing, and arranging songs for the likes of Babyface, Mariah Carey, and Alexander O'Neal, to name a few. The label's productions are distributed by the industry's leading distribution company, Orchard/Sony.

Black Wall Street TV Network

Black Founder/Owner(s): Darnell Washington


Inspired by the success stories of the original entrepreneurs of Black Wall Street, and with over 30 years of Television management experience, Darnell Washington created this streaming network to enhance all types of businesses of different races.

Deep Root Records

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ajamu Kambon


If you're seeking a fast track to success in the music industry, Deep Root Records founders have just one simple guide, "music is to be felt." As an artist, you must create an experience for the listener, whether commercials or dancehall, music must awaken the senses. The New York City-based record label thrives on these 3 pillars: Artist Management, Music Exploitation, and Event Production.

Newark Moonlight Cinema

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ayana & Siree Morris


With social distancing becoming the new form of socializing, this Newark-based drive-through cinema is open to the public, while following strict COVID-19 measures to provide quality family time that will create lasting memories.

Reach TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lynnwood Bibbens


Say goodbye to boring waiting hours at the airport. With CNN out of the way, Lynnwood Bibbens' Reach TV is presently the largest airport television network with a presence in 90 commercial airports and 58 private airports across North America. Constantly working with other brands, now you can enjoy the redefinition of travel media with originals and engaging content from Netflix, TikTok, and much more.

Motown Records

Black Founder/Owner(s): Berry Gordy Jr.


Known to be one of the most successful, Black-owned independent companies in American history, the record label has reinvented itself into a modern-day status quo with the incorporation of modern-day artists into its community of artists.

Maybach Music Group

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rick Ross

There was an era where you didn’t hear anything but the roster of Miami’s Maybach Music group, founded by rap superstar Rick Ross. Wale, Meek Mill, and even Omarion had us in a bit of a chokehold. MMG is still killing it and Ross is rebuilding what it looks like for the future. Revisit past hits on Tidal or your streaming service of choice.

Dame Dash Studios

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dammon Dash


Founded by Damon Dash. The streaming app is known for its original and exclusive content production and distribution. It also features stand-up comedy, music, interviews, and other interesting acts that will keep you entertained.

I Am Athlete

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brandon Marshall


This is a weekly unscripted and uncensored show hosted by former NFL players, Brandon Marshall and Chad Johnson. The podcast offers athletes a room where they can open up on controversial topics, real-life issues, and several other topical issues beyond the sporting world.

The Root

Black Founder/Owner(s): Henry Louis Gates Jr.


The News and media platform provides an apt analysis of issues surrounding the Black community, alongside diverse perspectives, which are carefully analyzed.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shonda Rhimes


Created by Shonda Rhimes, the TV production company uses storytelling as a tool to show extraordinary possibilities that exist in and around us. From Grey's Anatomy to Bridgerton, there's really no limit to what can be done with storytelling.

Shadow & Act

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tambay A Obenson


Known for its contributions to pushing forward Black entertainment, Shadow and Act is a great source for entertainment, original content, breaking news, and more that concerns the Black community from across the globe.

Oprah Daily

Black Founder/Owner(s): Oprah Winfrey


With adjustments to the pandemic and isolation, it has become pertinent that we imbibe practices to live well. Oprah daily has come in as the latest offering from the talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey to assist with living well. It is a thoughtful, digital storytelling, quarterly print edition as unveiled by Oprah and Gayle King.

Afropop Worldwide

Black Founder/Owner(s): Georges Collinet


How have you not been listening to this show?! With afrobeats finally gaining its fair share of the musical market, our listening ears would appreciate learning the history and sampling of this West African genre from its longtime host Georges Collinet.

21st Hapilos

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kevin "Clement" Reynolds


Asides from being the biggest digital distributor of dancehall, reggae, and Caribbean music, the multifaceted entertainment company also covers the marketing and promotional needs of independent labels, producers, and artists.

Ariwa Sounds

Black Founder/Owner(s): Neil Fraser

34 Whitehorse Lane. London SE25 6RE. United Kingdom


Neil Fraser, also referred to as Mad Professor, launched the reggae label and recording studio in 1979. The native of Guyana migrated to London with his family and began his career as a technician before building his recording studio.

Alikoto Music Consult

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sam Kwabena-Wusu Osei


Alikoto Music Consult is a company dedicated to the successful emergence of African musical artists. Through tried and tested practices in the music business, the consulting firm equips its clients with the required knowledge to make the best of the music industry, monetarily and otherwise.  

Black Girl Gone

Black Founder/Owner(s): Amara Cofer


Black Girl Gone is a weekly true-crime podcast hosted by Amara. With a focus on missing or murdered Black women in America, this podcast raises awareness on issues that are less likely to appear on mainstream media.

Cleo TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Cathy Hughes


Founded in 2019, the lifestyle and entertainment cable network is built for women of color. Following the name's derivation from Cleopatra, Cleo TV offers original, powerful content that is void of stereotypes of modern women.

Def Jam Records

Black Founder/Owner(s): Russell Simmons


Since its inception in 1989 by Russell Simmons, Def Jam has been one of the record labels to be associated with success stories. Ranging from veterans like Patti Labelle to Dru Hill, Case, Montel Jordan and now Teyana Taylor, the label isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Andrew Young & Martin Luther King III


Founded by Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III, the catch here is that African Americans get to watch FREE! Entertaining and enlightening programs.

Bop TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michael Campbell


Rather than waiting to be invited to sit at the table, Black on Purpose TV has chosen to create the table itself.  The TV Network features channels such as arts and entertainment, history and culture, kids and teens, food and nutrition and so much more for people of color. The good part is that content creators earn while reeling out content for the TV Network.

Rowdy Records

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dallas Austin


The genre-free record label is known for its diverse music productions. A mix of hip-hop and R&B, the label is set to be different from mainstream music productions.

Dreams in Drive

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rana Campbell


This podcast is all you need to take your dreams to the next level, from park to drive. You're sure to get that wake-up call when you listen to Rana Campbell and her guests reel out personal stories that have led to their fulfilling lives.

TV One

Black Founder/Owner(s): Cathy Hughes


Looking for the best of Black culture, in the old and the new? Head on over to TV One for popular sitcoms, dramas, and star-studded movies.

Barely Breaking Even

Black Founder/Owner(s): Peter Adarkwah


A record label that started out as a London club night by 2 DJ'S, Peter Adarkwah and Ben Jolly. The record label is recognised for its releases of disco, funk, disco, hip-hop, jazz, and house sounds. Having worked with the likes of Hugh Masekela, John Morales, and the likes, the label looks to the future with more original projects to execute.

Aftermath Entertainment

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Dre


Aftermath Entertainment was launched in 1996 by hip-hop artist, producer, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Dre. The label is known to have housed superstars ranging from Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and 50 Cent to name a few. Presently, the music label manages Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Anderson Paak.

Circle City Broadcasting

Black Founder/Owner(s): DuJuan McCoy


Circle City Broadcasting brings communities together with its award Winning News, Sports, and Entertainment programming. Tune in and be entertained.

Blackoak TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Uzo Ometu


This video streaming service is dedicated to creating and producing Black-owned content for Black viewers. You can watch anytime from anywhere.

The Reel Effect

Black Founder/Owner(s): Meah Denee Barrington


If you are a reel lover and creator, then hop in here. The entertainment sites highlight and promote Black talent and entertainment within television, film, and digital media.

X On Demand

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rashidah De Vore


XOD is not just an entertainment destination, but a one-stop for everything culturally relevant to the Black community.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Gabrielle Amani


This independent online magazine based in New York curates content for cool millennials who want to be in the loop of the latest happenings in music, entertainment, or fashion. And if you're interested in social issues and global events, they've got you covered, as well.

The Stoop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Hana Baba & Leila Day


Hosts Leila Day and Hana Baba reach out for stories about what it means to be Black in America. It is all about celebrating the Black race and digging deeper to discover stories that are rarely spoken about. Tune in, you might find something new.

American Legacy Network

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rodney Reynolds


A long-standing network for Black history, American Legacy introduces Black edutainment through movies to documentaries, cooking shows, and original programming. This is a platform that has something for everyone in the family.

Hella Black Podcast

Black Founder/Owner(s): Delency Parham & Blake Simons


Each episode is sure to leave you more enlightened about the Black community than you were before tuning in. Host Delency Parham and Blake Simons do a good job at educating listeners in an informative yet entertaining way.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jadesola Osiberu


The online streaming platform owned by a leading African Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank is focused on taking you inside Africa, one show at a time. Since its launch in 2012, it has delivered to its name meaning "inside" in Swahili, as it takes viewers inside Africa showcasing the best of African art, fashion, film, and much more.

Black & Brown In The Middle

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kendra Valerie Williams


This media platform is championed by Kendra Valerie's need to amplify Black and Brown voices through authentic storytelling. B&BITM was created to foster healing and growth amongst people of color. Let's just simply say, you're not alone and some of these stories shared might resonate with you and get you closer to healing or feeling accepted.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Ngozi Victoria Uti


Built for Africans by Africans, the movie platform offers curated African movies to viewers. The platform also assists movie producers to monetize and promote their movies through their sister company NollyMax Technology Limited.

Pod Digital Media

Black Founder/Owner(s): Gary Coichy


With a shift from radio to podcasts, Gary Coichy has created a network for podcasters to reach a multicultural audience, effortlessly. As a podcaster, you can trust Pod Digital Media to connect you to millions of listeners across the globe.

Channels TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): John Momoh & Sola Momoh


Founded in 1992 by John Momoh and Sola Momoh, the TV station was established with the sole aim to deliver unbiased reports on ongoing events in the country, Nigeria. It holds a reputation for having some of the best brains in broadcasting in Nigeria.

Truth's Table

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Christina Edmondson & Ekemini Uwan


As Black Christian women, Ekemini and Christina share their views on politics, race, culture, entertainment, and gender which are filtered through a Christian lens. Ranked among Apple's Top 200 Religion & Spirituality podcasts, this duo are the midwives of culture for grace and truth.

Black Talk Radio Network

Black Founder/Owner(s): Scotty T. Reid

Black Talk Media Project. PO Box 65, Mt. Holly, NC. 28120


Being the voice of the black community for several years, and being ranked the top Black podcast in the world and the top African Diaspora podcast by Feedspot three years in a row, are just some of the reasons you have to tune into this podcast. It is managed by the non-profit Black Talk Media Project.

The Minority Trailblazer

Black Founder/Owner(s): Greg E. Hill


This weekly podcast is dedicated to successful minorities from diverse industries with the hope to inspire others to live with hope and passion.

First Year Project

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alexis Claytor


rooted. community. creatives. first-year project.

There's always a first time for everything, and on life's journey, we've had some good times as well as bad times. First Year Project hosted by Alexis Claytor uncovers the stories behind African Americans on their journey to success.

The Brown Liquor Report

Black Founder/Owner(s): DJ Black Shah


For something that was created out of friends reuniting and discussing politics and pop culture, this podcast has evolved to become one of the best current events and pop culture podcasts you will ever come across.

The Black and Raww Podcast

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tinokuda Bvunzawabaya


With interviews with different Black men doing great things, this podcast creates a space for Black men to be their authentic diverse selves, with no apology.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Billy J. Strawter, Jr.


For Black lives, Black culture, and excellence, this multimedia company based in Detroit celebrates it in all its glory. For African Americans in or around Detroit, you can keep up with events and people through this premium lifestyle magazine.  

Urban Flix TV

Black Founder/Owner(s): Herb Kimble


Accessible through any device, you can enjoy premium entertainment on the go on Urbanflix TV at low rates. The streaming platform is redefining the term "urban" with its original programming and high caliber of multicultural content.

Naked Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli


Tune in every Monday and listen to Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli and the women she admires talk about skincare and wellness tips, products that worked for them, and how you too can live your own kind of beauty free from the world's perceptions.

ABF Creative

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anthony Frasier


Founded in 2019, Anthony Fraiser uses this data-driven, multicultural podcast network to create cultural and emotional connections. With over 5M streams and downloads, this New Jersey-based brand creates original narratives for multicultural audiences of all ages.



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They say home is where the heart is. For these brands, their designs are stories of their homes and a way to express themselves they can share with you in your personal spaces. For others, it is a representation of the Black culture which they hold dear to their heart. In all, these brands are celebrating their roots in one form or the other through design and art.

Check out this list of Black businesses in the home and kitchen, transforming the rooms we live in and the tables we sit at. 

Search these keywords to get started: 

cleaning products, plates, spices, florist, drinking glasses, wallpaper, kitchen knives.

Good Vibes Clean

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ymani Efunyale


Good Vibes clean is a Black-owned, plant-based brand that sells all-purpose cleaners in non-conventional scents that gives your home a new vibe. The all-purpose cleaners come in scents like Frankincense & Myrrh, Nag Champa, and Sandalwood. The cleaners are super concentrated so a little goes a long way.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jumoke Dada


From Nigeria to the world, Jumoke Dada is changing the narrative with her furniture brand, Taeillo based in Nigeria and Kenya. For a long time, Africans had few options when it came to furniture shopping. Taeillo was born out of Jumoke's need to build a furniture brand from Africa that could compete with the big leagues, globally. To achieve this, she infuses African local resources such as aso-oke and Ankara to produce unique urban furniture, and also implores Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to enhance the experience of furniture shoppers in Africa.

Colorfull Plates

Black Founder/Owner(s): Robin Oloyede


Colorfull Plates specializes in designing thoughtful tableware that inspires children. Founder, Robin Oloyede started the company after she was unable to find an astronaut's home decor that looked like her space-loving son. The black business has grown to produce tableware depicting brown-skinned professionals and role models to keep children excited and inspired.

Dash of Dacy

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dacy Dash


For traditional and contemporary enthusiasts alike, Dash of Dacy is a lifestyle brand that covers all things kitchen. From cookware essentials to spices and seasonings, Dacy combines cooking and kitchenware into a lifestyle that you'd love to be part of.

Brooklyn Blooms

Black Founder/Owner(s): LaParis Phillips


From their excellent, verified reviews, to their beautifully curated seasonal blooms, Brooklyn Blooms draws inspiration from nature, fashion, and art to beautify your homes through flower arrangements seated in beautiful vases made with you in mind. The African American,  woman-founded floral boutique sells and delivers flowers for all your indoor and even outdoor decorations. If you're in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and you're looking for a Black-owned floral business to give your home some touch of nature, hit them up.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Nana Quagraine


African-inspired Home decor is a great way to spice up your home space and 54kibo agrees. Whether you're looking to give your home or office space a modern, contemporary, rustic, Afrocentric, or ethnic feel, 54kibo brings you a wide array of luxury African decor and accessories. Founded by Nana Quagraine, the home decor store showcases African rich designs in every one of its items made from heirloom-quality materials.  Be it bowls, placemats, wall decor, or kitchen items, you are sure to find something for every part of your home in the 54kibo store.

Estelle Colored Glass

Black Founder/Owner(s): Stephanie Summerson Hall


Estelle Colored Glass is a luxury glassware brand specializing in making hand-blown colored glass cake stands and stemware. Its collection comprises original pieces made by glass artisans in Poland. Its Black-woman founder, Stephanie Summerson Hall named the brand after her grandmother, Estelle who loved antiquing.

Rochelle Porter

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rochelle Porter


This Black-owned business named after its founder produces and sells vibrant home decor. It draws inspiration from the founder's Caribbean roots. In 2020, the brand partnered with West Elm to produce a black & white home decor line with every piece featuring Rochelle's hand-drawn patterns.

Middleton Made Knives

Black Founder/Owner(s): Quintin Middleton


Middleton Made Knives is a collection of bespoke chef knives hand-made by Black bladesmith Quintin Middleton. Quintin has gained a reputation as a premier culinary bladesmith. He hand-makes custom knives for reputable chefs in the nation including Sean Brock, Mike Lata, and Michael Anthony.

Dope Coffee

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rizwan Amlani


coffee. black coffee. coffee mugs. dope coffee.

Asides from selling the dopest ground coffee across the south, Dope Coffee has a variety of homewares like coffee mugs, scented candles, and even skincare made from coffee grounds. The veteran and Black-owned company also makes coffee syrups, coffee ware, and coffee-infused self-care products. It's a one-stop shop for coffee lovers that uplifts the Black culture. It was founded by Rizwan Amlani, a trained chef, and Nitu Pohoomul.

Albany Park

Black Founder/Owner(s): Darryl Sharpton/ Jessica Sharpton


Albany Park makes beautiful and cozy furniture of all kinds. Founded by former NFL linebacker Darryl Sharpton, most of the furniture pieces made by this Black-owned business are inspired by the founder's West-African roots, and they give off the aura of kingship and the richness of the African heritage.

Native Decor

Black Founder/Owner(s): Vusani Ravele


What started as a valentine's day gift in 2015 came to be a lucrative business tool for Vusani Ravele the founder of this furniture and home decor brand. Using sustainable timber and inspired by the beauty of South Africa, Native Decor produces minimalist-style home decor designs that are both innovative and functional.

Second Abode

Black Founder/Owner(s): Roman Dennis


Thanks to the lockdown in 2020, Roman Dennis started curating a collection of vintage, second-hand and antique goods that he hopes will add beauty to your home. Each item sits pretty in Roman's home and is showcased online before it finds you and is welcomed to its Second Abode. You'll find beautiful tableware, home decor, and accessories that your living space will thank you for.

Tackussanu Senegal

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jasz Dio


Founded by Black women, Jasz Dio and Cheikh Biaye, Tackussaanu Senegal brings the beautiful handwoven baskets of Senegalese rural women to your doorstep. These homemade items are not just home decor accessories, they tell the story of beautiful African people and their heritage.

Osime Home

Black Founder/Owner(s): June Osime Ileomoh


Osime home was established in 2017 by UK-born Nigerian, June Osime. The online homeware and lifestyle accessories brand is inspired by the founder's African culture to uplift your mood and brighten your home with its range of rainbow-hued cushions, tote bags, and many more home accessories. To reduce waste, the brand produces in small batches.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Vernon Williams


Karibe is a black-owned cookware brand founded by Vernon Williams, that highlights African and Caribbean culture. This New Jersey-based company is known for its amazing cast iron pans, and mouth-watering recipes shared on its blog, Kulture.

The Kenyan Crafts Company

Black Founder/Owner(s): Zipporah Van Der Vijver


London-based, Zipporah van der Vijver works with a team of Kenyan women from rural villages to reel out beautifully handwoven baskets. Each basket is woven with love and passion and embodies age-old stories that live with you as you purchase them. Whether it's for home decor, rustic storage, or just for display purposes, these Kiondo baskets have got you covered.

Lolly Lolly Ceramics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lalese Stamps


Lolly Lolly Ceramics is a small-scale ceramic studio that makes the most unique handmade ceramic mugs. The Black-owned business founded by Lalese Stamps came to the national limelight in 2019 when its founder embarked on a 100 Day Project. She made 100 mugs with 100 different handles for 100 days. The demand for Lolly Lolly mugs and the team is small. Restock dates are released on Instagram so you can pre-order.

Denniston House

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joilyn Jackson


Denniston House brings you one-of-a-kind home essentials and kitchenware. In curating vintage products, Denniston House's Black founder, Joilyn Jackson explores the idea that our homes and the accessories that make them are woven into the fabric of our identities.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Andre Appelgryn


From beginning to end, Kapula handmakes beautiful, colorful candles that are reflective of Africa's vibrant spirit. Founder, Ilse Appelgryn and her design team of hand painters meticulously source the raw materials needed to give you the best quality candles you can imagine.

Effortless Composition

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brittany Terry


Effortless Composition is a Black-owned home decor store that offers eclectic home decor collections featuring handcrafted items made by artisans including kitchenware. Black-woman founder and chief interior stylist, Brittiny Terry says it was founded with the belief that creating the home you love should be effortless." And the brand has lived up to that belief. Selecting your home decor pieces couldn't be more effortless.

xN Studio

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nasozi Kakembo


XN Studio's online shop sells goods produced by traditional artisans in Uganda, East Africa. These products include woven baskets, coasters, and wooden spoons. The shop's Black founder Nasozi Kakembo partners with these local artisans as a way of supporting their projects. Proceeds from their Winter 2021 basket design were used to support children at an orphanage and primary school in Uganda.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Byron and Dexter Peart


Black co-founders and twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart curate items sustainably produced for modern homes. Goodee works with several artisans committed to making positive social and environmental impacts. They produce and sell top-notch kitchenware alongside lighting, furniture, dinnerware, and home decor.

Akua Home

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sarah Johnson-Laryea


If you are like Akua Home then it means you are passionate about African culture and your home decor. This also means you will love their amazing African-inspired wall art designs. Their Afro-inspired decor is not only affordable but is made with a combination of African elements and contemporary and modern influences to complement the aesthetics of every home. Still in doubt? Head on to their online store and see for yourself.

Qemamu Mosaics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dionne Ible


Founder, Dionne Ible's passion for mosaics and African artwork is great for your home's space. Inspired by people, nature, and her African heritage, Dionne makes beautiful wall murals, unique greeting cards for different occasions, and many other home accessories that will put some spark in your home. Dionne provides options for you to be a part of her world, you can either learn the art of mosaic from her fun and friendly space, enjoy the view of her art pieces, or just simply own one.

The Black Home

Black Founder/Owner(s): Neffi Walker


Founder of The Black Home, Neffi Walker is famous for her use of dark tones and metals in many of her designs. She accentuates black walls with opulent gold mirrors and pops of color while still maintaining a minimalist approach to the surprise of many. Her collection of sleek and modern luxury kitchen and dining ware will keep you in awe.

Mi Cocina

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ulrich Conrad Simpson


From placemats to aprons, to potholders and many others, Mi Cocina brings you the best of housewares in denim. Black founder and lead designer, Ulrich Conrad Simpson popularly known as Ubi, worked for iconic brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Coach, and Ralph Lauren before he got the inspiration for Mi Cocina. In 2020, the brand was listed as one of Oprah's Favorite Things.

Edloe Finch

Black Founder/Owner(s): Darryl & Jessica Sharpton


Founded by a black couple, Darryl & Jessica Sharpton, Edloe Finch is the hub of comfortable home furniture. Frustrated by furniture companies that were overpromising and under delivering, the couple started their company to eliminate the stress that people go through while shopping for home furniture. Edloe Finch delivers your furniture right at your doorstep within days of order and without charging for shipping.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Liberty Clayton


Ethics and sustainability are at the core of Liberty Clayton's brainchild, Akatue. Asides from bringing you the best quality home accessories, Akatue provides training, education, and a sustainable means of livelihood to those who work to make this brand a reality.

Mia Mélange

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jeanneke Malan


Founded by Mia Danieli and later bought by South African Jeanneke Malan. Mia Mélange produces a range of home decor and lifestyle accessories such as baskets, bowls, planters, ottomans, and more using predominantly cotton and other sustainable local materials. The proudly South African brand also keeps the empowerment of women as a top goal of the organization, providing them with a means to earn a decent income as well as support their families.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jason Evege


Linoto is simply the home of linen, affordable linen. All of its products which include sheets, curtains, napkins, tablecloths, pillows, and many others are made with real linen that helps you live better. Black man Jason Evege founded the brand as an answer to the search for affordable real linen at a time when linen sheets cost over $100 and had to be gotten from Europe.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Leonard and Andrea Allen


Founded by Leonard Allen, sustainability is the founding and operating principle of this Black-owned business. It began as an apparel boutique but evolved into a lifestyle brand focused on home decor, kitchenware, house plants, candles, plant pottery, and gifts. Its kitchenware products including flatware, tea towels, serving trays, and stainless-steel cocktail straws are all sustainably produced.

Clean Design Home

Black Founder/Owner(s): Robin Wilson


Clean design Home offers eco-friendly, hypoallergenic home essentials designed sustainably to improve wellness in the home. Its Black woman founder, Robin Wilson is nationally recognized as an expert in hypoallergenic and eco-friendly design. Her line of products includes beddings and kitchenware.

IO Furniture

Black Founder/Owner(s): Muni Shonibare


From helping you decide what you'd like your space to look like to helping you set up your space, the team at IO Furniture is here to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing spaces, at your word.

Naked Clay Ceramics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Carla Sealey


Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

For Carla Sealey, eating and drinking are such intimate activities that have required her to develop a range of tactile clay vessels to drink and eat from. Naked Clay Ceramics is a minimal style ceramic tableware that is handmade in her studio in Bedfordshire. Carla handmakes a limited batch of homeware pieces 3-4 times a year with the intention that each item will be valued by its new owner.

Ekua Ceramics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sara Ekua Todd


Founder and Ceramicist Sarah Ekua Todd crafts mugs, sculptural vases, and other vessels with unique shapes, designs, and colors. The Tubular Cup, Aquarius vase, and Semicircle dish are some of her unique crafts. They are regularly featured at exhibitions.

Marabou Design

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brandy Brown


Brandy Brown is the brain behind Marabou Design. Her designs are a unique blend of functionality and clean design. Her artworks, home decor, and stationery are testaments of her creative styling and graphic design specialties. Her works have won many awards and have been featured in West Elm, Domino Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Target, MoMA, and a host of others.

Karen Jai Homes

Black Founder/Owner(s): Janelle Langford


Founded by a Black woman, Janelle Langford, Karen Jai Homes is your one-stop shop for luxury home decor and accessories. The brand adopts modern design techniques in producing incredible dinner plates, black flatware, kitchenware, vases, and metallic serving trays with a dash of gold paint that gives your home an air of sophistication.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Chinasa chukwu


Weruzo is a part lifestyle brand and part curatorial practice that blends ancient traditional African histories, design signatures, and handcrafting techniques into contemporary design objects for your living space. Made by Africans, Weruzo works jointly with African artisans in Nigeria to ensure each piece of artwork follows the unique traditional African design practice and is a clear representation of African history even while adopting a contemporary form. Thanks to their notecards that come with each purchase you don't have to worry about how to care about your new found treasures, as they have care tips that can guide you.

Our Lovely Goods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ebi and Emmanuel


Inspired by their Nigerian heritage which is deeply rooted in gathering family, and enjoying the feeling of home and a laid-back approach to life. Founders, Ebi and Emmanuel produce a range of homewares and 'lovely goods' that will keep your home feeling at ease whenever you walk in from all the pressures the world could offer.

The Cushion Maven

Black Founder/Owner(s): Melinda Fargo


From Melinda's creative hands to yours. Founder, Melinda Fargo handmakes small batches of elegant cushions and other homewares to compliment your lifestyle. In her bid to cut down waste in the world, Melinda doesn't let go of leftover fabrics, instead, she turns them into elegant products that you and I can appreciate. Asides from being mindful of waste mismanagement, Melinda donates a percentage of sales from The Cushion Maven to UK Black Pride, and other subjects close to her heart.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Maiya Michelle


Raylo wine glasses are not just unique, they are very beautiful. Instead of the regular plain glass, Raylo makes its wine glasses, champagne flutes, and tumblers in light hues of pink, and orange with a signature line that goes up the center. These products are made by creative Black woman Maiya Michelle.

Malene Barnett

Black Founder/Owner(s): Malene Barnett


Malene Barnett has been designing rugs and textiles for years before she began working with ceramics. She is the founder of the Black Artists & Designers Guild. She sells her unique pieces on her online store.

Things by HC

Black Founder/Owner(s): Hilton Carter


Things by HC offers a variety of houseplants home decor in unique vases, gardening tools, and plant home decor guides. Hilton Carter started the brand as a way of sharing his passion and skills for art and design.

Selfmade Candle

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ricki Lawal


Powered by purpose, Selfmade Candle is a vegan-friendly, eco-conscious wellness brand that came into operation in 2020. In the midst of the pandemic and the height of the BLM, to keep her wellness up, Ricki, founder of Selfmade Candle, sought something that would remind her of positive experiences. You can say Selfmade Candles are a beacon of light even in the darkest times, that will keep your surroundings responsibly lit and well scented with the right ingredients. Every purchase comes with plantable seeded labels, and 5% of profits go to the Black Minds Matter Charity in support of providing therapy to Black people in the UK.

Dressing Room Interiors

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ariene Bethea


Based in Charlotte, Dressing Room Interiors is a Black-owned interior decor store where you can shop for the most exotic vintage furniture. From Velvet Thonet chairs to French Antique chairs and vintage tuxedo sofas, this business has all that it takes to meet your furniture needs. It was founded by Ariene Bethea.

Johanna Howard Home

Black Founder/Owner(s): Johanna Howard


Swedish-born Johanna Howard has loved textiles all her life. After several years in the fashion industry, her love for textiles blossomed into a home decor business. She makes beautiful throws, pillows, and scarves from soft alpaca and a variety of scented candles.

Reel Paper

Black Founder/Owner(s): Derin Oyekan


Founded by Lagos-raised Derin Oyekan, the Black-owned business makes toilet paper and paper towels from 100% premium biodegradable bamboo. Reel paper provides an eco-friendly alternative to products made from wood. In addition to saving our forest's trees, Reel uses part of her profits to aid underserved communities.

Reflektion Design

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anitra Terrell


Reflektion Designs curates African art, tableware, decor, and accessories. Its Black woman founder, Anitra Terrell drew her inspiration from her travels to Ghana. She works with artisans in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda to create beautiful pieces from sustainably sourced materials.  Her products include woven raffia coaters & baskets, napkin rings, wooden utensils, mud-patterned mugs and cutting boards, and many others.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Adaku Parker


After being a Barrister for nearly 20 years, Dovetailed owner and founder, Adaku Parker found her creative side and turned it into a business. This African wax print fabric shop which also deals in sewing patterns, clothes making, and much more, sources genuine prints directly from manufacturers in Africa to make homewares and accessories that will add color and beauty to your homes.

Ile Ila

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tosin Oshinowo


Translated to mean "House of Lines," Ilé Ilà is a lifestyle furniture brand, founded by Tosin Oshinowo in 2017. Handmade with love in Lagos, this minimalist, architectural woodwork furniture brand is a sure way to add style and pops of color to your home and office, building accent chairs and ottomans in a contemporary Nigerian context.

Jomo Furniture

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jomo Tariku


Ethiopian American artist and industrial designer, Jomo Tariku grew up loving eclectic art and furniture pieces collected by his father during his many travels within Africa and beyond. Upon completion of his studies on contemporary African furniture, Jomo launched his brand making modern African-themed artistic furniture.

Global Attic

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kabira Cummings


Black woman founder Kabria Cummings curates one-of-a-kind home decor pieces from her travels around Africa and Asia. The brand helps transform dull spaces to convey individualistic designs. All of its pieces are hand-crafted by artisans across the globe using natural and sustainable materials.

Sheila Bridges

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sheila Bridges


Originally from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Black woman Sheila Bridges moved to New York City in 1986, then Harlem in 1993 to establish roots in a community known for its rich history and culture. There she founded Sheila Bridges designs Inc. She has been recognized for her classic, versatile, and narrative designs, particularly her wallpapers. Times magazine and CNN named her America's Best Interior Designer.

Mandana Blvd

Black Founder/Owner(s): Cristina Ramos & Nu Goteh


Mandana Blvd is a collection of vintage housewares that blends with contemporary home decor. The Black-owned company founded by life partners Cristina Ramos and Nu Goteh brings you beautiful pieces that will last a very long time. Some pieces in their collection include teak kitchenware, apothecary vases, Afghan maimana woven rugs, etched brass goblets, and many more.

Aya Aromas

Black Founder/Owner(s): Georgette & Sophinne Aikins-Sancho


Aya Aromas allows you to indulge in a luxury self-care routine, while also transforming your space through scent. With candles providing 60 hours of burn time and diffusers lasting 4 months, you're getting your money's worth from this sister-founded home fragrance brand.

Dar Leone

Black Founder/Owner(s): Isatu Funna


42 Cross Street. London N1 2BA

Inspired by her travels around the world and childhood memories from Freetown, Sierra-Leone, Isatu Funna offers you a range of globally inspired wallpapers, textiles, cushions, and other homewares. With every design comes a reimagination of traditional West African textiles in delightful colors, that will light up your spaces.

Bole Road Textiles

Black Founder/Owner(s): Hana Getachew


Hana Getachew founded Bole Road to merge her love for Ethiopian hand-woven fabrics with interior design. The Black-owned business sells fabric, home linens, and other home decor items handwoven in Ethiopia from soft Ethiopian cotton.

Dakar Next

Black Founder/Owner(s): Bibi Seck


Founded in 2010 by Bibi Seck of Birsel+Seck and Fatimata Ly, Dakar Next is a design studio based in Dakar, Senegal. Inspired by innovation and creating masterpieces from a combination of traditions and design thinking, Seck and Fatimata are on a mission to integrate design into Senegal's city life, and Africa as a whole by making design easily accessible rather than exclusive. With his innovative design background and previous experiences that can be traced to Renault and other projects managed by him, you can trust Seck to transform your space with his beautiful pieces.

BLK MKT Vintage

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jannah Handy & Kiyanna Stewart


BLK MKT Vintage is an antique/vintage concept shop that specializes in curiosities, collectibles, and cast-offs that represent the rich Black history and experience. Its black founders Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart curate items like vinyl records, vintage literature, housewares/decor, art, and many other goods. The brand primarily serves the African American community.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Dana Baugh


What started as a side hustle in 2012 bloomed into a full-time business in 2016 fueled by Jamaican founder Dana Baugh's passion. Baughaus studio produces ceramics, home decor items, and soft goods with traditional materials infused with Caribbean culture. All its products highlight its Jamaican roots with designs that give off island vibes.

Ivy's Tea

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shanae Jones

4471 Nicole Drive, Lanham, MD 2076


Ivy's Tea is a Black woman-owned, hip-hop-inspired herbal tea brand. The brand sells teas in varieties of flavors, honey, and teaware with song titles and lyrics inscriptions. Its founder Shanae Jones is a trained herbalist and makes tea that offers great taste as well as health benefits. Ivy's Tea gives a portion of its sales every third Friday of the month to charity.

Renee Rossouw Studio

Black Founder/Owner(s): Renee Rossouw


South African founder Renee Rossouw is an Architect and Pattern Designer based in Cape Town. Inspired by the lego sets of the 1980s and a giant atlas, "It's a big big world," Renee explores the world of murals, colors, and patterns to create a range of aesthetically pleasing designs that are sure to transform any space.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Nicole Gibbons


Nicole Gibbons got frustrated with the paint industry while shopping for paints. Her frustrations gave birth to Clare. Clare's founding ideology is that paint shopping doesn't have to be so stressful. The interior designer reimagined a better paint shopping experience. The Black-owned business offers designer-curated colors, high-quality paint, mess-free paint swatches, and an expert guide to help optimize your painting experience.

The Riley/Land Collection

Black Founder/Owner(s): John Riley Land


Riley/Land started as a gourmet pantry but has evolved into a lifestyle brand curated by Black owner, John Riley Land. The brand is known for premium small-batch foods sourced from the makers directly. It has expanded to include wooden kitchenware, candles, and linens.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shannon Maldonado


Founded by Shannon Maldonado, Yowie is a home and lifestyle shop that curates small collections from independent artists and designers. Its carefully selected products aptly reflect elegance and sustainability. Yowie's products include home décor accessories, kitchenware, sauces, and many others.

Studio 19

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mia Widlake


On Mia Widlake's return to South Africa after living in the United States, she noticed how many products were unavailable in the market and decided to close that gap with Studio 19. Studio 19 came into being as a product design company using the help of local artisans to create beautiful interior decor items but soon grew to become an establishment reeling out contemporary African designs in the form of lighting, furniture, and interior decor designs. Despite the challenges that come with getting it right with designs in Africa, Widlake believes "Africa is rising" and is already celebrating huge success with its products in overseas markets.

Expedition Subsahara

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sofi Seck


Senegalese-born Sofi Seck founded Expedition Sahara to celebrate Senegalese culture and craftsmanship. Her goals were to introduce beautiful African decor to the American market and to generate resources for African women.  Expedition Sahara pledges 20% of her profits to building a STEAM school for girls in Senegal.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Samita Malik & Bryan Turpin


MADE X HANDS is an independent luxury brand and home decor that showcases African and Asian culture, craft, and creativity. Co-founded by Samita Malik and Bryan Turpin, the Black business offers an assortment of throws, pillows, and hand-made rugs made from original materials used in traditional Africa and Asia.

Crafted Glory

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kwadwo Som-Pimpong


Crafted Glory is a furniture and small housewares line that makes wooden crafts in modern and unique shapes. All pieces are beautiful and passionately crafted by its Black owner and founder, Kwadwo Som-Pimpong.

Awkward Auntie

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sarah Miller


Awkward auntie is a home decor brand that crafts uniquely shaped cement planters and home decor pieces. All its products are hand-dyed by Black founder and crafter, Sarah Miller. The brand's products are sold on Madewell. They also take custom orders.

Kitsungi Candle Co.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alison Jones


In 2018, Allison Jones was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Devastated, she found solace and comfort in aromatherapy during her treatment. Her experience with aromatherapy led her to found Kitsungi. The Black-owned business is named after the Japanese art of Golden Joinery which makes broken items more beautiful and valuable.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Bonolo Chepape


Bonolo Helen Chepape is at the forefront of this family business. A Firm believer in the preservation, documentation, and celebration of culture, Bonolo is telling her heritage story through patterns, arts, and design, and sharing it with homes worldwide in the form of scatter cushions, collectable art, wallpapers, and more.

Afton By Palm

Black Founder/Owner(s): Bonnisa Moore


Bonnisa Moore creates minimalist jewelry and homewares from clay. Based in Buckinghamshire, Aston By Palm champions a healthy environment by making these items in small batches to minimize waste.

Don't Sleep Interiors

Black Founder/Owner(s): Leslye Joy Allen


Don't Sleep Interiors makes mugs, pillows, and other home decor items that express the social and political achievements of the Black community. Inspired by iconic Black leaders throughout history, Black founder and designer Leslye Joy Allen prints the words and faces of historical Black leaders on her pieces.

PUR Homes

Black Founder/Owner(s): Angela & Michelle Richardson


Spurred by the desire to use green cleaning agents in the home, Angela and Michelle Richardson founded PUR Homes. PUR Homes provide non-toxic, sustainably packaged, plant-based cleansers that are safe for everyone. Their products are great for those with allergic reactions to traditional cleaning products.

Modish Decor Pillows

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chantal Bradley


Black Interior Designer Chantal Bradley founded Modish in 2015 as a luxury pillows line. The brand has since evolved into a home products collection. Chantal's posh style is seen in every one of her pieces and her products have appeared on West Elm's home furniture stores across the country for Pop-Up shops.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Gynelle Leon


Founded by Gynelle Leon, Prick is London's first plant boutique dedicated to cactus, succulents, and other exotic plants sourced from around Europe. If you're looking for ways to transform your space in a beautiful yet sustainable way, Prick offers you a range of plant options, beautiful plant pots, and care books that will guide you as you choose this "Green" path.    

Mash.T Design Studio

Black Founder/Owner(s): Thabisa Mjo


What started off as a competition to find Nando's Hot Young Designer in 2015, turned out to be Thabisa Mjo's unique discovery of what she could do with her hands. With many awards to its name and showcases at exhibitions such as the 2019 Milan Design Week, Mash.T is bringing to life and celebrating a mix of traditional production methods with forward-thinking designs. You can explore the brand's website and discover how to ship one or more of these beautifully adorned lights to your spaces.

Adjourn Teahouse

Black Founder/Owner(s): LaTonia Cokely


Tea lover LaTonia Cokely dreamt of owning a tea and wellness brand throughout her teenage years. Teas were a big part of her growing up and when she lost her parents later in life, she finally decided to pursue her passion for tea and wellness. And so, Adjourn Tea House was born. The Black-founded brand now stocks tea wares as part of its products.

Established 25 Atelier

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michelle Drew


Highly reflective of its Afro-Caribbean heritage founder, Michelle Drew, Established 25 Atelier as a British homeware and lifestyle accessories brand that combines contemporary design with quality craftsmanship in East London. Aside from offering a collection of tote bags, lampshades, and other accessories to shop from, the brand also offers you lampshade training if you're up for learning something new and exciting.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Faty Ly


Dakar, Senegal, West Africa

Namesake founder Faty Ly absorbed influences from her mother and grandmother, who were both lovers of art, as well as creators to begin her creative journey. With more than 20 years of experience in the world of design, craft, and gastronomy, Faty Ly's efforts in preserving the African culture through her works can still be felt when you purchase her high-end tableware which is a direct reflection of her African heritage.

Cuples Tea House

Black Founder/Owner(s): Eric and Lynette Dodson


Black couple founders, Eric and Lynette Dodson started Cuples Tea House inspired by their shared love for tea and a desire to create residual family income. They have successfully created a brand that uniquely combines tea education, art, music, and literature in a socially connected atmosphere. Cuples Tea House brands itself as an 'urban tea experience' offering varieties of loose leaf teas as well as tea accessories.

Candice Luter

Black Founder/Owner(s): Candice Luter


Candice Luter won the Etsy 2021 Design awards. She creates eccentric wall hangings, textural mirrors, and home accessories.

Sustainable Home Goods

Black Founder/Owner(s): LaToya Tucciarone


Exposed to African artifacts around the house, LaToya Tucciarone developed a love for culture. Her love for culture led her to found SustainAble. The Black-owned business curates and sells fair trade home decor. Her products are curated by artisans amongst marginalized people groups. LaToya sees Sustainable not just as a business, but as a means of restoring dignity to humanity.

La Basketry

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tabara N'Diaye


For Tabara N'Diaye and her sister Mamy, La Basketry was a way to bring meaning to their lives as well as add beauty and meaning to the homes of others. Launched in 2017, the online boutique offers homewares, DIY kits, and materials and workshops to lovers of all things woven.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Josephine Forson


Quince St, Accra, Ghana

Founded in 2000 by Josephine Forson and presently managed by her daughter Audrey, Tekura is your home to accent furniture, interior decor, and other unique home ensembles. Each unique piece of furniture is made from sustainable wood in Ghana and can be found in several shops across Europe, Africa, and USA.

Bold Xchange

Black Founder/Owner(s): Danielle Deavens


Bold Xchange is an online store that sells Black-owned brands. Danielle Deavens and Douglas Spencer started the store following the success of their blog of the same name that promoted Black entrepreneurs. Their shop features a wide range of products from home decor to kitchenware to beauty products and others.

Godly Gorgeous

Black Founder/Owner(s): Andrea George


Godly Gorgeous offers beautiful home decor and T-shirts designed in Christian and African American themes. All its products are designed by African American owner and founder Andrea George who sees her stunning wall art and journals as a means of sharing her faith and giving hope to many.

Domain by Laura Hodges Studios

Black Founder/Owner(s): Laura Hodges

710 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228


Domain is owned and run by Black designer Laura Hodges. She sells unique handmade home decor and accessories. Her designs have been featured in Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, and many others.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jacques Cronje


South African designer Jacques Cronje makes a range of digitally crafted lighting and unique furniture using sustainable birch-plywood or hardwood veneer in his Cape Town studio. Jacques takes inspiration from African design to make these masterpieces that transform spaces.

Studio Hamed Ouattara

Black Founder/Owner(s): Hamed Ouattara


At the core of Hamed Ouattara's studio is the need to reduce ecological footprint by creating furniture from "end-of-life objects destined to be thrown away," he explains. Situated in a country where power outages are a norm, Hamed uses every challenge to his advantage, putting his innovative brand on the map through his unique designs.

Marie Burgos

Black Founder/Owner(s): Marie Burgos


Designer Marie Burgos draws inspiration from both French designs and designs from her native home of Martinique. Her furniture and home collection combine function and artfulness that give them a luxurious feel like the Eclisse Triple. She incorporates Feng Shui in her designs.

Tactile Matter

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kenesha Sneed


Award-winning Black artist Kenesha Sneed sells prints of her work. Her work tells stories of the experiences of Black women around the globe. She also designs throw pillows and ceramic pieces.

ElonWick Candle Co.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Elondia Harden


Elonwick's Black-woman founder, Elondia Harden hand pours each candle with 1005 soy wax sourced in the United States. She uses essential oils and fragrances sourced all over the world, with no artificial fragrances whatsoever.

Expedition Subsahara

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sofi Seck


We cam to know Sofi very well when she wouldn’t take no for an answer on Shark Tank. Her online shop of African 

Karen Jai Home

Black Founder/Owner(s): Janelle Langford


Make your house a home with furnishings that are like gems in your space. Janelle’s eye for luxurious furniture and art, her marketplace is curated for those in love with contemporary design and style. Try her consulting feature to get a more personalized experience.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shannon Maldonado


This creative studio started selling independent local artists’ work to support their craft. Now, their product selection has continued to grow from towels to books and wall art.

Ron Nicole

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ronni Nicole Robinson

Black artist Ronni Nicole Robinson presses freshly picked botanicals into plaster, cotton, or paper reliefs to create what she calls "Floral Inspired Fossils." She has a strong base of design lovers eagerly waiting for her new releases. The only problem you might have when you visit the online store is deciding where to hang all the lovely floral artworks you purchase.

Ekua Ceramics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sara Ekua Todd


This ceramist takes your home accessories to the next level with handmade ceramic items for a number of uses — plant pots, vases, mugs, and any other vessel needs.



Responsive image

Black entrepreneurs continue to make significant feats in the world of technology and electronics, despite what a VC will tell you. The development of Black-owned tech and startups in new technologies such as AI, VR/AR, blockchain, and even web3 mobile applications help make living more seamless for all people. 

This list appreciates 100 Black-owned and Black-founded tech and electronics companies that are taking technology to new heights around the globe through innovation, execution, and cultural intelligence.

Search these keywords to get started: 

meeting software,crypto,social network,prepaid phone, payments, hotels, salon rental.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tope Awotona


Calendly is a Black-owned meeting software founded in 2013. Some of its best features are integrated calendar notifications on events and meetings, team member pages, detection of different time zones, centralized billing, and tons of other reporting options.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Hanu Fejiro Agbodje


With so much information circulating about crypto, but only a few grasping the meaning of this currency, Hanu Fejiro Agbodje has found purpose in making crypto language simpler for you. Patricia is a tech, crypto, and alternative payment company that facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies in daily financial transactions. With over 200 positive reviews and partnerships with a series of reputable companies, Patricia is a good place to start on your crypto journey and transact all kinds of crypto-related business.

HBCU Connect

Black Founder/Owner(s): William Roger Moss III


HBCU Connect was founded at a time when there was no social network, by Hampton University graduate, William Roger Moss III, to serve as a social network for HBCU graduates with the intention of uploading photos. The platform has over the years grown to serve more than just a place to upload photos but provide a platform for networking professional and educational opportunities and connections with organizations that are looking to hire. You can only assess all of these benefits when you sign up and become a member.

Tesix Wireless

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chaymeriyia Moncrief


We can all agree that the exorbitant wireless bills lack the necessary features to justify these rates. Tesix Wireless is a Black-owned prepaid wireless carrier with a primary focus on providing an honest wireless network for millennials. We should be grateful to Chaymeriyia Moncrief for this discovery.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Eric Allen & Rodney Williams


LISNR Inc was founded by Rodney Williams. For Rodney, the future holds a fascination that he wants to be part of, by building technology that will help shape it. Using high frequency "data over audio," LISNR Inc is a software company creating new communication standards connecting any device with a speaker or microphone. 


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shola Akinlade & Ezra Olubi


Passionate about solving payment problems in Africa, Shola Akinlade teams up with Ezra Olubi to give what we know today as Paystack. Whether you're a global brand, or situated in a small village in Africa, Paystack will help you receive payments, easily. Just a few years ago they were acquired by Stripe in one of the biggest acquisitions for an African-built tech company. Don't worry, they're over 70,000 businesses trusting Paystack with their payment options, you too can.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Ama Marfo


travel. afterpay. cheap flights. airfordable.

Before Klarna and other services re-introduce payments over time for travel, Airfordable saw the current system for purchasing flights wasn't getting any easier. With their service, you can book flights with just a deposit upfront and pay the balance in recurring payments before your departure. Airfordable democratizes air travel for everyone.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jeff Nelson


Cinchapi is a Black-founded technology firm that develops business analytics software for budding businesses. Founded by Jeff Nelson, the company uses its intelligent algorithm using real-time analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide insight into questions their clients ask.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Mark Anthony Essien


With the Hotels.ng app you can find and book hotels in Nigeria. You can also find top destinations and hotels within the 36 states in the country for your convenience. With the mobile app on your phone, you can book a hotel instantly.


Black Founder/Owner(s):  Dr. Tye and Courtney Caldwell


Named "Hairbnb" by its users, ShearShare is a mobile platform that allows salon owners and small businesses to rent out their space and also give out beauty consulting at a fee. Co-founders, Tye and Courtney Caldwell are transforming the beauty industry through tech, and we are here for it.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Anthony and Janique Edwards


With EatOkra every date night is a beautiful adventure. The mobile app offers a database of Black-owned restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and eateries at the snap of your fingers. Through this app, Anthony and Janique are creating Black food communities, educating entrepreneurs and pioneering food-industry technology all at once.

Figgers Communication

Black Founder/Owner(s): Freddie Figgers


Figgers Communication is a high-tech telecommunications agency that offers unlimited mobile broadband cellular solutions. They also provide strategic Home Phone and International services for their clients. With over 280 million satisfied customers globally, their services include free call features through their partner-4G LTE Nationwide WiMAX provider.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Reham Fagiri & Kalam Dennis


For founders, Rehem Fagirl and Kalam Dennis, buying and selling furniture shouldn't be so difficult, that's why there is AptDeco. AptDeco is a Black-owned tech company that provides software that simplifies the stress of customers looking for where to buy furniture. This startup connects clients with artisans selling all kinds of high-quality furniture. With over 650 positive reviews on Google, AptDeco's service is a must-try.

The Labz

Black Founder/Owner(s): Farah Allen


The Labz is your all-in-one tool that helps your creativity go beyond limits. With a suite of widgets and APIs and a coordinated team, you are sure of maximizing your creative juices to their fullest potential.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Frederick Hutson


With firsthand experience being an inmate himself, Frederick Hutson designed this app to bridge the gap between inmates and their families. It's an easy and affordable way to stay connected to an incarcerated loved one.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Lisa Dyson


Kiverdi is a Black-owned biotech company focused on reforming CO2 and other carbon materials into useful eco-friendly products including agricultural manure and tools, bridgeable products, and even plastic. Founded by Lisa Dyson, she is changing the narrative of how things are created with her innovative ideas that seek to revive a healthy environment and eliminate waste. NASA also regards them as one of the best companies producing food for astronauts.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Femi Masha and Jeff Osuji


You might ask “Who all gonna be there?” when getting passes for your next event; however, if it’s a party or program on Eventnoire’s website, you can guarantee your people are going to be there. This is the premier ticketing and discovery platform for Black event promoters to create their next event and attendees to find the move for the night without questioning what vibes will be in the building. 

Black Girls Code

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kimberly Bryant


Black Girls Code is a tech company dedicated to teaching young black girls between the ages of 7 and 17, how to code and build products in the digital space. It was founded by a Black woman, Kimberly Bryant.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Akwasi Asamoah


Jartogo takes food delivery service to another level with its solar-powered, smart-vending kiosks, special handling, and thermal processes to pre-package full meals. The online food delivery service company has been designed as a bridge between food vendors, restaurants, and you, the consumer. So from anywhere in Ghana, the app allows you to get healthy food from your favorite restaurants.

Johnson Energy Storage

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lonnie Johnson


Founded by former NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson. As the name implies, they are an energy generation and storage company. In the past 30 years, the founder has dedicated time and resources to the creation of advanced energy generation and storage systems, and this makes the company a global leader in this field.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tayo Oviosu


Paga is a mobile payment company making alternative options for cash transactions, and access to other financial services to over a million people in Africa. They allow third parties leverage on their platform for their every financial need ranging from receiving payments to making payments and accessing other financial services.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Wille Ray Norwood Jr (Ray J)


Founded by superstar actor and R&B singer Ray J, Raycon makes some of the most incredible AirPods. Their headsets are popular for producing superior-quality audio with a taste of luxury and comfort. Superstars like Snoop Dogg, Offset, and Cardi B are already using this product.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Sanna Gaspard


Rubitection is a medical tech startup providing solutions for the early detection of bedsores in elderly and disabled people. Their software product, Rubitect Assessment System scans patient skin and provides an overall assessment of the skin's health in a bid to detect any signs of bedsore.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Courtney Williamson, Ph.D


AbiliLife is a bio-engineering company that makes products to improve the health of the elderly and people with Parkinson's disease and other forms of neuromuscular diseases. This Black-founded business produces Calibrace+; a back brace that helps these patients assume a healthy posture. If you're looking to get a product to help elderly friends and family with such conditions, you can trust Calibrace to do the job.  

Wild Fusion

Black Founder/Owner(s): Abasiama Idaraesit


From Nigeria to Ghana and Kenya, Wild Fusion is leading Africa's marketing opportunities by creating a high reputation for excellent service and a strong commitment to clients' objectives. Following its achievements, the digital company is offering digital marketing training at its Wild Fusion Digital Centre located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Manor Electric Supply Corp

Black Founder/Owner(s): Torre Coley


Founded by Andrew Fischer in 1948, Manor Electrical Corp is a Black-owned electronics business that is into the supply of high-quality electrical materials. Their excellent products and service delivery has earned them lots of glowing reviews on Google. For all your electrical needs, reach out to them and get the best kind of service.

Unchartered Power

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jessica O. Matthews


Nigerian-American Jessica Matthews is changing the game with her brand that seeks to create universal access to sustainable infrastructure. Unchartered Power is a Greentech company producing clean energy that powers microgrids for IoT devices, large facilities, and communities. This clean, consistent, and cost-efficient energy is typically generated from kinetic energy sources like an energy-generating soccer ball. If you're looking for a Black-owned business that offers affordable energy solutions, you should try Unchartered Power. 


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jean Brownhill


Re-inventing renovations with over 2,000 renovations performed, Sweeten has built a go-to marketplace for major renovations. Highly fascinated by design, construction, and tech, Sweeten is a Black-owned company that has built a platform to connect contractors to people who want to renovate their buildings. Founded by architects Jean Brownhill Laver, Shera Nuss, and Preeti Srirantana, Sweeten does the proper due diligence to ensure that all contractors listed on the platform are genuinely licensed and competent to deliver life-changing designs in your space.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Akin Jones


Need quick cash? Get the Aella app. Aella Credit is a Black-owned FinTech startup that provides loan facilities for clients looking to finance their business or project. It also provides investment opportunities. Founded by Akin Jones, this fintech company received an investment worth $10 million from a Singaporean corporation. They're poised to spread their financial plans and aid to other African countries within a short time.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Dawn Dickson


If you wondered what the future of retail would look like, wonder no more. Founded by a Black woman, Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene, PopCom provides automated vending machines and kiosks for retail businesses. Built on artificial intelligence, these smart kiosks use embedded cameras to analyze each customer to collect data concerning their age, gender, and emotional cues to properly document their customer experience. Businesses can then use this data to improve their services.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Olugbenga Agboola


Flutterwave has arguably grown to become the biggest African-owned fintech company. Founded by Olugbenga Agboola and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji in 2016, Flutterwave has grown in such a short time to become a unicorn valued at $3 billion. It is a fintech service that partners with banks and other financial services to provide fast and secure payments for online services. They also have the Flutterwave store where vendors and buyers connect for seamless business transactions.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Etok Ikpe


Autochek is an African tech startup that connects automobile users to trusted mechanics. It provides a platform to solve all auto-related problems without undergoing the hassles of finding a trusted mechanic. You can also buy or sell cars on Autochek, get access to auto loans and complete all other automobile-related services through the Autochek app and website.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Wole Coaxum


MoCaFi is a Black-founded fintech startup that provides banking services and other features that facilitate credit and wealth building. They issue their clients' prepaid cards for their expenses, and also offer free wealth counseling for anyone looking to build wealth.

Kuda Bank

Black Founder/Owner(s): Babs Ogundeyi


When it comes to ease of banking, this Black-founded fintech startup prides itself as the bank of the free. This is because Kuda Bank provides seamless financial technology services that trump everything that is obtainable in the traditional banking system in Nigeria. Kuda bank is reputed for its excellent customer service and swift money transfer feature that makes Kuda Bank the king of Neobanks in Africa.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Sheena Allen


Capway is a Black-founded fintech company that provides funding and financial services to people who traditional banks and lenders consider undeserving, and thus overlooked. These people include the unbanked, underbanked, and the general poor but employed population. CapWay is poised to help this demography build wealth from scratch, through digital banking.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Nate Washington


Qoins is a fintech startup founded by an African American man, that helps its users facilitate the repayment of their student loans, credit card debt, auto loans, and all other kinds of debts, with the aim of helping them attain financial freedom.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tanya Van Court


Goalsetter is one of the successful Black-founded tech startups disrupting the fintech space in Silicon Valley. Goalsetter issues its customers debit cards and a banking app that uses games and memes and pop culture to teach kids about finances. It also allows users to trade stock on their app while teaching the entire family financial discipline.

Helium Health

Black Founder/Owner(s): Adegoke Olubusi, Tito Ovia & Dimeji Sofowora


What if that small hospital somewhere in Africa could go digital? Founded by three Black entrepreneurs, Helium Health is poised to lead the path in Africa's transition to a technology-driven healthcare sector. This, they're doing through the building of digital infrastructure to power world-class health care delivery. Their flagship product Helium Health EMR is a robust offline and cloud-based hospital data management tool designed to fit into the realities of the African healthcare sector.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Roshawnna Novellus


EnRichHer is a Fintech startup that provides funding for businesses established by African American women and other women of color. They also provide guidance, training, and a community that supports their growth and expansion. To get started, you can download their app from the Android play store or iOS App store.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Everett k. Sands

Lendistry is another fintech startup that focuses on providing financial assistance to businesses from underserved African American communities, especially those affected severely by the covid-19 pandemic. This startup combines the speed and convenience of technology and its experience in the business world to properly target and discover businesses that should be funded.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Ryan Williams


Based in the city of New York, Cadre is a Black-founded Fintech startup that links individuals and corporations to large commercial properties. If you're looking to start your investment in real estate, then this Black-owned business is one reliable company you should patronize.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Onyekachi Izukanne


TradeDepot is another Black-founded technology company disrupting the B2B marketing ecosystem. They pride themselves as the engine of retail business in Africa, connecting manufacturers to distributors and consumers, thereby creating a 360°solution that integrates all stakeholders in the value chain. From shipping and pricing to customer service and returns, let Trade Depot do everything for you when you register as a supplier.

Spark Charge

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joshua Aviv


Don't let a faulty electric car keep you down. In 2014, Joshua Aviv came up with an idea to create a mobile EV charger, which he went ahead to do.  With the electric car revolution taking place across the globe, we are thankful to Joshua for this great innovation. With the mobile EV charger, you can charge your electric vehicle anywhere and anytime.

EcoTech Visions

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pandwe Gibson


EcoTech Visions is a Black-founded tech startup company that creates innovative programs to tackle poverty, fight climate change and stimulate economic growth across different areas in America. Based in Miami Florida, EcoTech Vision provides funding for businesses that are into the production and sales of green products and serves as co-manufacturers for such products.

Chipper Cash

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ham Serunjogi & Maijid Moujaled


Founded by two Black founders, Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled, Chipper Cash is a venture-capital-backed financial technology company with its headquarters in San Francisco. Chipper Cash is a platform that allows for seamless cross-border payment across African countries at a very cheap rate.  Presently available in 9 countries today, Chipper Cash is your trusted companion for quick and safe money transfers, within and across Across.

Coleman Wires and Cables

Black Founder/Owner(s): George Onafowokan


Coleman is a leading name in the electrical and electronics industry around the world. They produce high-quality electrical cables and wires for all kinds of electrical installation and wiring. At Coleman Wires, quality assurance is their watchword, so you can always rest assured that they'll give you nothing short of the best quality cable whenever you buy from them.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Anthony Smith


Briscnet is a young Black-owned internet service provider based in Bedford County, United States of America. They provide high-speed broadband internet service to cover the digital gap being suffered by people living in areas with poor internet connection. They provide excellent service and technical support, and they have excellent reviews to show for it.

Skhomo Technologies

Black Founder/Owner(s): Vuyani Matoti


Skhomo Technologies is a Black-founded internet communication technology service provider operating in South Africa. They provide ICT support, project management, and end-to-end enterprise IT solutions targeted at delivering the highest quality service.

Bundle Wallet Technology

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yele Bademosi


Bundle Wallet Technologies known for its crypto payment platform, Bundle Africa, is a Nigerian fintech and crypto trading platform where you can seamlessly buy, send, swap, and trade cryptocurrencies using the Bundle App. The brand provides a fast, safe, reliable, and fun platform for its users.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Deshuna Elisa Spencer


If you're like KweliTV founder Deshauna Spencer, then you must be tired of stereotypes and lack of diversity in TV shows that are relatable. The streaming platform celebrates Black culture through well-curated Black indie films, docs, shows, kid's series, animation & more from across the globe.

Moving Analytics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ade Adesanya


Moving Analytics is a health technology startup that provides telemedical support for people living with cardiovascular conditions. Their virtual rehab solution has helped thousands of patients recuperate from different kinds of cardiac illnesses, and also educate them on how to live a healthier life.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Opeyemi Awoyemi, Olalekan Olude & Ayodeji Adewunmi


Advancing your career has become easier with Jobberman, as you can explore and discover the right job for yourself. The process of getting the right job with this web application is seamless; all you need to do is create a free account, complete your profile, and VOILA! You get matched with a job that you can apply for. The app also offers soft skill training, CV reviews, and other career services.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Angela Benton


Streamlytics is a Black-owned data generation agency that generates zero-party data for advertising agencies. Their vision is to educate the American populace on the importance of data ownership and democratization with the aim of making corporations adopt ethical 1st data usage that includes the data owners in the financial incentive plan.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Natasia Malaihollo


Wyzerr is a Black-founded software company that builds artificial intelligence that converts consumer, employee, and customer feedback into business tasks. Wyzerr makes it easier for businesses to grow, expand and increase their productivity and profitability by knowing how their customers feel about their products and services, and how to satisfy them better.

BYP Network

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kike Oniwinde


Kike Oniwinde founded the BYP Network after the Black Lives Matter protests of 2016.  This tech startup seeks to connect black students and professionals from all over the world to career and educational opportunities.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Vivian Nwakah


Medsaf is a pharmaceutical technology provider poised to eradicate the spread of fake medicine in the African medical supply chain. It uses data analytics to provide and control access to pharmaceutical products with the aim of increasing availability, accessibility, quality, and affordability. Check out their website for all your quality and affordable medication needs.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jasmine Crowe


This Black business uses technology and logistics to facilitate effective waste management and reduce hunger. They're also invested in reducing greenhouse emissions from landfills and supplying needy communities with edible surplus food. Their technology tracks surplus food waste in different organizations for pickup and donation to charity cases.

Dataflow Computers

Black Founder/Owner(s): Edward and Daniel Bruson


Dataflow Computers is a Black-owned electronics and computer shop in Baltimore. Founded by two brothers, Edward and Daniel Bruson, this company specializes in the sales, repair, installation, and maintenance of computers and software. They are known for excellent service delivery, and over one hundred positive reviews on Google attest to this.

DMV Computerman

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ricardo Givens


DMV Computer man is fondly called the "Home of the $99 Laptop '' because they buy, refurbish and resell laptops at very affordable rates. This Black-founded electronics business is the best choice of computer shop for people in the African American community who want to buy a laptop with a small budget.

Andela Nigeria

Black Founder/Owner(s): Iyinoluwa Aboyeji


Andela is an African tech startup that connects African talents, especially programmers and software engineers, to global companies. Over the years, Andela has played a crucial role in the birth of hundreds of tech talents in Nigeria and other African countries.

Gro Intelligence

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sara Menker


Gro Intelligence is a Black-owned tech startup that uses artificial intelligence to link the earth's ecology to the global economy. Businesses can then use the derived data to understand how these happenings affect their business, and how best to react to them. Their solution helps businesses to formulate trade strategies, improve their supply chain and manage risks.

Mekamon Robot

Black Founder/Owner(s): Silas Adekunle


Reach Robotics is a UK-based firm invested in developing robots and their accessories with most of its applications for the Gaming industry. The accessories majorly stemmed from the reality of creating real animated robots intertwined with mobile gaming, controllable with a mobile application. The company's website has lots of demos where customers can get insight.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Martin Ijaha


Neyber is a consumer finance firm that is invested in offering loans at fair interest rates with the best credit costs one can imagine. Their platform is designed to integrate the payroll system to create an easy financial service program for all workplaces. The goal is to assist clients to achieve their Financial targets through better finance management.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Okechukwu Ofili


Okada Books utilizes technology to revive the reading culture in Africa. Through the OkadaBooks app, this tech startup is building a community of authors and readers, where all kinds of books are made available and affordable. If you're looking for a place to read rich African stories, download the OkadaBooks app from your phone's app store.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Harold Hughes


Bandwagon Technologies is a mobile game development firm based in the United States. They have particular interests in Blockchain, Identity, and SaaS.  The company's first game product, TriviaGo, has millions of subscribers with the potential to further grow. The company is also involved with future technologies like Machine Learning, 5G, and AI.  

Bird Electric

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dale Lefebvre


Bird Electric was started in 2004 but is currently a top industry leader in instrumentation, electrical construction, distribution, transmission, automation, storm restoration, and other industrial electrical services. Its owners, Dale LeFebvre and Brian Bird are some of the best electric consultants in the US.

Adam's Comm and Engineering Technology

Black Founder/Owner(s): Charles M. Adams


This US-based company is a Veteran owned small business that offers different software and engineering solutions for intelligence and defense government agencies. Their founder, Charles Adams has been in the technological space for more than 20 years.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Joel Nkounkou


Eco Text is a digital educational solution computer that offers students unlimited access to academic content. Part of their mantra is to build a community of academic like-minds with the sole aim of encouraging collaboration among students among scholars. Founded by black men, Nelson Thomas, Joel Nkounkou, and Dylan Wheeler, this company is supported by a team of seasoned professionals who serve as advisors.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Raphael Afaedor


Too tired, or busy to go grocery shopping? Supermart. ng is the leading online supermarket and grocery delivery store based in Nigeria. For the best online grocery shopping experience, you can trust this online platform to take your orders and deliver them the same day to your doorstep.

Rapier Solutions, Inc.

Black Founder/Owner(s): William (Bill) Bailey


Rapier Solutions, Inc is a Black-founded tech startup that offers project management solutions, video teleconference facilities, and general tech consultancy to businesses all over the world to accelerate their growth and productivity. They are also a defense contractor that serves government intelligence agencies, with over 25,000 users subscribed to their services.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Odunayo Eweniyi


Piggyvest is a revolutionary fintech giant making giant strides in the Nigerian tech space. They provide convenient ways to save, invest and make payments with flexibility and safety. Piggyvest came on board with the goal of instilling savings discipline in their users, and so far they have achieved this to a large extent as their user base keeps increasing, resulting in thousands of glowing social media reviews. If you're looking for an easy and safe way to invest and save, then you should download and sign up to Piggyvest now.

Global Commerce and Service LLC

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joaneane Smith


Global Commerce and Services, LLC is a top technology agency that offers different technological digital solutions in different areas including Cybersecurity, Engineering, Local Area Network/Wide Area networks, and other digital support. The firm, with its founder Joaneane Smith is an Award-winning enterprise with lots of coverage in the intelligence industry.

Slot Telecommunications

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nnamdi Ezeigbo


With over 70 retail stores nationwide and an online store, Slot Telecommunications is a Nigerian-based company based in the retail of affordable digital gadgets, including phones, computers, and other types of electronics. This award-winning firm has been in operation since 1999 and has become a trusted dealer in the Nigerian market with international recognition.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Chidimma Onyeokoro and Nnenna Oyewuchi


Halo helps communities grow through micro investing, banking, healthcare premiums, and other financial services to empower them to be more financially free and strong in their ability to support their families. 


Black Founder/Owner(s): Kim Jolasun


You've heard of wedding websites, now let's talk about this baby website for moms and soon-to-be moms. Villie develops digital products to make parenting easy especially for new parents on the block. With Villie you can receive support of all kinds from the ones you love.

Ensunet Technology Group

Black Founder/Owner(s): Paul Robinson


Esunet Technology is a San Diego-based firm that uses the power of technology in M&A diligence to solve complex M&A transactions for its clients. This Black-owned firm services clients from Fortune 100 corporations to large PE businesses in North America and other SMEs.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Mike Adenuga


Globacom is a top-tier telecommunications company based in Lagos, Nigeria that offers high-class cellular and mobile broadband services for its teeming customers. They are commonly known as Glo-1; they are the first company to use a high-tech submarine fiber-optic cable to improve broadband services in Nigeria and many parts of Africa.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Steven Moyo


Welfie is a top-notch digital platform focused on the health of K-12 school kids. They are primarily focused on the health and well-being of these pupils and their families. With the Welfie app, you can track yours or your loved one's mental health, your health plans, and many more health-related activities. Their current project is dedicated to managing the effects of COVID-19 on pupils in K-12 schools.

Journey Foods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Riana Lynn


Journey Foods is a technology firm committed to the healthy packaging and management of food from the farm to the marketplace. They offer digital solutions in the form of software intelligence and management techniques to redefine the packaging of foods to meet health demands.

Change Catalyst

Black Founder/Owner(s): Melinda Briana Epler


Change Catalyst is a tech innovation firm that consults for global firms including Fortune 500 Companies, Venture Capital, and startups in training, coaching, and building their ecosystems. Their work has been recognized as they are a multi-award-winning firm.

Ovamba Solutions

Black Founder/Owner(s): Viola Llewellyn


Ovamba Solutions is a fintech firm tailored to build sustainable wealth for Africans. With different offices in Africa and the United States, this firm leverages digital solutions to build an ideal market for over 450 million budding SMEs in Africa and the banks that service these businesses. They create routes to access capital, financial growth, and general economic tips for these firms to grow and thrive.

Phase3 Telecom

Black Founder/Owner(s): Stanley Jegede


Built to provide transmission services since 2003, Phase 3 Telecom is leading the fiber optic infrastructure in Africa with Points-of-Presence (POPs), colocation, and NOCs in Nigeria. Its reputation has earned it a position as the main driver of Nigeria's Wire Nigeria (WiN) project, to offer broadband services across the country.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Miracle Allums, LMSW


Mhoodle is a health tech platform that offers virtual mental health treatment. Its mandate is to create a safe space for patients with mental health issues through virtual support mediums. The company's services include administrative support for mental health professionals to treat their patients, phone call scheduling, and additional website management.

Sadiatrading New York

Black Founder/Owner(s): Aliou Diao


Sadiatrading is a Black-owned electronics store in Brooklyn, New York. They specialize in the sales of electronics including phones, televisions, cameras, and other household electronics items and gadgets. To support this Black-owned business, check out their catalog on their website.

Rockaway Electronics & Tax Services

Black Founder/Owner(s): Allan Bucknol


Rockaway Electronics & Tax Services is an electronics store in the heart of Queens, New York. Owned by a Black man who's an accounting professional, this business sells all kinds of mobile phones, accessories, and other electronics. They also offer tax consultation and money transfer services.

Seamless Source by Chanodil

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chathura Sudharshan


Chanodil is an automated sourcing platform that helps fashion businesses build and manage their supply chains in a faster and more organized structure. It connects clothing lines to manufacturers and helps manage the order process to ensure speed and transparency.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Alecia Esson


Based in the UK, NxSteps is a health-tech solution company that uses the knowledge of biomechanics to maximize human performance. Using a SaaS-based app technology that connects its IoT-powered wearable smart insole and an AI voice assistance, it monitors the daily physical activities of athletes and helps them optimize performance and physical longevity while preventing injuries. To get started, register on their platform, and get ready to enjoy optimal physical performance.

Pace Revenue

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jason Pinto & Jens Munch


Built on top of an industry-leading pricing decision engine, Pace Revenue is an easy-to-use revenue platform that any revenue manager will appreciate. With its product features such as; revenue management, business intelligence, real-time connection, and more which help you realize your full commercial potential, you're getting a new way to unlock your revenue potential with ease.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Bassey Eyo


Payporte offers a seamless shopping experience through its web platform and mobile applications. With a presence in Nigeria, UK, USA, and China, the online platform is ready to meet your needs with its array of products which you can find on its web platform.

Plum Perfect

Black Founder/Owner(s): Asmau Ahmed


Say goodbye to days of getting it wrong with make-up shades that do not seat well on your skin. With Plum Perfect, all you have to do is take a selfie and upload it on the beauty app. Using machine learning algorithms, this software can scan the picture and detect the perfect shade of makeup products for the client. This Black-founded business integrates tech and beauty. Their flagship product, Plum Perfect, helps beauty entrepreneurs find the perfect makeup products and shades for their customers. With Plum Perfect, you'll never wear the wrong colors again.

Dibs Technology

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alicia Thomas


Dibs technology is a SaaS platform that helps gyms and fitness houses to manage their subscription, booking, pricing, and customer retention. This black business mirrors the pricing model of airline companies, which involves charging clients based on real-time demand and availability. They do all these from the client's website and have so far helped many gyms to increase their revenue. If you have a gym or fitness center, you really should try them out!

Once Logix, LLC

Black Founder/Owner(s): Trinity Manning


By offering web-based solutions, this technology company based in North Carolina is simplifying operations in healthcare solutions. Whether you're just getting started or already established, this tech company will provide applications that work for you and your company the way you want it to.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Sim Shagaya


For everything you need ranging from clothes to electronics, phone and computer accessories, and many more, this number one online shopping mall in Nigeria will deliver it to your doorstep. The mobile Konga app allows you to track your order, and enjoy seamless payment options and fast delivery.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Stefan Grant


Here's something for you if you're Black and always on the move, or just a lover of visiting new places. Founded by Stephan Grant, NOIRBNB is a tech startup that mirrors the business model of Airbnb, but specifically for black travelers. Now you can experience safe and stress-free travel as an African diaspora traveler.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Obinna Ekezie & Ralph Tamuno


For your best travel experiences across Africa and beyond (with exceptions to other space and the other planets, lol), Wakanow has got you covered. With supportive customer service, you can get good travel deals from the comfort of your home.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Vijay Balasubramaniyan


When founder Vijay Balasubramaniyan couldn't make payment for a suit from a local tailor in India because his identity couldn't be proven by the bank, he had to do something so that no one else would face such challenges. Pindrop is changing how we interact with our smart devices, to bring security, identity, and intelligence to every voice interaction, from anywhere and at any time.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Christian Facey


There is a better way to monetise games and Audiomob is doing just that, non-intrusively using audio ads. The app allows advertisers and game developers to reach their audience without any form of interruption during gameplay.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Leo Stan Ekeh


Leo Stan Ekeh established Zinox Technologies in 2001 as a means to fill the gap in manufacturing computers locally. Since then it has grown in the production of gadgets for the modern techie ranging from laptops to tablets, electronic and kitchen appliances, and many more.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tinia Pina


Using climate mitigating technologies, Re-Nuble was founded by Tinia Pina for this purpose to help global agricultural communities. If we wish to have more sustainable solutions for food production and food waste in the future, using a platform like Re-nuble can help us start practicing ways to recuse localized food waste that  accelerate environmentally-friendly growing practices. 

We Read Too

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kaya Thomas


This mobile book app contains more than 900 titles that represent people of color. Kaya Thomas has gone through the hassle of curating these titles written by people of color for people of color. So whether you're a teacher, librarian, school owner, parent, or just a book lover, this app is your new buddy. You can also suggest new titles which you can't find on the app.



Responsive image

With so much negative energy littered in the news and social media, chances are we all could do better this year with taking care of your mind, soul and body.  

Kickstart your self-care journey with these 100 health and self-care brands curated that range from fitness studios to candles, holistic medicine, and all things wellness.

Search these keywords to get started:

fitness, hair care, aromatherapy, tea, condoms, men's skincare, soap, crystals, candles.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Angela Manuel-Davis


AARMY is a studio that offers wellness and self-care through fitness. At their studios, you can get trained as an athlete to boost your overall well-being. You can also register for the online training sessions.

Beard and Butter

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jeffrey Okpaleke


Made by African men for African men. Deriving its name from its integral ingredient, shea butter, the Nigerian made brand creates a range of beard and skin care products that will keep you looking fresh and clean all day long.

Aba Love Apothecary

Black Founder/Owner(s): Aba Gyepi-Garbrah


Aba Love Apothecary offers healing aromatics made from the best botanicals, to satisfy your self-care needs. Through their handcrafted products, you can add soothing aromatherapy to your daily rituals. Their range of products includes the Aromatic Duo set, Petal Facial Mist, Divine Me // Anointing Oil, etc. You will like this brand if you want to show love to yourself by utilizing nature's properties.

Sip N' Slay Tea

Black Founder/Owner(s): Classye James


"Life is like a cup of tea, it's all about how you make it." For Classye James, self-care means doing things that take care of our body, soul, and mind, even if it means having just a cup of tea.  This wellness brand believes that self-care is a lifestyle and so they provide you with kits that enable a self-care routine that is simple, easy to follow, and affordable.

B Condoms

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jason Panda


B Condoms promotes safe sex and fights the health disparities in the communities populated by people of color. These rubber latex condoms are all-natural, premium quality, pH-sensitive, odorless, vegan, and paraben-free. B Condoms prioritizes your safety and values your trust, initiating conversations that give everyone a seat at the table. They also collaborate with non-profit organizations to donate condoms and champion the reduction of STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and human trafficking prevalent in the Black community.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Adam & Raphael


Made for men of color by men of color. Like many other men, Adam and Raphael got tired of dealing with toxic elements found in major skincare brands for men. Temple is a skincare brand formulated to address skincare concerns faced by men of color. Thanks to them, now you have self-care for the mandem.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Samantha Jameson


If you share the same passion for craft, quality, and creativity as Samantha Jameson, then you'll love her scentful soaps that will leave beautiful memories everywhere you go. Join Samantha as she builds a community of soap and scent lovers one bar at a time.

Brown Girl Jane

Black Founder/Owner(s): Malaika Jones, Nia Jones & Tai Beauchamp


Brown Girl Jane is a Black-owned beauty company that believes in the rejuvenating power of plant medicine. That is why they swear by CBD for a balanced, healthy life. They have a broad range of wellness products that include body butter, facial serums, and even vegan CBD gelées. For lovers of modernized self-care, this is the brand to support.

The Cristalline

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rashia Bell


The Cristalline wants to help you find inner peace and connect better with yourself, through their range of healing products. These include crystal bowls, face rollers, and vases. You can also get private consultations for chakra readings, and sessions that will help fix the energy in your home, by using harmonizing elements.

NaturalAnnie Essentials

Black Founder/Owner(s): Annya White-Brown


NaturalAnnie Essentials believes in the soothing effect of candles on your self-care journey. The brand specializes in handmade soy candles and other health and self-care essentials like hand sanitizers. One unique thing about NaturalAnnie Essentials is that each candle jar comes with a powerful phrase, like "Be the Change," or "Currently Unbothered."

Pur Home

Black Founder/Owner(s): Angela Richardson & Michelle Richardson


For many people, having a clean home is self-care, and that is why Pur Home specializes in the best non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based cleaning formulas. These cleaning products will leave your space spotless, so you can get all the relaxation you need because nothing beats a clean home.

My Therapy Cards

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Ebony


My Therapy Cards is a card deck focused on self-care, and curated by a black psychologist to help women of color grow in the areas of mental and emotional health. This brand basically expands the mental help conversation and brings therapy to your doorstep. Now, you can have real self-care using therapy techniques.

Alvin Ailey Extension

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alvin Ailey


Alvin Ailey Extension is a dance studio located in the heart of New York to train interested persons in modern dance techniques, ballet, fitness, street dance styles, etc. If you want to stay fit and try a different selfcare method like dancing, head to Alvin Ailey Extension for the training you need.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Brandé Elise & Danielle Gray


In the world of Unoia, you are promised peace and comfort and the best CBD products, perfect for both your physical and mental health, as well as your self-care needs. These products ranging from CBD oil, CBD gummies, topical CBD, etc are formulated to help you live your best life. You don't have to do it alone, as Unoia has created the perfect trip for you to bring your pet along, with its line of CBD products for pets. So, with Unoia, there is something for every member of the family.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Darian Hall & Elisa Shankle


HealHaus is a wellness studio that doubles as a cafe. It offers you an escape from the outside world through its healing services which are both physical and virtual. If you subscribe to yoga, breathwork, meditation, and reiki as a form of self-care, head to HealHaus.

Trap Yoga Bae

Black Founder/Owner(s): Britteny Floyd-Mayo


Self-care and exercise do not have to be dull and boring… and that's where Trap Yoga Bae comes in. This brand closes the gap between cultural relevance and self-care, using the heavy bass sounds and hypnotic rhythms of trap music. This option is a better alternative for people who are not comfortable with regular Yoga classes.

Budzy Box

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shatoia Robinson


Budzy Box offers a unique CBD subscription aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding Hemp and CBD. The luxury monthly subscription box contains a range of CBD-infused products from the wellness, science, and beauty categories, like posh rolling papers, trays, etc. With this subscription box, there's something different in every box.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jhalesa Lewis


Salt.Xo is a wellness brand that specializes in female hygiene products like the Yoni Shower Gel which balances the pH and fixes common concerns like dryness and odor. This brand does not use harsh chemicals or fragrances but prefers plant-based ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, seaweed, and antibacterial oils like tea tree oil. Salt.Xo promises to keep you feeling clean, fresh, and balanced.

Movita Organics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tonya Lewis Lee


For Tonya Lee, her health journey began when she started out as a women's health advocate. Now, you too can start yours with Movita Organics. Movita Organics provides a natural way to power through your busy day, believing that your body needs the best nutrients to feel and look good. Their products are made of organic whole foods, herbs, fruits, and vegetables, with vitamins so gentle you can have them on an empty stomach. Unlike conventional vitamins, Movita products have higher bioactivity.

Ruby Love

Black Founder/Owner(s): Crystal Etienne


Ruby Love makes comfortable period underwear, activewear, loungewear, and swimwear, designed to make you feel confident and comfortable during your period. With these products, you don't have to worry about leaks, stains, and odors; leak-proof protection. It is perfect for school, work, sports, and even sleeping.

Body Complete Rx

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Ruby Lathon


Body Complete Rx is a brand that offers a range of plant-based supplements to complement your wellness journey and help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Their vegan range of supplements provides a lot of benefits to the body, like weight management, skin health, energy improvement, etc. Some products you can get from this wellness brand are multivitamins, superfood bars, vegan protein powders, etc.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra


Homebody is a wellness brand that believes strongly in self-care and wants you to feel comfortable in your body. Their products are formulated for a relaxing bathing experience and are made of organic herbs, plant-based botanicals, superfoods, rare minerals, vitamins, moisturizing oils, etc. They are also infused with CBD to reduce the tension in your body. So, If you love a nice rejuvenating soak in the tub, get Homebody!


Black Founder/Owner(s): Efiya Asabi


Iyoba is an environmentally-conscious brand that makes products to enable people to feel good inside-out. Fascinated by her ability to create things with her hands, Efiya collaborates with industry experts and studies plant properties and environmental changes to formulate effective product combinations like their Probiotic Deodorant. These products are also handcrafted, vegan, sulfate, and paraben-free, for your overall wellness.

Peak and Valley

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nadine Joseph


Peak and Valley promote wellness from within, with plant-based, science-backed remedies. The brand offers different wellness blends that can be mixed with other drinks, to help reduce stress. Its secret ingredients are adaptogens like ashwagandha and reishi mushroom which have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years. However, it is not advisable to take these products while pregnant or nursing. Also, consult your doctor or any healthcare professional before adding these products to your routine.

Lion X Wellness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nico Marley


Lion X Wellness sells top-quality CBD products like CBD gummies, capsules, oils, etc. It provides a modern approach to wellness, providing restorative wellness that strengthens the body, fuels the soul, and sharpens the mind. By using Lion x Wellness products, you can live your best life, using CBD to facilitate natural healing and overall wellness.

Buena Botanicals

Black Founder/Owner(s): Coral and Rah


Buena Botanicals is a cannabis lifestyle brand that sells a range of CBD products like Organic  CBD oil. The brand offers plant medicine that can help you manage chronic pain, anxiety, and other common health issues in the black community. These products are infused with organic CBD oil, with ethically-grown hemp, certified by the USDA.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey


Xula is a wellness brand that uses the healing properties of CBD to promote sleep, relief, and comfort. Its formulas are strictly organic herbs, containing cannabis, all tested in third-party labs, to guarantee its safety and consistency. Xula promises to make you feel good in your own skin.

For Them

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chloe Freeman


For Them was made with you in mind. This wellness brand caters to the queer community, due to the fact that not many products speak to their experiences. This unique brand makes products for queer people to feel comfortable in their bodies like its best-selling product - The Binder. The binder is a chest compression top that allows free self-expression and allows you to breathe and move, unlike traditional chest binders. So, if you want to feel beautiful in your true self, For Them is the wellness brand that will cater to your needs.

Dive in Well

Black Founder/Owner(s): Maryam Ajayi


Dive in Well is a Black-owned wellness platform that centers on the issues that impact marginalized communities through collaborations, programming, content creation, and corporate education. The brand is committed to making wellness more accessible and equitable, by holding talks and virtual sessions on therapy and wellness. It focuses on connecting BIPOC to mental health facilities and destigmatizing wellness and mental health.

Ethel's Club

Black Founder/Owner(s): Naj Austin

315 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States.


Formerly a coworking space for women of Color, Ethel's Club is now a wellness club for people of color that provides access to conversations centered on wellness, creative workshops, cooking tutorials, and wellness classes. If you're looking to join a helpful social club for black people, you'll like it here.

Black Girl Magik

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shydeia Caldwell


If you have ever needed a sisterhood community, Black Girl Magik is here for you. This Black women community created by Shydeia Caldwell provides online wellness services to women to enable them heal from within. It is a digital sanctuary that combines spirituality with holistic health to awaken the inner healer in you. The brand also sells ancestral-inspired products for your spiritual care, like the Tingan Protection Bath Dry Herb Blend, and Tenbalu Liquid Cleansing Bath. You can also book a one-on-one healing session with the founder if you want.

Mary & Main

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Octavia Wiseman


Mary & Main is a one-of-a-kind cannabis store. It aims to provide safe and quality cannabis products to medical patients suffering from chronic illnesses. If you want a Black-owned medical cannabis dispensary, Mary & Main is a safe place to get the wellness your mind and body deserve.

Inner Workout

Black Founder/Owner(s): Taylor Elyse Morrison


Inner Workout is a wellness brand that promises to be your self-care support system. It holds wellness classes that combine breathwork, restorative movement, journaling, and meditation that enable you to tap into your introspective side.

Unfit Christian

Black Founder/Owner(s): D. Danyelle Thomas


When White Jesus isn't enough, who do you turn to for hope in the unknown? Danyelle offers spiritual care for people of color who consider atheism as an option when they can't seem to find comfort or make sense of white Jesus. Since 2016, this digital community has been deconstructing religious harm and forming new experiences to make you feel whole again.

Bifities Gifts

Black Founder/Owner(s): Constance Panton


Bifities Gifts offers self-care in a box, through carefully-curated consumer gift boxes from Black-owned brands. These boxes contain anything from candles, journals, books, and more. They are perfect for showing love to family and friends, as well as corporate clients and employees.

Calabash Tea & Tonic

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sunyatta Amen


Calabash Tea & Tonic provides tea blends and recipes, perfect for your self-care days. They have herbal teas to boost your immune system, and blends to ease anxiety and calm your nerves. These tea blends have rich herbal flavors and scents, like passionflower, chamomile, and lavender. You can also get a monthly subscription box of their popular tea blends.

Hollingsworth Hemp Company

Black Founder/Owner(s): Raft Hollingsworth III


Hollingsworth Hemp Company is a family-run self-care company that specializes in self-care and wellness products, using a special ingredient - hemp. From hand-poured candles to mixed essential oils, this brand creates high-quality hemp products with the cleanest, locally-sourced ingredients. If you want to explore the healing benefits of hemp, try this brand for the best products.

Blunt Blowin’ Mama

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shonitria


This is a community of moms and ladies that proudly consume cannabis. For Shonitria and her tribe, self-love is unapologetically smoking weed and pouring it into yourself. You can join this community and embrace yourself in totality alongside like-minded women.

Total Peace and Wellness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Carlos & Rhonda


Total Peace and Wellness has one goal - to satisfy wellness needs with the purest hemp products. The company further tests all of its products in a third-party lab, to guarantee that they are of the best quality and safe for human consumption. Some of its famous products are the TPW Sleep Gummies infused with Melatonin, Wellness CBD Strawberry gummies, disposable CBD vapes, etc. So, if you want to take charge of your health with natural derivatives, try Total Peace and Wellness.

Good Moms, Bad Choices

Black Founder/Owner(s): Erica and Milah


First of all, this is not your regular 'mommy' podcast, so you might want to keep the little ones away. Erica and Milah are breaking free from typical parenting stereotypes with their uncensored audio diary. This isn't just for parents, if you feel alone in your good or bad choices, this is for you to get some closure, as you listen to celebrity guests and experts share deep, personal perspectives that might resonate with you.

Brooklyn Tea

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jamila Wright & Alfonso Wright


Brooklyn Tea is a luxurious tea room that offers an escape from the stress of the outside world. Their selection of teas is healthy, and natural with hand-dried leaves to give you the perfect brew.

Candid Tea

Black Founder/Owner(s): Courtney Alexandria


Candid Tea offers wellness solutions in a teabag, to encourage women to live healthier lives. Their blends are all derived from scientifically-backed herbs, with cute packaging to match.

Island Pops

Black Founder/Owner(s): Khalid Hamid and Shelly Marshall


Sometimes, self-care is not medicine, it can be a simple scoop of ice cream and that is what Island Pops has to offer. This Brooklyn-based ice cream shop brings the flavors of the Caribbean Island to your lips, with its range of gourmet ice cream. Their menu is 100% natural, and hand-crafted, with vegan options also. So, if you want to indulge yourself, try Island Pops.

Sanaia Applesauce

Black Founder/Owner(s): Keisha Smith


Keisha believes that "what we eat, provides us with the fuel we need to live the life we want," so she created Sanaia. Sanaia Applesauce presents a healthier, natural version of applesauce. This applesauce brand is plant-based, adapted for adult taste buds, fit for all ages, and comes in exotic fruit flavors. So, if you want dairy-free, natural-flavored applesauce, try Sanaia Applesauce.

Honey Pot

Black Founder/Owner(s): Beatrice Dixon


Beloved Black-owned feminine company Honey Pot was founded by Bea Dixon when she was having health issues that could not be solved by any more antibiotics. Her solution became an international phenomenon that continues to thousands of women from intimate problems surrounding periods, BV, and more.

Mama Glow

Black Founder/Owner(s): Latham Thomas


With Mama Glow, you have all the support you need for fertility, pregnancy and new motherhood. Mama Glow is a wellness and self-care brand that focuses on supporting childbearing women. It provides doula support to women during pregnancy, and after birth, and offers holistic wellness. The brand partners with some of the leading health organizations to provide modern health care support for women.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Melissa Hanna


Mahmee is a maternity healthcare startup that connects new and expecting parents to a care team. As an expecting parent, this brand can connect you to a Doula, Midwife, Pediatrician, Nurse, Obstetrician, etc. you can book a virtual appointment, In-Home visits, or office visit.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis


Naturade is committed to improving your health and well-being with natural, innovative products and supplements. Their range of supplements, vitamins, and beauty care products are formulated to improve the quality of your life and offer you a healthier way to live.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Carolyn Gray


Noirebud. CBD brands. Hemp-derived CBD products.

Noirebud caters to your self-care needs by providing everything you need for an elevated calm, from calming tropicals to herbal tea, and other wellness products. Its carefully selected range of CBD products is ethically produced and will ensure your all round wellness. If you want an unapologetic Black-owned brand, try Noirebud.

Orange Moon Wellness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michelle Mitchum MPH


The Orange Moon Wellness is a brand that empowers its clients to make better healthcare decisions. Clients have access to nutritional therapy from a certified professional, and the wellness plans are inclusive and comprehensive. If you need support in your health and wellness journey, look to the Orange Moon.

Simply Pure CBD

Black Founder/Owner(s): Wanda James


Simply Pure CBD brings effective and legitimate cannabis products of the purest quality to your doorstep. As the first Black-owned cannabis dispensary in Denver, it provides recreational marijuana and assures you that the products are safe and ethically produced. Its offerings are edibles, concentrates, merch, and even pre-rolled joints. If you have questions about marijuana use, the brand is also patient and willing to answer all your questions.

FoolProof Body

Black Founder/Owner(s): Courtney Adeleye


FoolProof Body is a Black-owned feminine wellness brand that provides everything from pads to supplements. This brand is a go-to if you need care and protection for your intimate, feminine moments.

Grounded Plants

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mignon Hemsley & Danuelle Doswell


Grounded plants believe in the therapeutic effect of plants on your physical and mental state. So, the brand offers a wide range of houseplants curated to purify the air in your home, reduce stress, and boost your creativity. This plant shop has a customer-first orientation, as it even curates the perfect plant pairing to match your love language.

The Jungalow

Black Founder/Owner(s): Justina Blakeney


The Jungalow promotes self-care through Home decor, art, apparel, gift, planters, and more. This brand wants to help you tap into your creativity, connect with nature and bring good vibes into your home. Plus, anytime you buy something from this store, they plant at least two trees.

Luck Thirteen Candle Company

Black Founder/Owner(s): Amina Mack


Luck Thirteen  Candle Company is a home decor company that is popular for its handcrafted 3-in-1 candles that turn into massage oils and moisturizers. These candles provide an atmosphere of relaxation, mental clarity, calmness, and relief of muscle aches. If you're pro-nature, you will love it here, because this brand's ingredients are all-natural, including shea butter, almond oil, cocoa butter, essential oil, soy wax, and fragrance. All products are safe on your skin, so there is nothing to worry about.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Rashia Bell


Re.Vityl has natural solutions to all your sleep problems and will help you to form a healthy sleep cycle to keep you energized for the day. Its range of products includes sleep masks, pillow pads, essential oils, etc., and they are scientifically proven to promote a good night's rest. The company uses naturally-derived sustainable products to help the environment while giving you a better life.

Rochelle Porter Design

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rochelle Porter


The Rochelle Porter brand boosts your confidence with a variety of products with vibrant designs that make you feel good. Indoors she has wallpaper, throw pillows, and other home goods that can help you relax. She’s also created vibrant athleisure designs that will keep you comfortable during workouts. You can get figure-flattering gym sets for every body size and decor for every room in your house from this brand.

Viva Wellness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jor-El Caraballo


Viva Wellness provides mental health and wellness therapy for its clients. The brand offers flexible therapy sessions and has an open line of communication even outside therapy sessions. You can get individual or couple's therapy here, and also access online resources for your physical and mental wellness.

Cornerstone Healing

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Peggy Regis Robinson

476 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States.


Cornerstone Healing is an acupuncture and wellness center that focuses on massage therapy, counseling, acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, etc., in a relaxing and inviting environment. At Cornerstone Healing, you will get personalized care from a trained team of experts with decades of experience.

Saha Selfccare

Black Founder/Owner(s): Charles Smith


Saha Self-care manufactures CBD products that are crafted to bring out the best in you. Their range of CBD products includes soft gels, pre-rolls, gumdrops, bath salts, and oil tinctures. Saha Self-care is the right brand for persons who need hemp-based wellness products to handle the daily stresses of life.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Leyon Azubuike

Gloveworx, 1415 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403, United States. https://www.gloveworx.com/.

Gloveworx is a modern boxing studio that is redefining self-care through fitness exercises. There are group training sessions and personalized workout sessions to provide care to everyone. Whether you want to be a pro-athlete or box for the fun of it, Gloveworx has the right training for you.

Get Loved Up

Black Founder/Owner(s): Koya Webb


Get Loved Up is an internationally-recognized wellness brand that encourages its clients to practice self-care and make healthy living a top priority. The goal of the organization is to reduce the number of people with chronic illnesses due to unhealthy lifestyles. Thus, it promotes holistic health, yoga, and a vegan lifestyle. If you want proper yoga training, or to take a holistic approach to life, Get Loved Up.

Alexandra Winbrush

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brittney Alexandra Winbush


Alexandra Winbrush does not only sell candles but is a self-care experience. The brand produces a range of luxury candles and tea blends, aimed to close the wellness gap and create positive energy and an uplifting environment in your home. Whenever you want to unwind, let Alexandra Winbrush do the heavy lifting for you.

Flickerwick Limited

Black Founder/Owner(s): Frances Gardiner

10 Hadley Heights Hadley Road, Barnet, England, EN5 5QH.


Flickerwick Limited is a maker of wellness products to create less stress and a calm atmosphere in your home. Its products include handmade soy candles, car and room diffusers, wax melts, etc. These products all have natural bases and are mixed with essential oils and high-quality fragrance, hand-poured into custom-made diffusers and candle jars. The company promises that their candles will help you relax from the stress of your daily life.

Seviin Yoga

Black Founder/Owner(s): LeNaya and Brandon Crawford


Come find your tribe, and maybe even a bae, at the realest, rawest hot yoga in Atlanta, GA. Seviin yoga started to transform how people feel after long days at work or stressful weeks. With each pose, you can release, detox, and let go so you leave feeling empowered.

Black Girls Breathing

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jasmine Marie


Black Girls Breathing is an online community for black women to breathe, heal, and grow together. It is a safe space for black women to manage their mental health and lessen their stress. This platform hosts virtual breathwork sessions for these women to breathe in a community and address the mental health issues affecting women of color.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tiffany Johnson


Moozii is a female-focused wellness brand that provides sustainable feminine care and wellness products to meet the needs of all womxn. Their range of products consisting of reusable period underwear, CBD oil, and reusable organic pads are made of natural, sustainable ingredients, and free of harsh chemicals. This brand provides affordable access to quality and safe feminine products.

Burning Bush Oils

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nikki and Antonio


Burning Bush Oils has one goal - to provide a holistic natural approach to wellness and health, through hemp-derived alternatives. Its CBD oils are perfect for alleviating pain, and its salves and tinctures are all infused with active cannabinoids to provide you with the relief you need. You can also get tablets of CBD gummies from this brand if you want alternative options. Burning Bush Oils products are THC free and fit for pets as well.

Harriet's Apothecary

Black Founder/Owner(s): Harriet Tubman and Adaku Utah


Harriet's Apothecary is a safe haven for black, indigenous, and people of color to center wellness, and healing it is an intergenerational collective of Black, Queer, and Trans healers, and health professionals. It wants to create a world where BIPOCs have the healing, power, and safety to live life on their terms.

The Green Toad Hemp

Black Founder/Owner(s): Reginald Reese


The Green Toad Hemp Farm is Georgia's first Black-owned hemp farm that is focused on cultivating and producing health and wellness products for you and I. CBD oil and supplements and hemp flowers are just some of the healthy options The Green Toad Hemp has for people everywhere.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tia Mowry


Anser is a wellness company that promises to provide an answer to your health and wellness needs through its range of supplements. Its product line, made for people who want to take charge of their health includes the Women's Multivitamin with a 60-day supply to give you a daily boost and keep you going all day, Heart Beet Superfoods Powder, Prenatal supplements, etc. Anser is the answer to all your health and self-care needs. Pun intended!

Pretty Healthy

Black Founder/Owner(s): Priscilla Joyce


Pretty Healthy is a wellness line that aims to keep your immune system strong, through its line of vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO vitamins. These vitamins contain ingredients to make your body look and feel better, and also improve your mood and sleep. Their range of products includes daily immune boosters with vitamins and probiotics, detox pills to aid digestion and improve skin and liver, vitamins laced with Chamomile to aid sleep, etc.   


Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Karleena Tuggle-McDaniel and Darian McDaniel


ProBLK is a health supplements company, owned and managed by black doctors to create a healthier black community. Their line of healthy vitamins is created with high-quality standards, exceeding all required certifications. If you're trying to be more health-conscious, go ProBLK.

Green Regimen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tyshawn Bryant


'Green regimen' is a wellness brand that believes that a healthy lifestyle begins from the inside. So, it develops plant-based products to keep you in optimal health. Its popular product is the protein powder which is a USDA-certified, 25g plant-based organic protein. If you're looking for a plant-based formula that works, try the green regimen.

Holistic Heights

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nadra-Rae


Holistic Heights is a wellness company that provides holistic health and nutrition counseling services. Their best-seller products like the Sea Moss and Bladderwrack supplements, Soursop tea, Sea Moss smoothie blend, etc., are vegan, natural, and good for building stronger bones and brighter smiles. Holistic Height will work with you to find the unique solutions you need to live in holistic wellness and health.

Synergy Nuvu

Black Founder/Owner(s): Corine Short


Synergy Nuvu makes healthy recipes, nutritional supplements, and fitness products to improve your health, performance, and fuel your fitness. Their smoothie and herbal blends are packed in fiber, healthy carbs, low sugar, and great taste. If you want fresh, healthy, natural recipes, join Synergy Nuvu.

Holmes Organics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Cory Holmes


Holmes Organics makes some of the best CBD Gummies and CBD Oils on the market. What makes this brand stand out is that its products are USDA certified, and contain no THC. So, if you're looking to try natural remedies for coping with stress and anxiety, you can try this Black-owned wellness brand.

Juice Joint

Black Founder/Owner(s): Krystal Hamlett & Matthew Lovett


Juice Joint takes a whole new angle to healthy living, by providing an array of healthy CBD-infused juices to make your health journey an exciting one. Some of its offerings are the Aloha punch, Strawberry lemonade, Mango, Pineapple, and ginger, all infused with full-spectrum CBD. From Juice Joint, you get a blend of natural and tropical fruit juices with a CBD blend. This is perfect for people who are transitioning to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Satan's Breath CBD Hot Sauce

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chef Paul Booker


It’s the CBD for us. If food is your form of self-care then this CBD-infused hot sauce could be your relaxation buddy with a hint of spice. Available in 5 bold flavors, with a combination of heat and CBD, the sauces are a subtle way for beginners to ease their way into the cannabis world.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Marc Washington


Everybody deserves to have great energy, a clear mind, and good metabolism, and you can trust Marc Washington to deliver all these with this healthy goodness. Muniq is a wellness startup that prioritizes public health and helps people to take control of their health. Through its nutritional shakes, Muniq offers a complete meal with a balanced mix of fiber, healthy fats, essential vitamins, minerals, and protein. If you want to make the switch to healthy eating, without doing too much, try the Muniq Nutritional Shakes.

Yoga With Minelli

Black Founder/Owner(s): Minelli Eustacio-Costa


Yoga with Minelli is redefining self-care through its cannabis-infused yoga classes which combine smoke sessions with yoga and meditation. The uncommon formula creates a strong connection between mind and body and provides relaxation and wellness for the body. However, you must be at least 21 to participate in these cannabis yoga classes.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shaun Nzeribe


PlantMade is a wellness brand created to introduce people of color to the world of wellness and health. The company transforms fruits into super-nutritious snacks and edibles, with the same nutritional benefits. So, their range of natural, hand-crafted superfoods are basically plants, only more delicious. They have a long list of products like vanilla-flavored protein powder, apple cider vinegar gummies, and super multivitamins. You can curate your own box of plant-made goodness.

Balanced Black Girl

Black Founder/Owner(s): LES


Balanced Black Girl is a podcast community that promises to help you find your balance. Sometimes, all the self-care you need is in your mind, and Balanced Black Girl is here to help, through affirmations, inspirational quotes, and conversations on health, wellness, and self-improvement.

Transparent & Black

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yasmine Jameelah


Transparent & Black is a wellness collective that creates a safe space for black people to heal from generational trauma. If the weight of it all is affecting your daily activities, and your life in general, you may need self-care from Transparent & Black. They plan to open a wellness studio in the future, but for now, you can only connect with them online.

I See You Wellness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mariam Mouna Guessous


I See You Wellness makes products to uplift your skin, soul, and spirit, using ancient healing technologies from Africa. It is also a healing sanctuary that provides accessible wellness and radical self-care to people of color. So, if you want to explore plant medicine, spiritual guidance, energy healing, and metaphysical teachings connect with this brand.

BK Yoga Club

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alicia Ferguson & Paris Alexandra


Yoga and fitness spaces. Online yoga classes in Brooklyn. Brooklyn yoga. Yoga studios near me.

BK Yoga Club is a body-positive yoga studio that promises to help you find your purpose on and off the mat. This women-owned studio fuses creativity and body positivity in their routines. It also offers online classes if you prefer to practice at home.

Body Space Fitness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kelvin Gary


Body Space Fitness is a fitness studio with world-class studios that will give you training techniques to match your level of fitness. If you are a beginner in the fitness journey, you will like it here, because they study your strengths and only recommend routines you can carry.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Percell Dugger


Goodwrk is a Black-owned wellness studio that provides private fitness training, group classes, and community workshops. It intends to make wellness more accessible, sustainable, and holistic. You can register for the classes online or visit the physical training centers.

Grillz and Granola

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chavonne Hodges


Grillz and Granola is a fitness company that caters to underrepresented women. These are the working-class women and women of color, usually not captured in popular fitness studios. This company offers group fitness classes, personal training, and corporate wellness programs. If you have a busy schedule but still want to keep fit, this company has you in mind.

Harlem Cycle

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tammeca Rochester


Harlem Cycle is an indoor cycling studio that is the first of its kind in Harlem. If you are interested in cycling, building cardio strength and mobility, and you live around, you may enjoy their affordable classes.

Iconoclast Fitness

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ngo Okafor


Iconoclast Fitness is a private training facility that offers only personal training to transform your body rapidly and get fast results. If you prefer to hold your fitness training without eyes on you, then, you will like this studio. As a plus, it also has an infrared sauna for a sweaty self-care session.

Spiked Spin & Wellness Co.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Briana Thompson


Spiked Spin is a fitness company that intends to create diversity in fitness while leaning heavily on hip-hop culture. This lifestyle fitness brand offers classes centered on self-awareness, confidence, and strength. They want you to have fun and be yourself while working out, and we can't think of anything better than that.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Selena Watkins


Socanomics brings excitement to fitness, through its Carnival-inspired dance routines inspired by Caribbean culture. They combine dance, energy, and fitness into their workout routines, making it easy for you to move your body and feel confident. So, if you want flexible ways of working out or keeping fit, try Socanomics.  

Karma Bliss

Black Founder/Owner(s): Devi Brown


There is beauty, peace and joy to be found around you. Karma Bliss is a collective service by Devi Brown that supports your healing and wholeness journey to becoming all that you should be. To constantly be in the know of what's up on the site, join Devi's newsletter to stay connected.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Ama Amo-Agyei


Why suffer from hair issues when there is Plantmade? The haircare empire, as it is otherwise referred to, makes plant-based hair and beard growth products for all hair types. Join Ama and her centuries-old wellness practice, and you will be on your way to good hair days.

True Moringa

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kwami Williams


Wellness on the inside, and outside, for people and the planet. Kwami Williams and co-founder Emily Cunningham built True Moringa believing health and wellness should be simple, affordable, and accessible to all.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Candace Spann


Take this from a woman just like you. Retress is made to address all hair issues from the inside-out & outside-in. With a combination of vitamins, shampoo, conditioner, and serum, Dr. Candace Spann has worked on an all-natural formula that will erase every trace of hair loss and stimulate growth.

Liha Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Abi Oyepitan & Liha Okunniwa


Abi and Liha are creating beauty products with a mixture of natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude. With an English mother Aromatherapist and strong roots in tradition, Liha Beauty helps you discover beauty secrets you didn't know existed.

My Mane

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rochelle Hamilton


Rochelle believes healthy hair is a lifestyle, and so My mane is her way of helping women of color keep their hair away from frizz and avoid other hair issues with her range of hair care products. Made from 100% mulberry silk and highest grade long fiber, the luxury Mane silk pillowcase is a must have.

Papa and Barkley CBD

Black Founder/Owner(s): Guy Rocourt


Looking for cannabis and CBD-rich products to manage pain and even more? Papa and Barkley CBD is your best bet. Choosing this brand means that you choose clean, whole-plant, artisanal products that will help you put your wellness first, every single day.



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When it comes to all things food, drinks, herbs, and snacks—it's clear we bring the flavor! The last few years have brought a number of Black-owned food products in retail but also a number of Black-owned grocery stores.

Try out some of these Black-owned grocery stores, foods products, and beverages, so your kitchen, kickback, or cookout is poppin' the right way.

Search these keywords to get started: 

grocery store canada, liquor store, recipe, baking, lemonade, rum, plantain.

Prince Ebeano

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sunday Egede and David Ojei


A very familiar name to residents in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, Prince Ebeano has now reached Canada. Prince Ebeano is a multicultural store and home to every need you might have. Whatever it is you need, ranging from children's items to homewares, beauty and cosmetics, foodstuff and even office supplies, you can try Prince Ebeano.

Beverage Depot Spirits

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tricia Waterton

6396 University Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35806, United States


This is your one-stop destination for beer, wine, and spirit at Huntsville. Whether you're celebrating with friends or relaxing by yourself, Beverage Depot Spirits has just the right drink for any occasion. You can also make orders online if you live in the area.

Premadonna Seasonings and Cookware

Black Founder/Owner(s): PreMadonna Thomas


For Premadonna, building this multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand was to show Black girls that they can aspire to do things and do them way better than those who came before them. Her brand offers products such as air fryers, deep fryers, and blenders. Also on her offer is a recipe bible and seasonings which have been endorsed by celebrities like Rihanna and the Kardashians.

Iya Foods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Toyin Kolawole


On a mission to share love with everyone by providing delicious foods, Iya Foods is encouraging a healthy lifestyle with its plant-based foods that are gluten-free, free from preservatives or anything artificial, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. The brand offers baking mixes, food powders, spices/seasonings, snacks, and various easy recipes you might want to try out for breakfast.

Yolélé foods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pierre Thiam


For Pierre Thiam, sharing culture through food is a passion he is willing to drive through Yolélé. In the spirit of buying Black, Yolélé bridges the gap between rural West African smallholder farmers (mainly women) and global markets, so they can not only share Africa's vibrant flavors, ingredients, and foods but also support themselves through agriculture.  

Cinnamon Leaf Food Hall

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kiera- Lorelle, Lewis, and Jay


For siblings Kiera- Lorelle, Lewis, and Jay, it has always been their desire to mix their West African and Caribbean roots with their love for organic and alternative foods together. If you're in Tottenham, then you can visit this vibe-friendly food hall that offers you healthy options to pick from.

Bibi Cash and Carry Supermarket

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tommy Makhatho


Opening its first store in 1988, Tommy Makhatho has since gone up from where he used to be, using his business enterprise to contribute positively to the community. The company has over 500 employees with other beneficiaries, as most of its stock is sourced from small local suppliers. At Bibi Cash and Carry, you're not just supporting a Black-owned business, but you're helping yourself to premium goods at lower prices.

Cuties Lemonade & More

Black Founder/Owner(s): Quincy Milam


For refreshing lemonade made from freshly-squeezed lemons in Phoenix, Cuties Lemonade is your best bet. This family-owned business offers a variety of lemonades infused with real fruit. And guess what! Their drinks are reasonably priced, too.

Las Olas

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sam Williams


Whether it is your big or little moment, Las Olas is all about spicing up your celebratory mood with its rich and fragrant spiced rum. Reviews have it that even if you aren't a rum person, you'd likely jump on this, so what are you waiting for?

Sunmo Snacks

Black Founder/Owner(s): Victoria Omobuwajo


If you are a gym lover or your active lifestyle leaves no room for you to cater to your health needs, then try Sunmo. The brand's mix of protein powder, drinks, and a variety of snacks is designed to keep you healthy on the go. "Eat good, feel good, do good," that's the mantra at this 100% natural food brand that caters to the 'work hard play harder' individual.

JW Package Store

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jarmaine Williams


Friendly staff and fair prices are a few of the things that makes JW Package store a great place to get liquor in Birmingham, Alabama. Do check in for a wide variety of liquor here.

Calabash Tea & Tonic

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sunyatta Amen


Calabash Tea & Tonic ushers you into a world of tea, kombucha, tonics, and other healthy drinks and beverages. They have snacks, spices, and snacks, which are sourced from all over the globe. Your patronage means a farmer somewhere is paid fairly well, and you get your stock at an affordable price.

Boutique Vino

Black Founder/Owner(s): Justus Benjamin


Boutique Vino sources wine from unique locations, thereby opening you to different varieties of wine you might not likely come across in regular stores. It is also a great hangout place.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Chris Gaither and Rebecca Fineman


Ungrafted invites you to a world of amazing drinks, alongside tasty dishes in a swanky, chic spot in San Francisco. For Chris and Rebecca, providing a fantastic guest experience is at the core of their offerings here at Ungrafted. It is a great place to taste and learn from winemakers.

Berry Bissap

Black Founder/Owner(s): Akua Kyerematen Nettey


A tad bit sweet w/ a kick of spice, Berry Bissap is a West African hibiscus drink with a twist. Don't worry, the traditional recipe is preserved, Akua Nettey is just adding more spiciness to give you that refreshing feel.

Berkins Blend Café

Black Founder/Owner(s): Andrea Hawkins


Whether for business meetings or catch-up with friends, this Black-owned establishment offers a wonderful coffee blend in a cozy space. Aside from a range of iced and hot drinks they have on sale, you can get sweet and savory options for breakfast and lunch.

Aslina Wines

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ntsiki Biyela


Aslina is wholly owned by Ntsiki Biyela, one of South Africa's award-winning winemakers. Ntsiki has not only shown her unique taste in wine but has gone ahead to pave the way for others in the South African wine industry. For your next celebratory moment, Aslina would be a good choice.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Philip Udeh


On a mission to provide the world with some "Feel güd energy," Füd is a natural energy drink inspired by founder Philip Udeh's struggle with chronic fatigue due to Sickle Cell Anaemia. Like Philip, maybe it's time to ditch that artificial energy drink for something that makes you feel güd.

The Juice Joint

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lanice Wilson and Renee Sellers


For smoothies, juices, and quality meals, be sure to visit The Juice Joint. They are committed to making healthy beverages at reasonable prices. Reviews have it that the Ginger Ade is a favorite, so if you'd like a taste of it, you can pre-order.

3 Parks Wine Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sarah Pierre


This Black-woman owned wine shop in Atlanta, Ga, offers you the best wine at reasonable prices. They also give you tips on how to make pairings, while offering you a background of the wines they have available. You're sure to find a favorite here.

The Gym Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Segun Akinwoleola


Inspired by his love for the gym and now realizing how intense it can be juggling eating healthy and keeping fit, Segun Akinwoleola fuels his passion in the Gym Kitchen by prepping high protein, macro-friendly meals for health-conscious individuals with an active lifestyle. His chicken Tikka which was among the first products he launched still manages to thrill the taste buds of customers. The ready-made meals can be found in several stores across the UK.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Raphael Dapaah


From Ghana to the world, these handcrafted chocolates are made from the finest organic cocoa in Ghana alongside premium ingredients sourced from across Africa and coconut milk which makes it suitable for lactose intolerant individuals and vegans alike. If you're a rum and chocolate person, this is a good pairing with Las Olas spiced rum.

Me & the Bees

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mikaila Ulmer


Who gets stung by a bee, twice, then decides to save them? Well, Mikaila Ulmer is no ordinary kid who became fascinated with bees and her great grandma's flaxseed lemonade recipe, which she put a twist on. Many years later, Me & the Bees has become a household name, and reviews say the Black cherry lemonade is as delicious as it comes.

Vintrendi Wine Company

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rick Nesbitt


We are talking about simple and uncomplicated wine over here. In a relaxing and comfy environment, Vintrendi Wine Company introduces you to a modern world of sweet wine, inspired by the need to please your taste buds. Visit them to enjoy great wine with family, friends, and colleagues.

Bed-Vyne Wine & Spirits

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rotimi Akinnuoye, Ayo Akinnuoye, Michael Brooks and Peter Medford


At Bed-Vyne Wine and Spirits, you can find well-selected small wine labels and spirits that have been arranged by taste categories, EASY PEASY! They also offer free weekly wine tasting. These are just some of the perks of contacting them.

Bottoms Up Wine & Spirits

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shaun McGee


Boasting an extensive collection, Bottoms Up Wine and Spirits is your safe bet to get quality drinks at great prices. You can ask questions from its staff who are well-versed in the art of wine and are at your service.

One True Maverick Vodka

Black Founder/Owner(s): James Luwagga


London born and bred, the bold and defiant brand is distilled not one but three times to create a full-bodied vodka that is smooth and sweet on the palette. One True Maverick welcomes you to enjoy vodka as vodka, without turning you into a mixologist.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Obi Ezeude


Known to be one of Nigeria's famous biscuits, Beloxxi is a great choice for both adults and children. The biscuit brand comes in cookies, cream crackers, and biscuits and can be a great pair with any tea of your choice.

Tribal Tastes

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kunle Adesua


Founder, Kunle Adesua brings West African cuisine to Australia with his delicious and mouth-watering easy meals that have got customers wanting more. From their easy meals to spices, Tribal Tastes is your best bet for your kitchen needs in Melbourne, Australia. Reviews have it that the delivery is quick, so what are you waiting for?

Chat's Liquors

Black Founder/Owner(s): Neil Chatlin


This is your one-stop shop for alcoholic beverages in the Washington DC area. They are Black-owned and operated, too. Check-in on them to explore a world of reasonably-priced drinks.

Corks and Cuvee Wine and Gift Shoppe

Black Founder/Owner(s): Regina Jones Jackson


Corks and Cuvee is a wine shop that offers retail wine by the bottle. In addition to this, they invite their patrons to partake in private wine tastings. With seasoned sommeliers, you can buff your knowledge of wine and become an aficionado yourself.

St. Marcus Fine South African Food and Wine

Black Founder/Owner(s): Emory St. Marcus


Since 1983 the South African shop has kept its promise to provide the best biltong in the UK. With supplies to more than 50 shops in the UK, St. Marcus is not only famous for its premium biltong but has become the one-stop marketplace for South African products such as Nik Naks, Ouma rusks, and Mrs. Balls.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Natasha Pencil


From experimenting in the kitchen and making Caribbean food everyone can enjoy, Taino is a handmade condiment brand that churns out syrups, chutneys, pickles, and sauces based on Caribbean recipes. Make your meal prep time fun and exciting with exciting flavors from this Caribbean-inspired, condiment brand.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Dj Sbu and Likhuleni Shongwe


The 100% Black-owned beverage brand was launched in 2014 by South African recording artists, Dj Sbu and Likhuleni Shongwe. Owing to the large consumption of energy drinks from Africa, the founders seized the opportunity to introduce a "made in black" energy drink which is locally made from its syrup to its packaging.  Feel the African energy through Mofaya.

Jenny Dawn Cellars LLC

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jennifer McDonald


With a gorgeous ambiance, Jenny Dawn Cellars offers patrons beautiful music and great wine flavors made in the winery. It can be your go-to place for date night, or if you want to hang out with friends, family, or co-workers. Following recommendations from their knowledgeable staff, you'll discover for yourself that there is wine for every occasion.  

Down the Rabbit Hole Wine Boutique

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jessica Green


This Black-founded business specializes in artisan wine from around the world. Be prepared to experience several flavors packaged in this wine shop at great prices. They deliver within the locale, as well.

Wilson's Lemonade

Black Founder/Owner(s): Oluwaseun & Oluwaseyi Abolaji


What's a gathering without Wilson's Lemonade? Coming in exciting and colorful bottles and flavors, Wilson's Lemonade is made for everyone. There is a high chance that you will find this bottle of goodness near you in any of the stores in Nigeria.

Ouma Rusks

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ouma Greyvensteyn


First produced in 1939, the snack still remains an all-time favorite of South Africans at home and abroad. Well, it doesn't have to stay with South Africa, you too can join in the dipping-time.

Harlem Wine Gallery

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pascal and Daneen Lewis


Learn more about wine at the Harlem Wine Gallery. The wine gallery presents varieties of wine from Black-owned wineries in the New York City metropolitan area and from other parts of the globe. The gallery also provides space for both private and community events, and you're welcome to the gallery's tastings every Friday from 6-8 pm.

Sip & Share Wines

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nicole Kearney


Sip and Share Wines makes it easy to become part of a community of wine lovers with their easy and uncomplicated wine varieties that complement your palates. Home of artisanal vegan wine in Indianapolis, Sip & Share Wines is a boutique winery that produces an array of handmade vegan wines. You can make purchases at their stores, too.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Valentine Ezenwa


At the core of Mocola's objectives is to provide you with a healthy option when you think of an energy beverage drink. Without compromising on taste and health, Valentine Ezenwa's Mocola is a rich blend of smooth cacao from Ecuador and kola nut from Nigeria. Next time you think of coffee, think Mocola.

Pitmaster LT's

Black Founder/Owner(s): Luther "LT" Tooks


Dip, dress, cook, or stir, these are just some of the ways you can enjoy your Pitmaster LT's. For that familiar taste, be sure to invite Pitmaster LT's to all your gatherings and celebrations, and keep everyone guessing what your secret is.

Off The Rox Wine & Beer Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jeryl and Ty Cole


Say hello to happy faces at this wine and beer boutique located in Baltimore. Off the Rox Wine & Beer Shop invites you to discover their colossal selection of wine and craft beers. Careful thought has been put into curating their collection that serves your local brands, small production wines, and some more of your favorites.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Denetrias "Dee" Charlemagne and Alex Doman


Thanks to Alex and Dee's friendship, we can say goodbye to boring, regular mixers. Avec surpasses your needs for a good drink mixer and chaser. These two friends turned co-founders of the brand are not just connecting you with friends over a delicious drink, but are doing all they can to leave fewer footprints on the planet with their production.

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Honey

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kam and Summer Johnson (The Johnson family)


Kam and Summer Johnson's daughter's allergies meant frequent visits to local beekeepers to get raw honey. This formed their curiosity that led to Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Honey which is named after their two daughters. It's nothing extra, just PURE, RAW HONEY, from bees.

The Urban Grape

Black Founder/Owner(s): TJ and Hadley Douglas


Dedicated to building community through beverage, discover for yourself a world of all kinds of wine at The Urban Grape. With great variety, at great prices, you are in for a treat. An award-winning wine shop, they are all about progressive drinking and building community.

Chika's Food

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chika Russell


Inspired by street food that can pass for snacks in her home country, Nigeria, and finding that African food is still under-presented in the global snack market, Chika is on a journey to change the story with CHIKA'S. There are varieties of snacks to pick from the brand, so you definitely will find an option.

House of Pure Vin

Black Founder/Owner(s): Regina Gaines, Terry Mullins and Andrea Dunbar


Known as Detroit's premier wine shop and located in the heart of Downtown, House of Pure Vin curates a vast wine and champagne collection. You are welcome to shop from their fine wine selection curated just for you, however, if they missed a spot for one of your favorites, place an order and you get to be a satisfied customer within a week.

OH-Mazing Food

Black Founder/Owner(s): Stephanie Williams


You too can create Oh-mazing moments with Stephanie's healthy snacks. You can enjoy these healthy options at any time and anywhere with friends and family.

Kumusha Wines

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tinashe Nyamudoka


It took a while for Tinashe Nyamudoka to build a relationship with wine, but once he did there was no going back, and thanks to that we have this celebratory wine with flavors that reminds the founder of home and gives you that chill vibe. Kumusha is produced in South Africa and can be found elsewhere in the US, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and the Netherlands.

Magna Wine Boutique

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brittany and Dre Wiley


Built on passion and love for wine, from the founder to the amazing team and the lovely atmosphere they create at Magna, you will surely be pleased with their carefully curated list of wines from 6 of the 7 continents. They also offer wine tasting events.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Maya French


There's so much goodness you get from every Koia bottle. It's dairy-free, packed with plant protein, gluten-free, low in sugar, and outrageously delicious. It's love at first sip.

Uncle Z Spice LLC 

Black Founder/Owner(s): Doug Z. Miller


Get everyone to ask you "how did you do it?" for your next party. Uncle Z Spice ushers you into a world of spices that would give your meals an amazing taste. Their spices are made from natural ingredients. Herbs and spices from Uncle Z add more flavor to your meals, you can also use them as marinades.

The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Amber Jackson


The Salúd tea is great for relaxation and helps regulate blood sugar levels, and so are many others on this brand's tea collection. With an aim to promote healthy living through teas and herbs, you can get great tea blends with unique flavors sold at affordable rates at The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop.

The Bean Bag Coffee and Tea Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Erin Anderson and Quentin Michael Dickerson


Start your day on a great note when you do breakfast at The Bean Bag Coffee and Tea shop. Serving coffee, tea, and cocktails, The Bean Bag Coffee and Tea Shop opens its patrons to a world of different varieties of beverages that are sure to make them keep coming back. They also offer desserts, smoothies, juices, and soups.

Maison Noir Wines

Black Founder/Owner(s): André Hueston Mack


Initially created for some of the best restaurants in New York of which founder, sommelier André Hueston Mack worked. The graffiti-wrapped bottles contain a blend of the finest grapes grown in Oregon wineries. Order online and get a hang of what the rave is really about the brand.

Darko Wines

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kwame Darko and Daniel Orrison


Just like childhood friends Kwame Darko and Daniel Orrison, Darko wines is your gentle reminder to stay inspired. The wine is a blend of Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, and Syrah.

Herby Box

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yemi Awopetu and Paul Otote


Show your body some TLC with these herbal super blends that work. Gift yourself or a loved one the herbal magic box and let's go back in time and experience the health benefits of herbs gifted by nature but rooted in science.

Eden Life

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nadayar Enegesi, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Silm Momoh


Living in a busy cities will make you understand why you need help to cater to your wellbeing with a product like Eden Life. Their packages which are aimed at reducing your workload and helping you focus on what's important to you while they take care of what you let them take care of like FOOD! Subscribe for a meal plan with Eden Life today, and get your money's worth with nutritious and healthy meals delivered to your doorstep.

Nora's African Groceries

Black Founder/Owner(s): Monica Boston


Currently the largest African retail store in the Carolinas and operating an online retail store that serves all 50 states, Nora's African Groceries stocks made in Africa products (such as food, hair, etc.) that are reasonably priced.

Grams Coffee and Tea

Black Founder/Owner(s): Edward Gray


You can be sure to get excellent prices, services, products, and huge smiles even behind the masks from the Baristas at Grams Coffee and Tea. Discover for yourself their extensive variety of coffee blends and tea. They serve desserts and tasty meals to go along with the delicious beverages they make.

Policy Kings Brewery

Black Founder/Owner(s): Deandre and Sara Ridgel


Visit Policy Kings Brewery for beers filled with lots of flavour and texture. Never a dull moment in this casual and friendly establishment, they have vinyl and trivia night, accompanied by live music. Building community and treating their patron's taste buds to creative styles of beer, ranging from their trademark tea beers to their classic West Coast IPAs, is the goal.

Pachamama Foods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tamara Egbedi


Get your family to eat right with healthy options from Pachamama Foods. No additives, no coloring, no artificial sugars, and non-GMO. Yes! You can be sure to stay healthy by eating clean, and that's what Pachamama is here for.

Equiano Rum

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ian Burrell


Remember Olaudah Equiano? Yes, the same guy who bought his way out of slavery selling rum. That's where the origin of this premium drink comes from. In honor of that, this world's first African and Caribbean rum represents everything Olaudah Equiano stood for; a visionary and resilient freedom fighter. It's interesting to note that as you "cheers to freedom" with this rum, you contribute to ground-level freedom and equality projects annually.

V Marks the Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Carmella Lanni and Carlo Giardina


Established in 2019, V Marks the Shop stocks a wide variety of vegan everything – food, chocolate, candy, and the list is endless. If you're a fan of vegan eating, do make sure to patronize them. The owners are friendly and welcoming.

OST Liquor Store

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chirs Cooper


At OST Liquor Store, you are greeted by diverse categories of beer, liquor, wine, and mixers sold at competitive prices. They have a helpful staff that is willing to walk you through your choices for what you require for whatever occasion you are shopping for.

Good Wine NYC

Black Founder/Owner(s): Heather Johnston


Having a wide range of beverages from mead to ciders and wine, you can be sure to get the best drink for any occasion. Enjoy their great meals paired with their amazing wine collection from different parts of the world.

Graft Wine Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Femi Oyediran


Great wine, great music, great conversations, YEAH! They passed the test. Graft Wine Shop invites you to experience up-to-par wines and beers served with tasty snacks. Owned by two sommeliers, you can be sure you are getting quality service and products that are totally worth the price.

Azzizahs Herbal Green Popcorn

Black Founder/Owner(s): Azzizah Rahim


Worried about snacking wrong? Azzizahs Herbal Green Popcorn is your safe bet when it comes to serving a midmorning or afternoon lunch which contains 1.4 ounces of Original Savoury Cheddar Popcorn and has only 100 calories. Shop this guilt-free low in calories, and high in nutrition savory snack in a store near you in Los Angeles.

Asami Tea Shop

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ola Atilola


Based on African roots that are better for your body, Asami tea combines naturally grown herbs and tea to give you goodness in a cup. Feeling bloated or struggling with indigestion? Let Asami tea help you with that.

Wazobia African Market

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tunde Fasina


Whether it's African food, groceries, or spices you want, this African grocery store has got you covered. Living away from home is made easy with their services. Located in Houston, Wazobia African Market is a grocery store that makes African food accessible to members of the public who are interested in them. Their items are affordable and you can also place orders online.

Egunsi Foods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yemisi Awosan


West African flavors in your kitchen with just a snap of your fingers, that's what Egunsi Foods does for you. If you're in New York, try these Ready-To-Heat Grab-N-Go authentic food brands with no artificial preservatives or colourings. Thanks to Yemisi, you don't have to miss West African home-style cooking.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Anzazi Kiti


Need that one spice for your African, European, American, or Chinese dish? Try Chibundiro. Made from coriander, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, onions, cumin seeds, cardamoms, black pepper, cloves, and natural oils, the brand has 6 different products that will serve you perfectly for any occasion.

Capital City 

Black Founder/Owner(s): Arsha and Charles JOnes


Mambo sauce, like go-go music, is a staple in D.C. area restaurants. This sauce company decided to take that flavor around the nation with Capital City mambo sauce. 

Buy Better Foods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Myriam Simpierre


This is just one of the several food stores providing access to healthy living in the U.S. You deserve to eat better and live better, and that's what Buy Better Foods is here for. You are welcome to shop a variety of Black-owned products, vegan foods, herbs, and supplements.

Happy Cork

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sunshine Foss


Happy Cork introduces its customers to an impressive collection of the best wines and spirits in the area. With a knowledgeable staff, you are certain of getting the right drink for any event you have in mind.

Purple Corkscrew

Black Founder/Owner(s): Steffini Bethea


Enjoy a cozy ambiance at Purple Corkscrew. They have amazing beverages paired with palatable dishes. You can have events in their space, too. Tasting events also take place here. If you're new in the area and looking to build new friendships, it's a great place to meet people.

RichWine RVA

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kristen Gardner Beal & Lance Lemon


Rich Wine is an online wine retailer that aims to expose its clientele to clean crafted, palatable wines from different regions. Providing a thoughtfully selected array of wine for everyone, you can be sure to find a wine that suits every mood. And oh! They deliver within a day or two within the area.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jannette Young


Wine-O offers you an impressive array of wines from different parts of the world, whether you're a wine expert or a novice, you're welcome to try something new or regular for your taste buds. They also do not intend to drive your pockets insane as their prices fit any budget.

Wachira Wines

Black Founder/Owner(s): Christine Wachira


Staying true to their roots is at the core of this Kenyan American winery based in the U.S. Founded in 2017, the premium wine celebrates its dual ancestry, taking you on a Californian adventure infused with a safari across the Kenyan savannah. You're also welcome to wine tastings.

LS Cream Liqueur

Black Founder/Owner(s): Myriam Jean-Baptiste and Stevens Charles


From Haiti with love. This is a perfect blend of spices and traditions inspired by Haitian cremas (an ancestral recipe native to Haitians). Visit their store locator, creamls.com, to find the closest location near you.  

Aga's Wholesome Food

Black Founder/Owner(s): Oluebube Akah


Try this 100% natural beverage and seasoning powders from nutrient-dense foods grown in Africa and you will never go back to the artificial way. The Nigerian-based food brand is targeted at healthy living enthusiasts, both young and old.

The Spice Suite

Black Founder/Owner(s): Angel Gregorio


Visit The Spice Suit for a vast array of spices, sauces, and herbs for your meals. The vibe is warm and welcoming, and you can get recommendations from their staff in the event you might not have a clear idea of what spice, herb, or sauce would give your meals the boost it needs.

OMG Lemonade

Black Founder/Owner(s): Layla Quick


OMG Lemonade produces natural beverages with fruitful flavor pops that includes an herbal delicious line. Enjoy!

Bonitas Treats

Black Founder/Owner(s): Winifred Isichei


Healthy snacks with a fun twist. This low in sugar and without preservatives snack brand can be used as cake and parfait toppings as well. You're sure to get hooked on one or all of the brand's products.

Man Must Wak

Black Founder/Owner(s): Charles Amamgbo


The African Caribbean Food Market, fondly known as Man Must Wak, specializes in authentic African and Caribbean food products. They have been serving the communities in the bay area and beyond with great seasonings and hard-to-find grains. They also have recipe cards available to assist you in making delicious mouth-watering dishes. Items there are reasonably priced, too.

Mandela Grocery Cooperative

Black Founder/Owner(s): Andrea Talley


Mandela Grocery Cooperative is a co-op grocery specializing in affordable, organic fare & health-conscious prepared foods. It is operated, centrally governed, and democratically controlled by its worker-owners. It sources its products from local farmers to keep the money circulating within the local economy.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Courtney Adeleye


Imagine having a pinch of toffee, caramel, and vanilla alongside a dash of top-secret amazing flavors in your cup! Yeah, that's the experience Cool Coffee Clique creates for you coffee lovers. Join the clique of strong and flavourful coffee connoisseurs who enjoy a rich blend of flavored beans, processed with care for that great taste. Well, if you're not big on coffee, the Clique can present you with a unique selection of teas and hot cocoa to select from.

Tubby's Taste

Black Founder/Owner(s): Danielle Tubbs


Tubby's taste sells vegan cookies made with organic ingredients, unique flavors, and heavily inspired by Jamaican stories. If you're trying to stay healthy and looking for an all-inclusive food brand, buy Tubby's Taste.

Reel Fruit

Black Founder/Owner(s): Affiong Williams


Don't miss out on awesome, delightful moments with these Reel Fruit snacks as you catch up with friends. Available in Nigeria and now in the USA, you'd be happy you joined the clique of delightness in a pack.  

Red Bay Coffee

Black Founder/Owner(s): Keba Konte


Red Bay Coffee is a premium roasted coffee brand that guarantees to brighten up your day. These coffee beans are made in small batches and sent out immediately to make sure it stays fresh when it gets to you. The brand samples every batch against high standards for quality, flavor, and consistency.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Bartholomew Jones & Renata Henderson


Nothing beats an early morning pick-me-up from CxffeeBlack. Made from the best, high-quality coffee beans derived from Ethiopia, the brand wants to teach you to appreciate coffee and Black people. The brand also uses the bulk of its profits to support people of color. So, this is a business you may want to support.

BLK & Bold

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pernell Cezar & Rod Johnson


BLK & Bold wants to give you tools to make your life better, through a daily cup of quality coffee, or tea. From its proceeds, the brand gives back to the Black community, to sustain youth development and eradicate homelessness.

Partake Foods

Black Founder/Owner(s): Denise Woodard


If you're passionate about eating clean food like Denise Woodard, then you can trust Partake Foods. The company specializes in vegan, allergy-friendly, super delicious cookies. Their line of products is health-conscious and free of the popular 12 allergens, gluten-free, and non-GMO. If you want to indulge yourself, but in a healthy way, buy partake foods.

Callaloo Box

Black Founder/Owner(s): Malika & Jamila


For founders and sisters, Malika and Jamila, food was a way to stay connected to the culture while away in New York City. Adding to the fact that they could easily access local products from home, the duo started Callaloo Box as a way to keep lovers of Caribbean spices and food products hooked at all times, even in the diaspora. The online grocery and subscription box offers spices, condiments, and snacks that are delivered to your doorstep.

Southern Culture Kitchen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Erica Barrett


After realizing that there was a lack of quality breakfast options on the shelves of grocery stores, Erica Barrett decided it was time to share the Southern culture vibes of good breakfast ideas. Her brand products are made for real cooking and you can join her on youtube for new recipes.

EXAU Olive Oil

Black Founder/Owner(s): Giuseppe and Skyler


Exau Olive Oil produces high-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil. If you're concerned about having a healthy plate from start to finish, then you should consider having this family-owned business on your kitchen shelf.

Vicky Cakes

Black Founder/Owner(s): Christian and Cortney


Why go through the troubles of measuring and mixing ingredients just to get the perfect pancake batter when you can enjoy Vicky Cakes? Made with wholesome ingredients, Vicky Cakes is a pancake and waffle mix you and the family will enjoy.

Mama Biscuit

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lesley Riley


Get ready for a mix of flavourful, scrumptious, tasty biscuits. This America's Top Gourmet Biscuit Maker offers you a range of biscuits to choose from, the trouble is you'll have a hard time picking a favorite, so enjoy!

It's Nola

Black Founder/Owner(s): Margaret Barrow


Margaret Barrow had always been a healthy kid, so it wasn't surprising when she started this line of healthy snacks. It's Nola makes chewy granola snack bites, using ordinary ingredients to make an extraordinary snacking experience for you and me.



Responsive image

The beauty industry has a long history of excluding people of color. Things have very much changed, and now finding your shade, tone, or a specific beauty need can be found at Black-owned beauty companies.

We have put together a range of Black cosmetic, skincare, and haircare businesses we know you should absolutely give your money to and are constantly pushing boundaries for major inclusivity in the industry.

Keep that face card top-tier by patronizing products or services from these 100 Black beauty companies.

Search these keywords to get started: 

stick foundation, cruelty free beauty, dark spot treatment, black soap, kids sunscreen, braiding hair.

Derm Opal

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dr. Leslie Nteta


Love up on your skin with the Derm Opal range of skincare products. Their products are for everyone, with special touches that appreciate melanin skin. Their sunscreen is a favorite; oil-free with no residue in sight. Make sure to give them a try.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Dorion Renaud


Buttah gives melanin skin the attention it deserves. Buttah serves both men and women of color who want an enriched beauty regimen with a dash of confidence and soul. Save more coins by shopping with BUttah! They offer a 20% discount on referrals.

Black Opal (BLK/OPL)

Black Founder/Owner(s): Desiree Rogers and Cheryl Mayberry-McKissack


Black Opal is made for melanin-rich skin. It is formulated to provide options for darker women of color, with specific skin needs like oil control and hyperpigmentation. This beauty company is the point where creativity meets perfection, and it boasts of unique plant-based heavily-pigmented products.  For quality and affordable skincare and makeup products, try Black Opal.

Adesha Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sharon Ade


Everyone deserves to fall in love with their bodies every day. Well, that explains why this black-owned beauty brand combines West African and western cultures to provide luxury, yet affordable skincare products that leave your skin feeling soft and glowing, while you feel confident.

Hyper Skin

Black Founder/Owner(s): Desiree Verdejo


Hyper Skin has products formulated to solve common skin issues like hyperpigmentation and produce real results. The brand is focused on diversity, catering to black and brown skin which has been left out of the beauty conversation. Hyper Skin focuses on formulas to treat unique skin issues, with a combination of tested clinical ingredients and natural botanicals.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Ayo Ogun


Soultanicals is a vegan, toxin-free hair and body care company created by Ayo Ogun for kids and adults. Its products include invigorating cleansers, strand-revitalizing conditioners, cleansers, and other hair and body care products. The brand focuses on the problems associated with multi-textured hair and is perfect for women with such concerns.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tutuwa Ahwoi & Thato Tau


Nokware understands that beauty comes in different colors, shapes and sizes, which is why they have built skincare products for all skin types. They also preach sustainability from their use of natural, organic ingredients to their packaging which is made from degradable and recyclable materials; thus leaving little or no trace on the environment.

Latched & Hooked

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tiffany Gatlin


Latched & Hooked provides non-toxic, ready-to-wear synthetic braiding hair extensions. Their unique braiding hair has a smooth texture which makes it easy to braid. The brand also has other products like hair clip-on, crochet hair extensions, etc. Get Latched & Hooked, if you want to switch up your hair game.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shontay Lundy


Black Girl Sunscreen creates sun protection products for your everyday skincare routine. These products fight against hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and sun damage which can have long-term consequences. The sunscreen contains natural ingredients like jojoba oil, avocado, and sunflower oil. If you want a sunscreen that protects you and your family from sun rays, with no white cast, and can also serve as a moisturizing lotion, buy Black Girl Sunscreen.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Vernon G. and Jeremiah Regis


SOSS which stands for "So Organic, So Suave," is an unapologetic brand sold out to the Black community. You can say this one is for the culture. Every man deserves to feel and look good, and SOSS is sold out to offering grooming products for Black men and their families.

Shea Moisture

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sofi Tucker


Shea Moisture offers a pathway for Black men and women to get their beauty game on, through its products made from a blend of natural products and rejuvenating ingredients. With products free from sulfates, parabens, and other harmful products, you are guaranteed a supple and better skin texture.

The Doux

Black Founder/Owner(s): Maya Smith


Maya is a certified O.G in the world of Cosmetology, with 27 years in the industry and contact with several hair textures. You can be rest assured that you're in safe hands. No matter what condition your hair is, Maya has got you covered with her revamping techniques and hair solutions.

Fenty Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Robyn Fenty

425 Market St FL 19 San Francisco, CA, 94105-2425 United States.


For lightweight, cruelty-free cosmetic and skincare products to have fun with, you should absolutely try Rihanna's brainchild. Fenty Beauty is an all-inclusive cosmetic brand that specializes in creating beauty products for hard-to-match skin tones, universal shades, and all skin types. Their range of products includes makeup and skincare essentials alike.  


Black Founder/Owner(s): Ciara Imani May  


Rebundle is a brand that is revolutionizing hair extensions, providing more comfort and less waste. The brand believes that its customers deserve to have peace of mind while wearing braids. So, their braiding hair is made of biodegradable, non-toxic plants which are better for the environment and your scalp. If you want more comfort and less waste, Rebundle.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Joycee Awosika


Joycee Awosika founded Oríkì in 2015 with a passion to create an African beauty brand that could compete with global brands, and YES! Oríkì falls nothing short of that. From its beauty products to spa services that it offers in the city of Lagos, the woman-owned brand is setting standards for other African brands to tap into. If you're in the area on a business trip or just passing by, ensure to cast your cares away and treat yourself to some goodness at their luxury spa.

The PuffCuff

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ceata Lash


The PuffCuff champions self-love through damage-free, painless hair styling tools for persons with curly, thick, or textured hair. Its main product is The PuffCuff which is a hair clamp that works with the fullness of your hair, and not against it. If you want your curls to stay in place, The PuffCuff has the right tools to do just that.

The Crayon Case

Black Founder/Owner(s): Raynell Seward


As the name implies, The Crayon Case gets its inspiration from the classroom and makes products that emulate school supplies. Some of the brand's products are brushes, eye shadow, lashes, eyeliner, etc. the Matte Book palette has 26 different matte eyeshadows, giving you many options… like a crayon case.

Shea Radiance

Black Founder/Owner(s): Funlayo Alabi


Shea Radiance moved from a search for effective natural body care products for eczema and dry skin to changing the world, one jar at a time. Its secret lies in the effectiveness of unrefined African shea butter, better described as a healing balm, and the benefits of the African black soap. Persons who love easy-to-apply vegan, natural products will love this brand.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tristan Walker


Thanks to this grooming range of products specifically crafted for black men, now your skin doesn't have to feel irritated when it's clean-up day. It's safe to say that with the Bevel kit, clean-up day is a feel-good day. Bevel has since acquired by Proctor & Gamble.

Maréna Beauté

Black Founder/Owner(s): Diarry Marena


Created as a response to finding less quality makeup brands in the market that attend to the needs of darker skin women, this Swedish-based cosmetic brand is exclusively for women of color.

Burke Avenue

Black Founder/Owner(s): Craig the Barber


From being a 'Master barber' to Hollywood's most famous faces, and experiencing the damage most grooming products cause to the skin, Craig has gone on to do something really unique. His line of shaving products provides real-time healing, superior all-day moisture, and fights the effects of darkening of the skin and irritation. What more could you want?

Pear Nova

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rachel James


Pear Nova is a product of Rachel's love for art and elegance. Since its launch in December 2012, the goal has remained the same: to build a global beauty brand that celebrates all skin tones while creating healthy, luxury nail + self-care products.

Goodman Factory

Black Founder/Owner(s): Malik Agboola and Rizzy


Over here it's not just about skincare, Malik and Rizzy are forming a community of Goodmen that practice conscious self-care. This is skincare from the inside out for men that want to feel good all-round.

The Perfect Hair

Black Founder/Owner(s): Taryn Gill


As Black girls, we all know how tough it can be to groom natural hair. Finding the right product doesn't just happen instantly, but hey! Better days are here, thanks to The Perfect Hair. Made up of a selection of locally made natural hair care products and essential African oils, this premium brand is designed with YOU in mind, to give you happy, healthy hair.

Laws of Nature Cosmetics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jasmine Rose


After discovering her mom had metastatic breast cancer, Jasmine Rose decided it was time Black women took control of what they included in their beauty regimen. Laws of Nature Cosmetics offers vegan mineral makeup that promises to amplify your natural beauty. The cruelty-free brand offers weightless and long-wearing products ranging from foundations with different levels of coverage to eyeshadows, volumizing mascara, and even brow wax pomade. For affordable, non-toxic, plant-based products created for women of color, try this brand.

Aaron Wallace

Black Founder/Owner(s): Aaron Wallace


The award-winning natural hair and skin care products for Black men was launched in 2016, to provide skin and hair care solutions to Black men like the founder who couldn't access these types of products. Since its launch, the brand has improved and reformulated including premium natural products to give you the best in skin and haircare.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Ndidi Obidoa & Chinelo Chidozie


Celebrating natural beauty is at the core of this women-owned brand that is designed to give you the confidence you need while being comfortable in your skin. Bolden is a skincare brand that promises the secret to healthy and glowing skin. Their range of products includes moisturizers with SPF, toners, and even sulfate-free cleansers for acne-prone and oily skin. If you're looking to build a solid skincare routine with melanin-friendly products, try Bolden.

54 Thrones

Black Founder/Owner(s): Christina Funke Tegbe


As its name implies, this company pays homage to diverse and rich African beauty rituals, by formulating skincare products from plants grown across Africa. It is quite pricey because it's a luxury brand, but this Black-owned business is worth every dollar. If you're on the lookout for botanical skincare products like face and body oils, cleansing masks, and even beauty water, you can start the search at 54 Thrones.

Wild Seed Botanicals

Black Founder/Owner(s): Laila Amakye Mensah


No Parabens. No Artificial Fragrances. No Synthetics, just the power of nature infused in Wild Seed Botanicals to heal, restore and nourish your skin. The London-based brand handmakes all its products in small batches which ensures that no nutrient is lost and the products are delivered in purest portions to your skin.

Dzordzoe Skincare

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jennifer Aforla


Dzordzoe translates to 'perfect' in Ewe (a local dialect in Ghana), and yes, this is just the perfect, organic skincare product handmade just for Black women.

Scotch Porter

Black Founder/Owner(s): Calvin Quallis


If you haven't tried it yet, the Scotch Porter brand has the everyday essentials that you need to keep your beard looking good and healthy. Starting out from his barbershop, Calvin Quallis' desire to provide a solution to skin problems that his clients encountered led him to this wellness discovery.

Ayele & Co

Black Founder/Owner(s): Danielle Bahi


Formerly Bahi Cosmetics, Ayele & Co identifies as a natural skincare and beauty company that sells a range of beauty products like serums, glow lotions, and soaps for every skin color. The brand offers affordable skincare for all, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. There is no target audience, except that the goal has been and still is to boost your confidence by delivering products that heal not just your skin but your soul.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Naana Boakye, Abena Slowe, and Akua Okunseinde


Karité is a Black-owned shea butter-based moisturizer manufacturing company. Its all-natural products contain high concentrations of pure shea butter and palm oil sourced from Ghana. These ingredients are blended with unrefined coconut oil and other natural ingredients to produce a healing moisturizing balm. If you're looking for natural skin care products with no harsh chemicals, buy Karité.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Darnell Henderson


While serving in the U.S Navy, Darnell Henderson discovered how daunting it was to groom his beards with little or no stress, coupled with extra physical activities he had to deal with. The requirement to shave daily left him with inflamed skin that wasn't part of his plan. Himistry is an answer to him and other men like him who want to look and feel their best.

Nash and Pino

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alicia Williams


Nash and Pino offer vegan, cruelty-free nail lacquer. The products are made without harmful chemicals that prevent chipping. Instead, the team uses gluten-free, vegan, and non-toxic materials in production. The Black-owned business is perfect for persons that want to incorporate a clean, yet stylish beauty routine. And oh! It's safe for the little ones too, so you can have your 'mommy and daughter' moments.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Patrick Boateng II


Level up your skincare routine with this skincare brand made from original ingredients, one of which is Ceylon also known as Black tea. Ceylon creates easy-to-use skincare products for men of color. Thanks to this skincare brand, now you can have healthy skin with no struggle.

Tailored Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Keya James


Tailored Beauty is a natural hair care product line that is suitable for women of all ages. From hair vitamins to hair remedy serums, and curling creams, Tailored Beauty is the go-to for healthy hair.

KNC Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kristen Noel Crawley


KNC Beauty promises to keep you effortlessly fresh and naturally cute, whether with a lip or eye mask. Their range of affordable products is infused with the best ingredients like retinol and collagen to give your skin the pampering it deserves.

Oui The People

Black Founder/Owner(s): Karen Young


Oui The People is a luxury brand specializing in shaving products for women. Their products like shaving razors and toners for sensitive skin are environmentally-friendly, promising a sophisticated shaving experience.

Aura Lotus

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alixzondra Samuda


Now you don't have to worry about leaving lipstick stains on your teeth or checking every 5 minutes to see if your lipstick is still where you last saw it on your face. Thanks to the cosmetic brand that makes sure you have a fantastic day looking and feeling gorgeous. Previously known as MUDD Beauty, Aura-Lotus creates a healthier way to enhance your beauty without compromising your health.

TPH by Taraji

Black Founder/Owner(s): Taraji P. Henson


Looking to work your way through growing your natural hair? your worries are over. With TPH by Taraji, you've been taken care of from your scalp to the tip of your hair. TPH is a hair care company that focuses on scalp care for healthy hair. Their products include scalp and hair scrubs, mint and hydrating conditioners, etc. Black women who want working solutions to common health issues will also benefit from the TPH range of products.

Pat McGrath Labs

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pat McGrath


You know the list will be incomplete if we don't talk about the "mother of makeup," Pat McGrath. Aside from setting the pace in the art of makeup, globally, the brand boasts high-performance cosmetics, like lipsticks, eyeshadows, and highlighters. Running since 2016, their options are a perfect fit for warm-toned women of color. Recently, they named Naomi Campbell as brand ambassador.

Coloured Raine Cosmetics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Loraine R. Dowdy


Coloured Raine produces vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics with high pigmentation. Its range of products like eyeshadows, highlighters, eyelashes, moisturizing lipsticks, etc. is formulated with all skin tones in mind. As the brand believes in diversity, these products are a perfect fit for women of color.

Twist It Up Comb

Black Founder/Owner(s): Noel Durity


Still letting your barber use the regular sponge to curl up your hair? Twist It Up Comb doesn't just give you value for your money but makes sure that you keep neat hair. It is easy to wash and can last for several years, so what are you waiting for?

Beautystat Cosmetics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ron Robinson


With Beautystat you don't have to go anywhere else for your skincare products, from face to body, they've got you covered. From serums to moisture boost creams, the brand is suitable for all skin types. It is perfect for women who want to feel comfortable in their skin.

Epara Skincare

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ozohu Adoh


Epara is a UK-based skincare brand with deep roots in the Ebira dialect of Nigeria. The luxury skincare brand caters to women of color, with products made of organic and natural ingredients from Nigeria, and Africa. The brand's goal is to "nourish and protect," as proven by its products which leave skin hydrated and moisturized. Women with hydration and hyperpigmentation issues will find this brand useful.

Tama Cosmetics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Senyo Kpelly & Michael Kafui Bulla


Tama is made from premium quality, unrefined shea butter by women in Northern Ghana. The brand believes in simplicity and so the products are made using simple ingredients and formulas that meet international standards. Try Tama today, and thank us later.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Karamo Brown


Mantl was inspired by baldies like you. Tired of stereotypes and myths that tag along with being bald? Try Mantl and get your confidence back, just like that.

B. Simone Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): B. Simone


B.Simone Beauty is a Black-owned brand that specializes in lip essentials, like glosses, lip pencils, lip mattes, lashes, and other beauty accessories like makeup bags. Women looking for an affordable brand that can rival luxury brands should absolutely check this out.  

Pattern Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tracee Ellis Ross


All the right combos you need for your juicy, joyful, and healthy hair, right here at Tracee Ellis Ross' hair care brand. Pattern Beauty includes a treatment collection to protect and preserve natural hair, a styling collection, and a wash day collection to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

Mented Cosmetics

Black Founder/Owner(s): KJ Miller & Amanda Johnson


Find your perfect nude lipsticks here at Mented cosmetics, because they were made with you in mind. Mented cosmetics make beauty products for deeper skin tones, from the perfect nude lipstick shades perfect for Black women to pigmented foundations. Its products are vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

Suki Suki Naturals

Black Founder/Owner(s): Linda Gieskes-Mwamba


It was either a chemically induced hair product, a ridiculously expensive one, or both for Linda Gieskes-Mwamba on her quest to treat her hair into an afro. Being unable to go with either option formed the brand's first product, the Miraculous Oil. Since 2014, the South African-based brand has grown into an all-natural, toxic-free luxury product that is perfect for your skin and hair.

Beard ConnecX

Black Founder/Owner(s): Justina Naik and Katrena Lawford


If you're wondering or imagining ways you can connect your mind to your product, you can try this men's grooming skincare brand. Beard ConnecX is made from artificial products that will leave your skin feeling fresh all day long.

Modara Naturals

Black Founder/Owner(s): Abiola Desalu


The name Modara is translated to mean 'I do awesome things,' in Yoruba and that pretty much sums up what this handmade, 100% natural ingredient product does to your skin.

G For Men

Black Founder/Owner(s): Tony Thompson


Inspired by art, hip hop, and social consciousness, Tony Thompson provides hair and skin solutions you didn't know you needed. On the website, you will find a range of products that your skin will thank you for.

Dehiya Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mia Chae Reddy Ph.D


Imagined in Morocco and made in California. Dehiya Beauty is a vegan skincare line that is heavily inspired by ancient beauty rituals. The brand merges old beauty traditions with modern practices to produce healthy, supple, and radiant skin.

Luv Scrub

Black Founder/Owner(s): Caroline Owusu-Ansah


Luv Scrub is a mesh exfoliating sheet that replaces the traditional loofah. It taps into the rich historical West African skincare routines and promises smooth skin. It comes in five colors - black, dark purple, coral, pink, and mint green.

Pholk Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Niambi Cacchioli


Pholk Beauty is an affordable, vegan skincare line that provides soul food for the skin. The brand provides skincare products like cleansers and face wash, inspired by beauty rituals originating from Africa.

By Joy Adenuga

Black Founder/Owner(s): Joy Adenuga


Start our makeup journey with this promising brand. By Joy Adenuga presents a brush collection, created by UK-based Pro MUA, Joy Adenuga. The brand sells a range of brushes for the perfect face beat, such as the Multi-use Duo Face Brush Set (two brushes), the Full Multi-Use Brush Set (10 brushes), and the Arewa Brush Set (Nine Brushes).

Want more? They also have a Solid Brush Soap that makes cleaning your makeup brushes easier. 

Holly Hall Supply Co. Organic Beard Oil

Black Founder/Owner(s): Justin Moore


When Justin Moore couldn't find skincare that worked for him, Holly Hall Supply was his answer. If you've got sensitive skin or are still struggling to fix your skincare routine, do yourself some good with this brand and let your skin thank you for it.

Mr. Blackmans

Black Founder/Owner(s): Marc Belle


Men's beauty regimen has become easier with Mr Blackmans. But thanks to Mr Blackmans and again, to Mother Nature for saving the day. This men's grooming product is handmade from the founder's Bajan home using natural ingredients. Keep your face hydrated and moisturized while on the go, with Mr Blackmans facial care grooming kit.   

Ace Beaute

Black Founder/Owner(s): Niye Aniekan-Attang


Ace Beaute is a beauty brand that believes that all people should have fun with makeup.  It provides high-quality products that cater to a wide spectrum of individuals, allowing them to express themselves through makeup. Its products include lashes and eyeshadow palettes and the brand refuses to sacrifice quality for quantity. Buy high-quality;  buy Ace Beaute.

Undefined Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dorian Morris


Undefined beauty fuses plant magic with active ingredients, to produce plant-based skin solutions. The brand's products contain hemp derivatives, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and fruit extracts. Their collection of skincare and makeup products is free of sulfates, artificial dyes, and fragrances.

Oyin Handmade

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jamyla Bennu


Oyin Handmade uses naturally sourced ingredients to produce hair care products for textured hair. Its Honey Wash Hydrating Shampoo contains pure honey and quinoa protein to strengthen and moisturize hair. Other products include shampoo, conditioners, pomades, deodorants, etc., which are gentle, cruelty-free, and contain skin-loving ingredients like hydrating glycerine, castor seed oil, and green tea extract. If you want to care for your hair with natural products, try Oyin Handmade.

Neter Gold

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michael Nightwing


If you're looking to avoid hair breakage, then you should pay attention to the skin from where your hair grows. Free from artificial ingredients and fragrances, Neter Gold has the perfect ingredients to feed your hair and soul.

R and R Luxury

Black Founder/Owner(s): Valerie Obaze


There's something for everyone here. Whether you're focused on your hair and skin or just focused on having moisturized lips for the day, R & R has got you covered with their range of products made from shea butter and other African natural ingredients.

Bevans Grooming Essentials

Black Founder/Owner(s): Karim Bevans


From the Master barber himself, Karim Bevans. If you struggle with grooming your beards, Karim found a solution for you with his range of men grooming products.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Crystal Waters


Made in the USA, Boyface by Crystal Waters is an easy-to-use skincare brand that will maintain healthy skin for you or the men in your life. Got a damaged skin? Boyface repairs dry and damaged skin.

Gilded Body

Black Founder/Owner(s): Blair Armstrong


Gilded Body offers safe and effective body care products for women. Its range of products includes a skin-brightening body polish, a body balm for dry skin, and even a mixing palette for makeup. The body balm for instance contains high concentrations of shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and squalene to provide moisture to really dry skin.

Frederick Benjamin Grooming

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michael James


Frederick Benjamin Grooming is a brand that aims to make Black men comfortable by providing them with safe, high-quality hair and shaving products. These products are free of harmful chemicals and irritants and infused with natural oils to clean the hair and scalp without stripping. They also fight bacteria and calm aggravated skin. Some of these products include after-shave gels, beard oils, and aftershave bump treatments.

Chris Collins

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chris Collins


Looking for that perfect fragrance that keeps you in mystery and charm and serves all occasions, Chris Collins is the perfect brand. Each fragrance is a creation made up of individual notes coming together in an alchemic way to give you that mystery you can't explain. For the men in your life, Chris Collins is the perfect gift.

Janet & Jo

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kendra Woolridge


Janet & Jo offers a clean alternative to regular nail polish. Its ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free, and do not contain the toxic carcinogens present in traditional nail products. The luxury nail lacquer brand offers women healthier alternatives without compromising on vibrancy or quality.

Vernon François

Black Founder/Owner(s): Vernon Francois


Vernon François is a haircare brand that provides styling products, tools, and accessories for natural, textured, and curly hair. Some of the brand's offerings are a protective silk cap and a microfiber towel that is perfect for fragile curls. Its hair care products like the Shimmer and Shine Spray hydrate and nourishes hair with ingredients like baobab seed oil, leaving a noticeable sheen.

Nyakio Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nyako Kamoche Grieco


Nyakio Beauty is a vegan skincare line that uses 13 major ingredients from around the world to soothe and protect the skin. For instance, the Quinoa Depuffing & Firming Eye Cream contains Peruvian quinoa, coffee extracts, and coconut oil to soothe the under-eye area, making the user appear more awake. For plant-based vegan skincare products, buy Nyakio.

Love Your Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Camille


To feel good inside is to look good outside. Founder of Love Your Beauty, Camille, created this business while learning more about herself and finding ways to feel beautiful. LYB offers you wellness and lifestyle products that empower you to be the woman you ought to be.

Chick Cosmetics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nomfundo Njibe


There's no better time to start your skincare routine than now with this beauty brand that is designed. Curated and assembled in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded in 2018, Nomfundo Njibe is changing how women view beauty with her affordable, yet luxurious skincare brand.

Unsun Cosmetics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Katonya Breaux


Unsun Cosmetics is a line of sun care products for darker skin tones. It has a range of mineral sunscreens for all skin shades, formulated with the safest ingredients, these ingredients include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, for lightweight, undetectable skin protection. Women who want no chemical, white cast, or double shades can get the best mineral sunscreens from Unsun.

Base Butter

Black Founder/Owner(s): She'Neil Johnson & Nicolette Graves


Believing skincare to be an empowering movement, Base butter offers customers tools to combat skin issues. Its Radiance Face Jelly regulates sebum and adds hydration to the skin, making it perfect for combination and oily skin. Women who have other specific skin issues can go through their website for more options.

Kurly Klips

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lana Boone


Kurly Klips is a natural curly clip-in human hair extension line. It gives women the freedom to change their looks at any time, unlike the regular sew-in. All you have to do is install and take it out in minutes. One set is perfect for small heads while larger heads may need two sets. Kurly Klips do not put pressure on your hair; so, it is perfect for women that care a lot about their hair.

UOMA Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sharon Chuter


Uoma celebrates the beauty of being Black by providing makeup products that cater to the unique needs of skin of any shade. Its products include eye shadows, lipsticks, liners, brow products, etc. The beauty brand aims to change the rules of diversity and inclusivity, one product at a time.

You Go Natural

Black Founder/Owner(s): Monique Little


You Go Natural is a Black-owned natural hair accessories brand. They sell satin-lined headwraps that provide your hair with special care. You go natural is fit for women that want to look good and protect their hair at the same time. These headwraps are good for lounging at home or on the go.

Anita Grant

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anita Grant


Anita Grant is a UK-based hair and skincare brand that caters to afro skin and hair. Its products are nutrient-rich, with antioxidant ingredients sourced from organic suppliers. Some of its components are the Vanilla Creamy Cafe Latte Leave-in Detangler Conditioner, Bentonite Clay for Skin & Hair, Neroli Orange Blossom Tonic, etc. Transform your hair and skincare game with Anita Grant.

Danessa Myricks Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Danessa Myricks


Danessa Myricks Beauty is a brand that seeks to break boundaries and build a world of beauty for all races, genders, and ages. Everything you need for a perfect face, from eyeshadows, and pigments in both liquid and powder forms are available at Danessa Myricks Beauty.

Bomba Curls

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lulu Cordero


Bomba Curls is a green hair care line that offers biodegradable, sustainable, non-toxic hair care products. Their unique products are formed to reduce breakage, damage, and shrinkage and maximize length retention. If you want healthy and well-defined curls, get some Bomba Curls.

Skin Alchemists

Black Founder/Owner(s): Theresa Edward


Experience the power of plants in your skincare. Skin Alchemists is all about quality ingredients in their ratios, formulated into what becomes part of your skincare regimen. Born from the founder's need to experience a holistic lifestyle and live out her aunt's ancient herbal practices, the brand offers you nature at its best.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Akua Asiedua Asare


From bath time to whenever, Shimirose offers you a range of toxin-free products that keep your skin refreshed without having to go the chemical way. With shea butter being the predominant ingredient here, the brand ensures to source from some of the best hands in Northern Ghana. Also, it employs sustainable approaches in its packaging to ensure the environment stays healthy also.

Range Beauty

Black Founder/Owner(s): Alicia Scott


Range Beauty is the go-to brand for sensitive, eczema-prone skin. It offers a range of products that will work for your skin, like the True Intentions Hydrating Foundation, Bali Full Body Glow, etc. Range beauty is a revolution of skin products infused with ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin.

Beneath Your Mask

Black Founder/Owner(s): Dana Jackson


Beneath Your Mask will revitalize and nourish your skin with pure, non-toxic ingredients. Their serums contain a mix of hydrating oils, like safflower, sage, hemp seed, rosehip, etc. So, you are guaranteed pure, natural products that will transform your skin and hair.

Beauty Bakerie

Black Founder/Owner(s): Cashmere Nicole


Beauty Bakerie is a makeup brand that intends to sweeten the life of its users. You can totally transform your makeup game from an offering of setting powders, hydrating concealers, lip whips, etc.

Antonia Burrell

Black Founder/Owner(s): Antonia Burrell


Healthy, happy, and glowing skin is what this brand is built for. All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced not just to improve the quality of your skin, but your personal wellbeing. Remember when you look good, you feel good.

Savoir Faire

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chris Classic


Proudly Made in Atlanta, these perfumes are not mass produced but handmade by Chris Classic for you and only you.

Freya and Bailey

Black Founder/Owner(s): Abbie Oguntade


Learning firsthand about the impact stress has on the skin, Abbie Oguntade is dishing out a skincare regimen through Freya and Bailey that takes care of your skin, health, and wellbeing. Thanks to her, you don't have to let the stress of the world keep you from glowing. Find out what works best for you on their beauty range, as not one shoe fits all.

Salt Spray Soap Co.

Black Founder/Owner(s): Genelle John


Salt Spray Soap Co. sells typical island scents in the form of body butter, soap, scrubs, lip balms, etc. All their products are made with natural, moisturizing ingredients. The salt scrub, for instance, is an emulsified blend. So, when water hits your body, the scrub takes on a lotion-like texture. So, if you want soothing skin, look into Salt Spray Soap Co. products.

The Lip Bar

Black Founder/Owner(s): Melissa Butler


The Lip Bar is the right brand for women that want edgy lipstick shades with organic and healthy ingredients. Their products are made from organic shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil, which are all 100% vegan. Apart from all these, the company also stocks other items you will need for a full face beat - foundation, highlighter, mascara, etc. The Lip Bar even has a bronzer that pops on darker skin tones. It is the right brand for women of color to patronize.

Bread Beauty Supply

Black Founder/Owner(s): Maeva Heim


Bread Beauty Supply provides hair care basics for not-so-basic hair. They offer the essentials, shampoo, oil to moisturize your hair, and deep conditioner. So, if you want to embrace your frizz, try Bread Beauty Supply.

Equi Botanics

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ekwy Chukwuji-Nnene


Repair damaged hair, in a natural way. Equi Botanics is a brand that can help you get softer, thicker, fuller hair, and a healthy scalp. Its products are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, packed with concentrated botanicals. Examples are the Babassu Deep Treatment Hair Masque, Marula Oil Leave-in Conditioner, Baobab detangler & cleanser, etc. if you're looking to grow softer, thicker, and fuller hair, shop at Equi Botanics.

Rosen Skincare

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jamika Martin


Rosen skincare is formulated for women of color with difficult skin issues like acne. Better described as a cleaner and more thoughtful acne care brand, it aims to naturally boost your confidence by leaving clear skin for you. Its products are created with formulas inspired by modern research, and would not strip your skin as other skincare products would.

Nguvu Shea Care

Black Founder/Owner(s): Freditta Apeagyei


Treat your skin and hair to some Nguvu Shea Care made with love in Ghana and shipped to different parts of the globe. It is just the right skincare and hair brand for him and her, there is something for everyone here. Like the name which translates to 'strength,' this brand is made for you to rely on for your beauty needs.

Yummy Extensions

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yummie Okunfulure (Yummie O)


Yummy Extensions provides frontals, bundles, closures, clip-ins, and wigs. These come in five textures - curly, body wave, straight, wavy, blow out (kinky-straight). You can get a variety of colors like bleach blonde, dark brown, and medium brown which can be dyed into any other color.

Nature Boy

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jacob Quetant


As the name implies, Nature Boy is made out of natural ingredients to care for your hair and skin. After Jacob couldn't find products that could make grooming his beards and skin stress-free, he opted to start up a personal beauty brand that will cater to his skin and hair care needs, and here we are today!



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Black people set the trends. Our bodies create the measurements for curvy. Our skin tone designs color palettes and color blocking. The world is our creative space. Yet, our style is often stolen by others, not hailed and celebrated.

We didn’t want to wait to honor the work of those living our ancestors’ wildest dreams on the runway. So let’s dive right into celebrating 100 fashion brands built by Black men and women. 

Search these keywords to get started: 

leather handbags, party dress, gold jewelry, denim, vintage, swimwear, nigerian tailor.

Winston Leather

Black Founder/Owner(s): Winston Udeagha


Descending from a lineage of leather suppliers to big brands; Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren — Winston Udeagha, began this journey with the goal to bring affordable, luxury leather accessories closer to the motherland.

Shades of Shades

Black Founder/Owner(s): Marsha Douglas-Sydnor


What's easy at Shades of Shades, and their best feature, is their eyewear complex finder helps you find a shade of nude that suits you. What's hard is that you'll find it difficult to make a choice out of their beautiful selection.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Anifa Mvuemba


First inspired by her mother, the Congolese-born designer creates clothing for women without limits. Known for her unconventional trajectory in the fashion industry, Anifa Mvuemba started off as a self-taught designer before setting up to create pieces that have graced the figures of Bella Hadid, Zendaya, and Tracee Ellis Ross to mention a few.

Oma the Label

Black Founder/Owner(s): Neumi Anekhe


Oma the Label offers body pieces and jewelry designed with intentionality and mindfulness. Known for its minimal designs and bold gold jewels, Oma has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and New York Magazine, just to mention a few.

Milano Di Rouge

Black Founder/Owner(s): Milan Rouge


If streetwear is your thing, then Milano Di Rouge is your answer. The unisex clothing brand offers forward-thinking luxury streetwear for fashion enthusiasts in international and local markets.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shilla Kim-Parker and Brad Mallow


Thrilling is fashion's one-stop shop for sourcing vintage and thrift items from boutiques across the United States. By shopping at Thrilling you are reducing the environmental impact by 75%, supporting small businesses, and also saving up on purchases by buying affordable second-hand fashion accessories and clothing.

Riot Swim

Black Founder/Owner(s): Monti Landers


Riot Swim is an all-in-one athleisure and swimwear brand that makes you stand out while feeling confident in their second-skin feel, and soft fabrics. At Riot Swim, there's a spot for every female body size, skin tone, or coverage preference.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Sandrah Tubobereni

Awudu Ekpekha Blvd St, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lagos, Nigeria.


Best known for her traditional African bridal dresses, TUBO also specializes in creating exceptional ready-to-wear pieces. Her designs are a reflection of sophistication, elegance, and contemporary women.

the underargument

Black Founder/Owner(s): Maïna Cissé


The Underargument likes to remind women to embrace their individuality, and go against the norm. What better way to preach this than to create beautiful undergarments so close to our skin, that they remind us of who we are.

Andrea Iyamah

Black Founder/Owner(s): Andrea Dumebi Iyamah


Inspired by travels, nature, and ethnic culture, Andrea Iyamah stays consistent in making authentic clothing and leisure wear that celebrates the founder's African roots and beyond. Operating since 2011, the brand consists of resort wear, clothing, and swimwear.

Kai collective

Black Founder/Owner(s): Fisayo Longe


Attainable clothing with luxury aesthetics by @fisayolonge. With no formal fashion training, Fisayo's designs are so appealing, especially if you're looking for something fresh and different.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Tehilah Abakasanga


With pieces screaming Be bold! Be beautiful! Be fabulous! Whether it's laying in bed, draped in one of the brand's luxurious satin PJ sets, or soaking up the sun on an exotic beach in one of their fabulous and extensive swim options, ÖFUURË, has got you covered.

Fear of God

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jerry Lorenzo


With no formal training in fashion, Lorenzo walks into the fashion scene with his debut collection that got the attention of Virgil Abloh, and will later go on to work with Kanye West on pieces for his Yeezus collection. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar have also been part of the streetwear brand's journey to fame, you too can enjoy these timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Zelie for She

Black Founder/Owner(s): Elann Zelie


Inspired by not having enough options for herself as a plus-size lady, Elann Zelie took up the task of designing and creating pieces for plus-size women who want to unapologetically express and embrace their individuality. What makes the brand even more unique is that all designs are made in limited quantities.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Jeniece Blanchet


Through Jeblanc, Jeniece Blanchet is creating jewelry that doesn't follow the rules. Every piece of jewelry is versatile, and can be worn in different ways; a body chain today becomes a belt tomorrow. For Blanchet, it is important that every of her creative and sculptural pieces of jewelry reflects.  

Jolie Noire

Black Founder/Owner(s): Keyondra and Kim


In French, Jolie noire means pretty black which translates to 'black is beautiful' as the brand's statement. Following the presumption that black signifies negativity, this brand believes "Colour is something that doesn't come pre-labeled, we label it... At Jolie Noire we choose to believe that black, like other colors, is beautiful!"


Black Founder/Owner(s): Amber Tolliver

447 Broadway, 2nd Fl #144. New York, NY 10013


As the name implies, Liberté is more than just a lingerie brand, it is a liberation for women to feel comfortable in a stylish way. Born out of a need to create lingerie for women overlooked by the traditional American market, it is a place where freedom meets chic. So, if you're looking for a brand that doesn't have to sacrifice comfort for sexy and chic, then welcome to Liberté.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Marshay Clarke


For Buzzoms, bras do not necessarily have to be an option for any woman of any size. Stemming from uncomfortable bras, Buzzoms saves the day by creating a sizing model based on real women's bodies. With extensive research on the bust, waist, and hip measurements of over 100 women of various shapes and sizes, they have been able to craft a unique size guide that matches your bust and body to the best proportions, alongside the use of comfortable and breathable materials, this brand screams "we've got you, sis."


Black Founder/Owner(s): Daymond John, Carlton E. Brown, J. Alexander Martin & Keith C. Perrin


Chances are that you heard about the FUBU brand, but have you had a feel of this streetwear brand that defied the odds to create apparel for Blacks by Blacks? With a break that came after the fame, FUBU is set to come back with a classic to remind its lovers what they missed and reintroduce itself to a younger customer base.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Chari Cuthbert


For the woman who appreciates simplicity, yet demands luxury, Bychari is more than just a jewelry line as it is a way for women to create and share their stories. Worn by individuals that define what style is, this luxury jewelry brand is fast becoming a household name.

Anya Lust

Black Founder/Owner(s): Krystle Kotara


Launched in December 2015, Anya Lust is a lingerie brand created for "free-spirited women to revel in pleasure and all that makes life so incredibly beautiful." It features over 30 coveted designers from around the globe and also boasts of an in-house collection. Based in New York, the fascinating brand also offers men a guide to select what she'll love. With the aim to give back to society, the brand collaborates with Free the Girls (an international NGO), to advance women and girls across the globe.

Nicole Shante

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shante Nicole Bullock

117 W. 9th street Los Angeles, CA 90015


Looking to feel powerfully beautiful? Then head over to Nicole Shante. The Los Angeles Based brand which is inspired by strong women, focuses on crafting timeless, luxury garments, which the founder refers to as "investment pieces." With the woman of color in mind, this brand believes every woman should be able to express her individuality in a unique and confident way through clothes.

Peju Obasa

Black Founder/Owner(s): Peju Obasa


Knitwear designer, Peju Obasa infuses her rich Nigerian heritage into her one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that clearly speak of tradition and culture. Ranging from fishing nets to oak wood and Econyl chunky yarn, the handcrafted women's wear and accessory brand uses sustainable methods to birth quality designs.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Arielle Claudine


With patronage from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, this swimwear brand founded in 2019 is set to dominate its world with its ethically-made pieces. Inspired by nature, every piece is handmade by a small knit group of women from the living room of the founder, Arielle Claudine, and delivered to you in 100% compostable packaging.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Mapate Diop


Feeling far away from your West African roots? Try Diop. Diop is a reflection of a West African living in a space between his heritage and American society. It is a brand that showcases the confluence of both worlds. This streetwear is inspired by the designer's background in Nigeria and his mother's effort in keeping his roots/true identity alive through African prints.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Akosua Afriyie-Kumi


Founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi in Kumasi, Ghana. Aaks introduces the world to traditional Ghanaian weaving techniques. Handcrafted by the women of Ghana, the brand is a fusion of the founder's heritage and her artistic form of weaving. Through details, color, and shape, Aaks tells stories of fashion embedded in tradition and culture.

Zou xou

Black Founder/Owner(s): Katherine Theobalds


Founded by Katherine Theobalds, this minimalist shoe brand specializes in using premium materials and age-long techniques in crafting small batches of comfortable footwear that could last you a lifetime. Because they are handcrafted, you can easily say the shoes are made with love.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Sade Mims


If you are looking for the old in the new, then Edas might just be what you need. This eclectic, innovative brand which officially commenced operations in 2013, is known for its unconventional fashion statements which its accessories and jewelry leave on clothes. Through a mix-match of cultures, inspirations, and stories, founder Sade Mims has been able to create timeless pieces that resonate with a wide range of people.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Camille Perry


Tove is a minimalist, contemporary brand with versatile designs for the modern woman. Founded in 2019 by Camille Perry and Holly Wright, this environmental-friendly brand preaches sustainability through its careful sourcing of the "finest quality natural, organic and recycled fabrics with environmental and social certifications, and manufacturing is mainly at source to keep carbon footprint to a minimum." Taking out of their years of experience in the fashion industry, the founders of this brand prioritize what real women need in their wardrobes for their daily activities.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Grisel Paula


This missy and plus-size fashion brand believes every woman deserves to look fabulous regardless of their size. No wonder the slogan #sexyforall became popular after the brand's launch in 2014, which became a movement to bring about size diversity awareness in the industry. Their sizes range from 0-32, and they pride themselves on super-fast shipping and 30 days refund policy.

Naclo apparel

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jamie Williams and Charles Royals


Created amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, by Jamie Williams and Charles Royals. This creative loungewear was conceived by the duo in a bid to equip themselves for the future by tapping into their creative technique; bleach processing in creating comfortable and functional clothing.

Re Ona

Black Founder/Owner(s): Christina and Philiscia Abayomi


Re Ona is a women's ready-to-wear brand that offers designs that transition effortlessly from work to play. Whether it be a body suit or a tank top, the super soft, comfortable clothing's a must-have for all seasons.

Adore Adorn

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sasha V


Heavily inspired by the designer's memories, this jewelry brand designs 'with love' statement jewels with precious stones and gems. Rooted in family values and a passion to make adornments, each piece of jewelry tells a unique story.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Edvin Thompson


Theophilio is a contemporary, unisex brand based in Brooklyn. Ranging from flared-leg trousers to colorful netted outfits and T-shirts, the brand is a fusion of the designer's Jamaican heritage and New York's progressive culture.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Zainab Ashadu


Zashadu is a sustainable luxury brand that specializes in hand-crafted leather bags. With materials locally sourced from tanneries in Northern Nigeria, these exotic pieces are made using traditional techniques passed down from generations.

par Bronté Laurent

Black Founder/Owner(s): Bronté Laurent


From taking lonely walks, to having intimate dinners, Par Bronté Laurent is that brand that makes you feel confident yet sensual. The summery outdoor clothing brand adds comfort to its aesthetics.

Fanm Mon

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sophia Demirtas


Known for its dreamy, colorful, fairy-tale designs, Fanm Mon offers a very feminine and sensual look. Watch out, because in a Fanm Mon dress you might just start swinging and twirling around.

Anima Iris

Black Founder/Owner(s): Wilglory Tanjong


In response to questions about her identity and her place in the globe, Wilglory Tanjong built the luxury bag brand, Anima Iris. Industrializing Africa through retail, every piece is carefully handcrafted by seasoned artisans in Dakar, Senegal. Launched amid the pandemic in 2020, and with its exceptional pieces, Anima Iris is redefining luxury fashion and including Africa in it.

Sai Sankoh

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sai Sankoh


After several years of blogging about fashion and working as a fashion consultant, Sai Sankoh launched her brand in 2018 which is a blend of vintage style and contemporary fashion. Her recent collection featuring kaftans and two-piece sets in vibrant colors, draws inspiration from her home country, Sierra Leone.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Patrick Robinson


At Paskho, we believe there are better ways to make clothes. Designing comfortable wear in a sustainable and socially acceptable way seats at the top priority of this brand. Paskho which is a Greek word for passion is a unisex brand founded by a lover of nature, thus putting the environment in great consideration while making clothes that could last you a lifetime.

Lisa Folawiyo

Black Founder/Owner(s): Lisa Folawiyo


Spearheading the fashion industry in Nigeria, Lisa Folawiyo is a global womenswear and accessories brand that is known for transforming traditional West African fabrics into modern cuts with ornaments, crystals, and beads, all tailored by professionals in Nigeria.

Sika Designs

Black Founder/Owner(s): Phyllis Taylor


Looking for a one-stop shop for your closet? You'll find that and more at Sika. From womenswear to men, children, and home accessories, the Ghanaian-based brand is pushing forward the "made in Africa" narrative.

Sunlight Muse

Black Founder/Owner(s): Raika Jiha


Take your swimwear collection up a notch with this unconventionally-designed swimsuit. With the female physique in mind, the designs are made to flatter the curves of a woman.

Salone Monet

Black Founder/Owner(s): Salone Monet


Every closet deserves that one fashion accessory that rocks all items. With fans like Keke Palmer, Beyonce Knowles, and Gabrielle Union, the color-inclusive nude heels make luxury footwear for all skin tones and all outfits.

Asata Maisé

Black Founder/Owner(s): Asata Maisé Beeks


Asata Maisé's out-of-the-box ability to mix-match patterns and fabrics is why this 'ongoing project' as she prefers to call her brand is not going away anytime soon. Grounded in slow fashion, adorned by her work of art means you are sure to stand out in the crowd.

Shane Justin Collection

Black Founder/Owner(s): Shane Justin


All about glitz and glamour, the Shane Justin Collection which is also known as Dare To Be Vintage, has its extravagant form-fitting dresses worn by celebrities across the globe. Your body too can enjoy the feel of these luxury pieces at reasonable rates from the online boutique or one of the Shane Justin store locations.

JBD Apparel

Black Founder/Owner(s): Saudia Islam


Get to know the comfortable knitwear brand that had Kim Kardashian in a chokehold at one point. Their reinvention of a classic fabric into even cozier fashion is something to admire.


Black Founder/Owner(s): James Flemons


Phlemuns creates designs that will last a lifetime. The founder's designs are relatable as he reinvents what is already in existence.

Come Back as a Flower

Black Founder/Owner(s): Esper


Creating every piece of clothing with the earth in mind, this proudly Black-owned brand uses 100% recycled cotton and other ethical methods to produce eco-friendly apparel.

Humans Before Handles

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ash Sims


Ear candy that puts people before profit. How amazing is that?

LaQuan Smith

Black Founder/Owner(s): LaQuan Smith


Inspired by women and well-tailored clothing, this male designer in a woman's closet, has gone through life's journey to bring a remarkable sense of style to the world of women's fashion. His distinctive work has captured the hearts of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, to name a few.

Brother Vellies

Black Founder/Owner(s): Aurora James

71 Franklin Street. Brooklyn, NY 11222.


Handmade across different parts of the globe, Brother Vellies offers timeless, foot wears embedded in African history, alongside creating sustainable artisanal jobs.

Half Baked

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kim Fraser


Become a Half Baked babe in one of these comfortable and sexy swimwear by Kim Fraser. Every piece is made with both comfort, style and you in mind. What's even more exciting is that you can email customer service anytime for a piece to be restocked just for you. How cool is that?


Black Founder/Owner(s): Abbey Foray


Founder, Abbey Foray is not new to the struggles that come with finding stylish, modern clothes that flatter the petite figure. Created for the petite woman, this little angel brand is dedicated to designing timeless, high-quality garments in feminine silhouettes for women under 5'4''.

Thelma West

Black Founder/Owner(s): Thelma West


It is hard to find people of color in this space, but Nigerian-born Thelma West is breaking the ice with this luxury jewelry brand which has gained the attraction of Rihanna's fingers.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Clare and Christina Kimeze


Joining a host of color-inclusive fashion brands, Kimeze is a luxury eyewear brand specially crafted for Black faces. The handcrafted eyewear comes in 3 shapes: the Cat Eye, the Metal, and the Oval, and also a range of selected colors to suit black skin tones.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Shola Asante


Every foot regardless of size should be allowed to experience comfort and beauty in well-fit shoes. SANTE + WADE designs and creates quality shoes that come in sizes EU 38-46, at fair prices.

April & Alex

Black Founder/Owner(s): Didi Akin


If powerful, edgy, confident yet stylish defines you, then you qualify to be an April & Alex woman.

Titi Adesa

Black Founder/Owner(s): Titi Adesa


If you love luxury, you'll love Titi Adesa, as every detail of this luxury-footwear brand reflects the impeccable, luxurious taste of its founder, Titi Adesa. Investing 2 years in learning the nitty-gritty of shoe grafting, Titi Adesa is thoroughly invested in giving you your money's worth.  

Petit Kouraj

Black Founder/Owner(s): Nasrin Jean-Baptiste


Organic cotton net, leather, and rayon fringe are some of the things that define this piece of creative artwork. They are uniquely and ethically produced in Haiti.

Aissata Levi Ibrahima

Black Founder/Owner(s): Aissata Ibrahima


Aissata's love for design is heavily reflected in her well-cut clothing which she designs for masculine and feminine physiques. Her clothes, which encourage individuality while focusing on craftsmanship, are an artful twist on traditional gender stereotypes; "endowing strength to femininity and delicacy to masculinity."


Black Founder/Owner(s): Reni (Abina) Kekere-Ekun

Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.


Offering you fashion at different sizes for all shapes is just one of the perks of shopping at Rendoll. Another one is that you are guaranteed to turn heads when you walk into a room.

Dye Lab

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rukky Ladoja

2 Musa Yar' Adua St, Victoria Island, Lagos


Known for its signature agbada and kimono designs, the slow-fashion clothing brand explores dyeing techniques to produce artisanal, colorful, and comfortable fashion attires.

Farai London

Black Founder/Owner(s): Mary-Ann Msengi


Kylie Jenner is already a fan. If glamorously showing off skin is your thing, then Farai London is your brand exclusively made with unique prints and cuts for the adventurous spirit.  

Ozwald Boateng

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ozwald Boateng


Say Hello! to one of the most recognisable names in the fashion industry. Best known for his trademark twist on classic tailoring and bespoke styles, Ozwald Boateng's dynamic tailoring knows no end. Rooted in Savile Row traditions but defined by international style, the brand has had a transformational impact on menswear fashion for over 3 decades and still counting.

Loudbrand Studios

Black Founder/Owner(s): Jedidiah Duyile


The 'Kylie Jenner' effect came upon this brand that crafts exclusive wears in rich, exciting colors that represent her Nigerian-Ghanaian heritage.

Daily Paper

Black Founder/Owner(s): Hussein Suleiman, Jefferson Osei and Abderrahmane Trabsini


Based in Amsterdam, three friends are connecting their African roots to their Amsterdam upbringing with this clothing line, you can be part of. The fast-rising brand offers timeless designs to both men and women ranging from accessories to ready-to-wear and more.

Chaos and Colour

Black Founder/Owner(s): Pariss Cozier


Based in Bristol, the ethical clothing brand is a celebration of color, eco-friendly materials, and traditional cloth-making techniques. The goal is to produce garments without destroying the environment or enslaving those who are part of the cloth-making process.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Dolapo

Kemp House. 160 City Road. London.


From sizing issues to the sheer lack of choice offered when shopping for fuller-bust women, Taideaux is made for the fuller-bust woman with style. With Taideaux you no longer have to settle for just anything off the shelf, now you have a say with style.

SoulVisionary Jewellery

Black Founder/Owner(s):


Whether it is a gift for you or for someone special, Soulvisionary has got you sorted with their handcrafted jewelry made from ethically sourced metals and gems by Nyanda Yekwai in her London studio.


Black Founder/Owner(s): John Tchoudi


Luxury is universal, and that is the message founder, John Tchoudi is passing across with his brand of luxury African pieces made with authentic fabrics for African women.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Gina Feldman Love


Like the name, Auvere is derived from the Italian word 'Avere' which means 'to have, to hold, to own…' Thus, to have Auvere means to have true gold made with love.  

Wales Bonner

Black Founder/Owner(s): Grace Wales Bonner


Grace Wales Bonner never set out to create womenswear, but it's been hard for women to turn a blind eye to her impeccable tailoring. Owing to her Jamaican and European heritage, Grace embraces a multiplicity of perspectives which has influenced her distinctive designs that transcend time.

Chelsea Bravo

Black Founder/Owner(s): Chelsea Bravo


Through subtle, yet distinctive features such as her jumpsuits with dropped crotches, it is easy to identify Chelsea's clothing brand. The brand is independently designed and funded by the London-based founder, with the hope that she can journey the world while churning out designs in small batches.

Martine Rose

Black Founder/Owner(s): Martine Rose


Being surrounded by different subcultures, growing up, Rose considers this to be where she drew inspiration for her menswear designs. However, her attitude toward design and style is heavily derived from her Jamaican heritage. With her recent collection which features older men, it is safe to say Rose's pieces transcend beyond the younger folk.

Kemi Telford

Black Founder/Owner(s): Yvonne Modupe Telford


A business would be nothing without its customers, and for that reason, Yvonne Oluwakemi Modupe, founder of Kemi Telford, values her customers, every one of them. Now available in John Lewis and partners, the womenswear brand is sure going to make you feel good about yourself.

Studio 189

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah

12th Lane, Accra, Ghana.


Go African with Studio 189. The African-based, inspired brand, focuses on empowering various community-led projects in Africa by creating jobs and supporting education and skills training.  

Nubian Skin

Black Founder/Owner(s): Ade Hassan


Looking for that perfect underwear that suits your skin like a glove, both in fit and skin tone? Nubian Skin is your answer. It is the perfect underwear for your closet. Amazingly, men aren't left out of this color-inclusive undergarment brand.

Atijo Store

Black Founder/Owner(s): Anu Odugbesan, Londiwe Ncube, Safiya Yekwai, and Caitlin Moriarty


Atijo is a Yoruba word for 'in the past,' and truly if you would love to shop vintage wear from the past, Atijo is ideal for anyone who prefers second hand with a sleek, minimalist fashion aesthetic. The Instagram-only shop was founded by London-based stylists Anu Odugbesan, Londiwe Ncube, Safiya Yekwai, and Caitlin Moriarty.

Sami Miro Vintage

Black Founder/Owner(s): Sami Miró


From collaborations with Future Earth and Samsung for their first-ever sustainable watch creations, it is obvious the ethos upon which the brand was founded. The eco-conscious brand creates well-tailored and non-seasonal designs from locally sourced deadstock and vintage fabrics. By supporting SMV, you are supporting local artisans and protecting the earth, while being stylish.

Sincerely Nude

Black Founder/Owner(s): Michelle Asare


From non-irritating, allergy-tested, non-latex boob tapes to satin scarfs that can be worn in several ways, Sincerely Nude is all about empowering women to feel beautiful and sexy in their skin tone, no matter the shade.

Seta the Label

Black Founder/Owner(s): Denrele Agoro


Listed as one of ELLE Magazine's favorite Black-owned brands in 2020, the effortless, yet sexy womenswear brand is made with quality and vibrant materials that will enhance your wardrobe.

House of Deola

Black Founder/Owner(s): Deola Ade-Ojo


Having been the first Nigerian woman to have a stand-alone show at the New York Fashion Week in September 2014, Ms. Deola Ade-Ojo continues to pave the way for the fashion industry in Nigeria with her iconic and well-detailed designs. The brand was formerly known as Deola Sagoe, and is well known for her traditional wedding attires which reflect the elegance in African fabrics and attires.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Rene Macdonald


In the words of Forbes, Lisou is "the London-based fashion brand that brings happy vibes." The silky prints are produced in-house by Tanzanian founder, Rene Macdonald which gives every piece of clothing that exclusive- vibrant feel, from the fabric to the tailoring.

Fe Noel

Black Founder/Owner(s): Felisha Noel


For Felisha "Fe" Noel, fashion is a language and every woman should be able to pass across a message of beauty and power by how they dress. As a fashion brand, she is focused on the way her designs make a woman feel, and how it changes their walk or attitude, which is beautiful to see, hence her slogan "make life beautiful." So, what are you waiting for? Come over and let Fe Noel make you feel beautiful.

Tia Adeola

Black Founder/Owner(s): Teni "Tia" Adeola


From Nigeria to the world, Teni "Tia" Adeola's goal through her eccentric fashion designs is to rewrite history through fashion, particularly for people of color. Even medics are not left out of the fashion scene, as they can be seen rocking the K95 ruffle mask.

Orange Culture

Black Founder/Owner(s): Adebayo Oke-Lawal


After working with several fashion designers, Adebayo Oke-Lawal launched Orange Culture. The brand which is known for its androgynous style and non-conformist approach to design has garnered fans from across the globe. If you're interested in telling a story through fashion, then hop on the Orange Culture wagon.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Keya Martin


With its signature 4" swirl heel, the Tamu sandal is just one of the reasons why you would explore this shoe brand. With her architectural and innovative concepts, founder and Artistic Director, Keya Martin is redefining the rules of shoe making, one piece of shoe at a time.

Thebe Magugu

Black Founder/Owner(s): Thebe Magugu


The luxury South African brand is founded by namesake, Thebe Magugu. The comfortable, functional, and sustainable clothing employs both innovative techniques and local craftsmanship to tell African stories and highlight societal issues through fashion.

Christopher John Rogers

Black Founder/Owner(s): Christopher John Rogers


If color-block was a brand, CJR would be it. While delivering effortful clothing with an emphasis on quality manufacturing and timeless appeal, brand namesake Christopher John Rogers doesn't forget to add a pop of colors to his vibrant apparel. Celebrities like Zendaya, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Michelle Obama are already fans of this brand.

Roam Vintage

Black Founder/Owner(s): Natasha Zoe Garrett


Natural, thoughtful, artistic, and curated are some of the words used to describe this brand. The brand is a reflection of the founder's core values which are tied to celebrating the beauty of simplicity and things made with love and care. In the shop, you are sure to find a bit of history from many parts of the globe as the founder's road trips bring her back with a bit of the world in her bags.

Mateo New York

Black Founder/Owner(s): Matthew Harris


If you're looking for modern, relatable jewelry at a fair price, then you're welcome to Mateo New York. First starting out with a men's collection, the jewelry brand has grown to include a women's capsule collection, so there's something for everyone.

Pyer Moss

Black Founder/Owner(s): Kerby Jean-Raymond


Founded in 2013 by Kerby Jean-Raymond, the men's and women's wear fashion label is focused on building social narratives and activism through its "art project." The brand partnered with footwear manufacturer, Reebok to launch its collection "Reebok by Pyer Moss."

Banke kuku

Black Founder/Owner(s): Banke Kuku

B1, 2, Alexander Avenue. Ikoyi, Lagos. Nigeria


Itching to give off "rich aunty vibes" at your next family gathering? Join the kuku family with this elegant fusion of West-African and Western cultures.

House of Aama

Black Founder/Owner(s): Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka


Through their collections, this mother and daughter design duo are sharing African experiences whilst creating timeless fashion garments. From 'Salt Water' to 'Bloodroot,' every collection has been a means to evoke conversations surrounding African history.

JADE swim

Black Founder/Owner(s): Brittany Kozerski


If you are looking for a sign to go swimming, here is JADE swim. The stylish swimwear label by former fashion editor & stylist Brittany Kozerski, will give you every ounce of confidence you need on a beach or pool day.

Beads Byaree

Black Founder/Owner(s): Areeayl Goodwin


The handcrafted, artful jewelry brand has become a favorite accessory for several celebrities from Beyoncé to Tracee Ellis Ross, Indya Moore, and more, the Philadelphia-born founder enjoys creating pieces live rent-free in her imaginations.


Black Founder/Owner(s): Mowalola Ogunlesi


Before her collaboration with Yeezy GAP, her debut collection 'Psychedelic' launched her right into the spotlight. Mowalola Ogunlesi's stand-out designs draw on the dual influence of Nigerian culture and London Street fashion.

Aliya Wanek

Black Founder/Owner(s): Aliya Wanek


Through ethical methods and sustainable practices, Aliya Wanek makes clothing that explores identity through style. This year 2022, the brand is focused on creating a collection that represents the 'joy of a Black woman.'


Black Founder/Owner(s): Sarah Diouf


Tongoro is made in Africa and for Africa. Founded in 2016 by Sarah Diouf, Tongoro is contributing to the 'Made in Africa' narrative by creating affordable and stylish everyday clothing for the global market.